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Allen Avadonia
Alexiel (Allen).png
Japanese Name アレン=アヴァドニア (Aren Avadonia)
Also Known as: The Servant of Evil

Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche (birth name)


Debut The Daughter of Evil

Kagamine Len

Gender Male
Classification Human
Birth Date December 27th, EC 485
Age 14 (Clôture of Yellow)
Occupation/Job Servant
Vessel of Sin Four Mirrors of Lucifenia
Affiliation(s): Lucifenia

Arth Lucifen d'Autriche (father)
Anne Lucifen d'Autriche (mother)
Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche (twin sister)
Ney Futapie (paternal half-sister)
Leonhart Avadonia (foster father)
Germaine Avadonia (foster sister)

"You are the princess, and I am your loyal servant"

Allen Avadonia, born Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche, is the former prince of the Lucifenian Royal Family. To protect his sister, Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, Allen returned as his twin's chamberlain. He is called The Servant of Evil by Gast Venom.


Early Life[]

Alexiel was born in EC 485 along with his twin sister, Riliane.  In EC 491, when they were children, Alexiel conceived the idea of escaping through a secret passage past the fireplace in their room. He told Riliane about his plan, saying that it was a secret. The twins escaped, passing through the Forest of Bewilderment before arriving at the shore of a beach. While there, Allen treated Riliane's wound after she fell and cut herself.

While there, they dug up a small black box on the beach; inside the box was a small mirror that released a demon, which chased the twins. When confronted by the demon, Alexiel showed kindness to it and gifted it his snack. The demon thanked his kind gesture by telling him how if you wrote down your wish, put it in a bottle, and placed it on the ocean, it would come true. When it was getting dark, Alexiel wanted to go home, but Riliane told him not to be afraid and to just hold her hand. When he did so, he felt at ease and told her about the secret of the ocean he learned.[1]

Due to the incident, Alexiel was adopted by Leonhart Avadonia, which the young prince agreed to since it would deter unnecessary conflicts over the line of succession. Adopting the name Allen, the former prince lived with Leonhart and his foster sister, Germaine. Allen remained shy at the Avadonia household until Chartette Langley had been kidnapped by a group of bandits, prompting Allen and Germaine to enter the Forest of Bewilderment to save her.

He began speaking with his new sister for the first time and later saved her after she too was caught by the bandits. Together, they managed to defeat the thieves and free Chartette. Afterward, Leonhart scolded the two and struck Allen, although Germaine would be praised for the rescue while Allen avoided the attention, letting his sister take all the credit. [2]

When he was thirteen, Leonhart sent Allen back to the palace to work as a servant for Riliane after the death of Queen Anne. Having lost her memories of Alexiel, Allen's identity remained incognito to his sister and almost everyone around him.

Clôture of Yellow[]

Cha2 img.jpg

On Riliane's fourteenth birthday, Allen and Chartette spent the day cleaning the palace's Heavenly Yard along with six other servants. By three o'clock, Allen noted it was time for Riliane's snack and spoke with Chartette about how they needed to finish cleaning. When Chartette reminded him he needed to prepare the princess' snack, he told her that Ney Futapie had switched roles with him for the day.

Leonhart arrived and checked on Allen's progress and the former prince asked how his foster sister was doing. When he learned she got in a fight, he asked if she won and the two continued chatting until Chartette interrupted them. Allen became nervous once Leonhart mentioned that Riliane's horse, Josephine, was missing. Just then, Ney shouted and the three quickly ran to her, learning that Riliane had escaped from the palace.

Following Josephine's tracks to the Forest of Bewilderment, Allen along with a group of servants and the Lucifenian Royal Guard frantically searched for the princess. Leonhart told Allen not to stray too far or he would get lost, but Allen reminded him he had been in the Forest before. Allen went ahead and found Riliane on the beach of an anonymous coast and sighed with relief. After Riliane noticed him, Allen told her how Leonhart was worried about her. Riliane had a tantrum because her plan to execute Leonhart failed and Allen apologized.

