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Arth Lucifen d'Autriche
Cha Arth.png

Kagamine Len

Gender Male
Classification Human
Mud Doll
Birth Date EC 457
Occupation/Job King of Lucifenia
Affiliation(s): Lucifenia

Lucifen I
Anne Lucifen d'Autriche (wife)
Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche (daughter)
Allen Avadonia (son)
Ney Futapie (step-daughter)

Arth I was the previous king of Lucifenia.


Early Life

Both Anne Swee and Prim Rogzé wished to marry him, and his marriage to Anne was a major part of Prim's desire to become better than her.

Sometime in the early EC 470s, Arth and his family were killed when their carriage fell off a cliff near the Millennium Tree Forest. After the disembodied soul wandering into the forest, Arth encountered the forest spirit Lich, who "revived" him by giving him a new body made of mud.

King Arth's Reign[]

Later, after obtaining the Venom Sword, Prim visited Lucifenia and learned that their marriage was having trouble, so she used the sword's powers to seduce him. Ney was conceived as a result, although Arth never knew of her existence.

Many years after this, Abyss I.R., under Prim's orders, used the Glass of Conchita to spread Gula Disease to Arth and kill him; his will named his son Alexiel as the heir, but one of his ministers spread rumors that his daughter Riliane was the chosen successor in order to cause political unrest.