As they were about to leave, the servant noticed she had a scratch on her hand and attempted to apply ointment to it. Surprised, Riliane slapped him; Allen ignored it and continued to heal her wound. Allen became lost in his thoughts and was astonished when he saw he was still holding the princess' hand. Embarassed, he quickly let go and apologized again, prompting Riliane to laugh. He suggested they head for the port town since it was faster, and reminded Riliane to not forget Josephine at the shore.

Allen followed behind on foot, lying about his ability to ride a horse, until they reached the port down and signaled for the Royal Guard to come and take them back to the palace. That night, Allen attended the ball held in the Hall of Mirrors, tired from cleaning and searching for his sister, and was approached by Mariam Futapie who was concerned about his exhaustion. Reading his thoughts, Mariam noted Allen's concerns about him and his sister's roles and asked if the fact they had such an obvious resemblance would cause problems.

Mariam noted how people had been suspicious of the similarity but that Elluka convinced them that it was a mere coincidence and that Riliane was unlikely to remember who he was. Allen felt relieved to see Riliane in such a good mood as he brought the food into the mirrored hall and spotted his foster father guarding the entrance. Ney told Allen they still had work to do, although Allen believed they did everything, and they then began moving Riliane's gigantic birthday cake into the hall for the guests to see. As the furious Leonhart left, Allen attempted to call out to him and stop him from leaving his post.[3]

Allen and another servant, Asan, were responsible for cleaning the Hall of Sounds for the day and entered after Riliane sentenced a politician to death. Allen watched as Riliane returned seething and yelling for Minis, noticing Asan looking around suspiciously. Asan suddenly assailed the princess and Allen instantly hit him to protect his sister. Using the sword he was cleaning, Allen disarmed Asan and watched as the guards seized him.

Three days later, Allen saw Riliane storm into the kitchen demanding to know who was stealing food from the palace before learning from Ney Futapie that it was Leonhart. After dinner, Allen was ordered by Riliane to meet her in her room. She congratulated Allen and complimented his swordplay; Allen told her he was taught by his father since he was young, neglecting to mention his father was Leonhart. Because of his skills, Riliane entrusted him with a message she wrote and put in a bottle: Assassinate Leonhart.

Shocked, Allen paused and asked why she told him in such an odd manner, his sister responding that someone told her about it when she was young although she couldn't remember that it was Allen who told her that. Hearing her reasons for wanting to kill his foster father, Allen finally told her he couldn't defeat Leonhart with his swordplay and Riliane replied that she had a plan to counter this. After hearing her scheme, Allen retired to his room to rest.

By the afternoon the next day, Allen still remained undecided. Ney entered the Servant Room to take a break and told Allen that she overheard a conversation between Mariam and Leonhart about how Leonhart made Allen Riliane's servant so that he could assassinate her. Feeling cheated and used by his foster father, Allen left before Ney could finish, his mind made up.

Outside Riliane's room that night, Allen overheard his sister and foster father speak before she offered him some drugged wine. Three o'clock the next morning, Allen confronted Leonhart in the Heavenly Yard and drew his sword, telling his drunken guardian that he must die. Dueling him, Allen found himself cornered when Leonhart finally succumbed to the Chronic Anesthesia from the wine. Collapsing, Allen prepared to deal the final blow when he saw a familiar hand mirror fall from his hand.

Leonhart, saying it was a belated birthday gift for Allen, told him it was a reproduction of the one owned by Riliane. Allen asked why his father wanted to kill his sister and ignored it when his foster father appeared to be playing dumb. Stabbing him through the chest, Allen killed the Commander of the Royal Guard.[4]

Soon after, Allen was sent on an errand to Aceid, capital of Elphegort to meet Keel Freesis for his generous donations of food to the starving Lucifenian populace. Before leaving, he met Gumillia, Elluka's apprentice, who criticized him for not using honorifics since she was older. After Allen apologized, she asked him to deliver an "amazing spring onion" to her friend, Michaela while in Aceid.

Baffled, Allen continued on his trip to the neighboring capital but asked the driver to stop hours later, unable to take the bumpy roads to the city and wishing he could burn the Forest of Bewilderment instead of going around it. The driver gave him medicine to cure the servant's nausea, telling him he often had passengers suffer motion sickness. Seeing a crowd in the streets, Allen approached them and heard the sound of a beautiful singing voice, seeing a beautiful girl with green hair that he instantly fell in love with. When she finished singing, the crowds cheered her and Allen learned that she was called Michaela.

Allen went up and asked her if she was Gumillia's friend before delivering her the "amazing spring onion" that Elluka's apprentice gave him. When he was about to leave, Michaela revealed to him she worked at Keel's mansion and would lead him there. On their carriage ride, Allen and Michaela spoke about their lives as servants before he pointed out her shell necklace given as a gift. When they finally arrived at the Freesis Mansion, Allen waited for Keel in the other room, seeing Michaela and Clarith cleaning.

Gast Venom interceded and told Allen about Clarith's clan. Allen noted the katana he wielded and Gast asked if Allen had heard about the Lucifenian Resistance before introducing himself as a mercenary and advertising his mercenary company, in case the Lucifenian monarchy needed him. Allen became nervous when Gast asked if Allen had killed someone, noting the darkness in his eyes, but was invited to meet Keel before he could respond.

In the next room, Allen offered gifts to Keel for his charity to Lucifenia and the merchant gladly accepted them before showing one of his collectibles, a sword that Gast had been interested in. Curious on Keel's reasoning, Allen inquired if he supported Lucifenia for business reasons; Mr. Freesis agreed and added that it was also because King Kyle asked him to do so. Asked if he knew any information on the state of affairs in Lucifenia, Allen answered appropriately.

Michaela entered soon after and offered them brioche and tea. Allen took a taste and complimented Clarith's cooking. Keel commented on Allen's obvious feelings for Michaela and told the servant she was very sought after. As Allen was about to leave, he joined Michaela and his driver in a few jokes before departing for Lucifenia. Hearing Michaela as she waved goodbye, Allen poked his body out the carriage window and returned the farewell, hoping to see her again.

The next day, Allen reported his discoveries about Keel to Riliane and the other ministers. Elluka praised Allen's work and Riliane asked him what the day's snack would be. Allen responded brioche before Minister Minis gave his report about Marlon. Seeing the "very amazing octopus" given to Elluka, Allen asked what made it amazing, although the court mage only told him everything about it was very amazing. Afterward, he watched as Riliane discovered that Kyle Marlon had withdrawn his engagement to her, falling in love with a woman with green hair.[5]

Mariam returned and reported that she could not uncover the woman's identity and Allen, cleaning the princess' room, watched as Riliane had a tantrum and ordered Minis to kill every woman in Elphegort with green hair. When Elluka objected and resigned, Riliane ordered Allen to kill her. Chasing after the mage, he discovered her and Mariam conversing when Elluka spotted him, telling him Lucifenia would perish. Speechless, Allen listened when Elluka asked what he would do. The servant told her he would protect Riliane. The former court mage left and Allen returned to Riliane's now empty room, seeing a shell necklace Kyle had given her and discovering that Michaela was the one who Kyle fell in love with.

During The Green Hunting, Allen visited an imprisoned Keel and learned that Michaela never loved Kyle and that she was hidden in a well. Seeing a shadow flash near the stairs, Allen turned around. Keel then told Allen that Kyle was heading from Marlon to smuggle Michaela out of the country and would arrive in a week. Allen visited Michaela's hidden location in Eldoh's Forest and asked if she was alright. Michaela told him how she had been separated from Clarith and began to cry. Apologizing, Allen said he would return, recognizing the love he felt for her. Before leaving, he tried confessing his love to her but gave up his attempt and left.

File:Cha11 allen.jpg

When he returned to the palace, he found Ney and Riliane speaking before the maid left; Riliane venomously told Allen she knew about Michaela when he tried to lie about where he had been. Riliane said she would forgive his apparent betrayal and wrote another message for her servant before placing it in a bottle and giving it to him: Kill Michaela. Leaving the room, Allen saw Ney outside, who apologized for telling Riliane about Michaela and asked what he would do. The servant forgave her, telling her he didn't know what to do.

The next night, Allen made his decision and returned only to find Michaela stabbed at the bottom of the well. The sobbing boy confessed his love to her, wishing he could have escaped with her. As she died, Allen let out a scream of pain and sorrow. He returned to the palace and later watched Riliane, Ney, and Chartette spend time together before presenting his sister her brioche for the day's snack.[6] During the meeting following the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Minis, Allen, Chartette, and Ney listened in from the adjacent corridor.

After Riliane hired the Asmodean Company, Allen was asked by Riliane to show Gast around the palace. As she left, Allen warned Gast he would be executed when he caught him staring at her figure. Showing the mercenary his room, he watched as Gast and Mariam greeted each other, and was told by Mariam to take care of her old friend. Later, at the Training Grounds, Allen watched as Gast defeated a group of soldiers who criticized the presence of mercenaries in the city.[7]

When the Lucifenian Revolution started, Allen continued to serve the princess and stay by her side. He eavesdropped on the war conference held during the initial outbreak when the recovering Minis spotted him. Apologizing to the seething prime minister for his rudeness, Allen asked if he was alright. The minister ignored him and the servant attended each war meeting to serve Riliane while the Lucifenian army suffered numerous defeats over the following weeks.

When the palace was invaded, he and Mariam had been in the Servant Room. Mariam urged Allen to escape but the former prince refused to abandon his sister. After saying goodbye to him, Mariam left to defend the palace and Gast entered, saying he intended to flee and that Allen should tell the princess he didn't need the money anymore. Desperate, Allen offered a bag of gold full of his pay, begging Gast to protect the palace and his sister. 

Hearing that she was his sister, Gast laughed and was in disbelief that he was willing to sell his soul to the "Demon of Asmodean" for his sister, calling him evil. Allen recognized the Revolution may have been retribution from God for their sins, but said that even if that were true, he would not let it happen. Gast, touched, changed his mind and accepted the money to defend the palace until his last breath. As he left, he told Allen that they were the same: evil.

Allen then attended Riliane's room, feeding her snacks as the revolutionaries slowly advanced toward her chambers. The princess broke down, wondering if she would die for her crimes and asking Allen to hold her hand. He complied and she was able to calm down and confess how she wanted to be like her mother but was left lonely and abandoned by everyone except Allen, thanking him for remaining with her. Squeezing her hand, Allen asked if she could grant him one wish.[8]

The two swapped clothes as a result, followed by Allen telling Riliane to escape dressed as him. Reluctant to leave, Riliane begged Allen not go and the servant hugged his sister in response. Telling her his secret and revealing his identity, the perplexed Riliane asked why he would take her place. Allen told her she had been an evil girl and that since they shared the same blood, he would take her place as The Daughter of Evil. Telling her not to cry, Allen left the room and locked it, recounting to her about how their mother used to lock them in there to teach them a lesson.

Allen left his sobbing and begging sister before being captured in the Hall of Sounds by the revolutionaries. Acting as Riliane, he struggled and haughtily cursed his captors and was later imprisoned underground. Allen would remain in his cell for a while before King Kyle came to announce to Riliane her execution date. The king saw that Allen was not his former fiancé and the twin told his sister's crush that he had killed Michaela. Angered, Kyle punched him and went forward with the execution to prevent civil and political unrest. 

Later, he believed he heard children singing; reminded of Michaela's singing, Allen began singing to forget his anxiety until an annoyed guard smacked him. Germaine visited soon after and Allen laughed when his foster sister told him he was to be executed, walking up to the iron bars to make sure it was her. Continuing his deception, the servant dejectedly told her to leave because he was tired. Geramaine recognized his face and, after discovering his identity despite his efforts to deceive her, Allen told her everything.

Hearing the whole story, Germaine told Allen he could be freed since he was only a servant, not the princess. Allen told about Kyle's earlier visit and warned her to be wary of him. After a moment of silence, she left and returned with the keys to the cell, telling him they had to escape together to a faraway land. Allen told her that she was the leader of the revolutionary army but his foster sister cast the notion aside and said he, Chartette, and her could live together like they used to even though their father was gone.

Knowing her wish was impossible, Allen noted how she wore Leonhart's armor and asked if the damage to the shoulder was repaired? When Germaine became confused, Allen disillusioned her notion that Riliane had murdered Leonhart and compared his sister to her when he realized she had caused the Lucifenian Revolution to get revenge on The Daughter of Evil. Promising to assist her in her revenge, Allen revealed he was Leonhart's murderer and that he would be The Daughter of Evil.

Two days later at three o'clock in Millennial Square, Allen watched as mobs screamed and criticized him, believing he was his twin. With his head and arms fixed on the scaffold, the terrified Allen thought how he didn't want to die. Suddenly, he heard a mysterious song, and began hallucinating, remembering the time when they escaped the palace and Riliane held his hand. Imagining he was holding her hand, he relaxed and heard the executioner ask if the "princess" had any last words to God. Deciding to keep up the ruse to the very end, Allen answered aloud, "Oh, it's snack time," before the guillotine blade fell and he was executed, hoping to play again with his sister in the afterlife.[9]

Wiegenlied of Green[]

As Clarith prepared to murder Riliane on the coast by the Eldoh Monastary, Allen's spirit appeared and prevented her from commiting the sin. Struggling, Clarith became angry at Allen's sad expression before finally realizing she was tricked by a Demon in the form of Michaela. He disappeared, and she would wonder who exactly was that boy who stopped her.[10]

Praefatio of Blue[]

When Abyss I.R. surrounded Yukina Freesis with blue flames conjured by the Marlon Spoon, Allen speaks to Yukina. He tells Yukina that she must survive so that she can write her story. Yukina asks Allen if he can help her but, being dead, Allen is unable to. Instead, Allen tells Yukina that he'll let his sisters help. Sure enough, Riliane came to Yukina's rescue and Allen manifested right beside Germaine, much to the shock of Yukina.


Historically, Allen's sacrifice would never be mentioned and his sister was the one who officially died as a result of the Lucifenian Revolution. The history books was noted as the adopted son of Leonhart Avadonia who gained Riliane's favor as a servant and swiftly fled the Lucifenian Palace during the Revolution. He would often be portrayed as a disloyal and unfaithful person in Lucifenia's history.[11]

However, Yukina Freesis wrote a novel about the true Story of Evil titled "Daughter of Evil" that had gained popularity around the world centuries later during the time of Gallerian Marlon. The judge was intrigued by the idea that the servant swapped places with his secret twin sister but remained skeptical of its accuracy to the actual events, despite Ma's guarantee that the novel was true.[12]

In Gallerian's Theater, Irregular would await his rebirth within the womb of the Master of the Court, with an obvious connection to Allen.

Character Traits[]


Allen acted responsible, altruistic, and selfless, in contrast with Riliane. He willingly accepted being adopted by Leonhart because it was the best for everyone, and even showed kindness to the Demon of Gluttony when it attempted to posess him. When everyone else believed Chartette was dead, Allen supported Germaine and went along with her to find their friend. Despite this, Allen did feel pride when Michaela praised him and boasted to himself about his skills at concealing his identity as his sister.

Allen also was a bit shy, taking him some time to open up to the people. He did not take jokes or amusement lightly; few notable examples involve Gumillia poking at their age difference and Michaela referring to him as an "exotic boy" which normally would have angered him. Ironically, he often made dry remarks in his mind about what he heard and openly cracked a few jokes with Michaela and his carriage driver before leaving.

Allen was very dedicated to his twin and worked hard to please her. Eventually both became very intimate as time progressed and he continued to obey her will. Allen found comfort when holding her hand and loved his sister deeply. This loyalty to his sister was greatly strained by his love for Michaela, whom Allen felt he couldn't kill. Similarly, Allen refused to kill Leonhart until he was told that his foster father was using him to assassinate the princess.


Allen is rather capable of combat, having thwarted Asan's assassination attempt on Riliane's life and managing to defeat his foster parent in sword combat (although he was drugged at the time). Germaine called him a "fencing genius" and wondered why Leonhart made him a servant instead of a member of the Lucifenian Royal Guard. Allen is also skilled at horse-riding, although he hid this fact from his sister.

He is also very knowledgeable about politics and was reverred by the ministers for his mind. He acknowledged the political ramifications for any action and understood the reasoning behind it, such as when Kyle continued with Riliane's execution despite knowing that Allen took her place.

After his death, Allen freely manifested himself as a spirit, appearing to Clarith, Yukina, and Germaine. During the encounter with Abyss I.R., it is possible that Allen might have communicated with Ney after her soul has been merged with the Glass of Conchita. He also seems to have a strange ability to appease the effects of the Vessels of Sin; he also was able to earn the gratitude of the Demon of Gluttony and calmed Clarith down when she was influenced by the vessel of Wrath.


As Riliane's brother, Allen bore a striking resemblance to his twin sister. He had pale skin, blue eyes, and long, blond hair styled in a pony tail. There are some people who had started to notice Allen's similarity to Riliane but Elluka Clockworker managed to persuade the masses that anyone can have familiar faces nowadays. As a servant, he wore a white, long-sleeved shirt with a golden-lined collar and a white necktie. He also dressed in a dark orange-brown vest complimented by a yellow coat with white lining and white cuffs. He sported white pants, long, white socks, and brown shoes with silver buckles. Being Riliane's twin brother, Allen could easily disguise himself as Riliane and match her hairstyle and attire.

Featured in...[]

The Daughter of Evil (EC 500)[]

Allen was mentioned in The Daughter of Evil as a servant who shared Riliane's same face.

The Servant of Evil (EC 500)[]

Allen's namesake song, The Servant of Evil, describes Allen's life from the day they were separated to his eventual execution. He reveals that he and Riliane were in fact, twins.

Regret Message (EC 501)[]

Allen was mentioned also in Regret Message. Riliane recounts a legend that Allen once told her: That if a person writes a message inside a bottle and throws it out to sea, that person's wish will come true. Riliane does what the legend says, hoping that if she could be reborn, she will be reunited with her brother someday, in another time.

Twiright Prank (EC 491)[]

Twiright Prank happens nine years before Daughter of Evil, when Riliane and Allen were children. They were chased by a "demon" who wanted to devour them. They then decided to "split" day and night between them, Riliane being the day and Allen being the night. When the "demon" reached Allen, he felt sorry for the "demon" and offered to share his snack with it. As a thank you, the "demon" tells Allen about the legend of the sea.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Allen's fraternal, but nearly identical, twin sister. After they were separated, Allen kept his identity secret from her until the very end. He is very devoted to making his sister happy and wants nothing but to see her smile. His love and devotion for her are what allowed Riliane to live on as he sacrificed himself for her.

Leonhart Avadonia: Allen's foster father after he and Riliane got separated. Allen was ordered to kill him when he opposed the princess' rule.

Germaine Avadonia: Allen's foster sister.

Chartette Langley: Allen's childhood friend and fellow servant of Riliane. She is always prone to breaking things.

Ney Futapie: A Marlon spy disguised as a fellow servant of Riliane. Allen has been deceived by Ney into killing Leonhart.

Mariam Futapie: The "Head of Lady's Maids". She is one of the few people who knew that Riliane and Allen were siblings.

Michaela: Allen fell in love with her at first sight. Michaela, however, did not return the favor as she was in love with Clarith.

Kyle Marlon: Allen meet Kyle after he was arrested during the Lucifenian Revolution.

Gumillia: Allen met Gumillia before he set out for Elphegort. Gumillia handed Allen a spring onion and asked him to bring it to Michaela.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Allen's name is a corruption of his birth name: Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche, given by his foster father in an attempt to conceal his identity.
  • The name Allen is Celtic in origin, meaning "fair, handsome, noble, bright, and harmonious"; in numerology, the name is associated with loving and generous people who enjoy being appreciated for their ability to be responsible and consider their family to be the most important thing in their life.
  • His last name: Avadonia, received by his foster father, seems to be a corruption of Abbadon.


  • Allen, and by extension Irregular, parallels Jesus Christ. He was punished for crimes he did not commit, was executed at 3 o'clock, and appeared to his allies many times after his death.
  • He shares the same birthday (December 27th) with his Vocaloid.
  • Allen is executed the day before his fifteenth birthday.
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