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Official General Summary

Evillous regions' great power- the Lucifenia Kingdom. This vast country had been ruled by, only 14-year-old princess-Riliane. who is using the her absolute power , to exploit all sorts of things from the people, and the wicked will be was beheaded without mercy.

Beside such a princess, and servant with a similar face found her noteworthy. His name is Allen. He had been dead at an early age, he is her twin brother. The selfish sister began major wars, many lives disappeared among them. When he is faced with a cruel choice, -  the boy's choice is——. 

On the other hand, the people were outraged by the tyranny of the princess mainly the "Woman Swordsman in Red Armor" and people's the military organization. They rebelled against the Lusifenia government. "Woman Swordsman in Red Armor" was in the center - Germaine Allen's sister-in-law, put her own thoughts,-the blade towards the Royal Palace.

And the yellow country's finale <Clôture> begins .......

Chapter 1.1[]

The Fourteenth Birthday

While Allen and Chartette are cleaning the palace garden, Leonhart arrives, having been assigned to guard duty while Riliane's birthday party takes place. Leonhart expresses how the people of Lucifenia are starving and that Riliane has hoarded enough food to feed the population. Suddenly, the three of them hear Ney's auguished voice calling. Rushing down to meet her, they found out that Riliane has gone missing.

Leonhart and Allen went searching in the Forest of Bewilderment. Allen finds Riliane with her horse Josephine at the beach. Allen saw that Riliane has injured her right hand on the way and offered to treat it for her. As he did so, Allen remembered having done the same thing a long time ago and that Riliane is really his twin sister. Afterwards, Riliane goes back with Allen just in time for her birthday party.

During the party, Allen wondered if Riliane will ever find out if he is her twin brother. Mariam then tells Allen that it would not be a problem since Elluka has persuaded the people that nowadays people look identical, usually in groups of three. Ney calls out to Allen, telling him that she and Chartette need help in bringing in a humongous birthday cake for Riliane. All of the guests where amazed except for Leonhart, who only stormed out in disgust. Later on, Leonhart goes back home to his adopted daughter, Germaine.

Chapter 1.2[]

Lodging in the Hearts of Evil

After an execution of a politician, a palace servant attacked Riliane but was fended off by Allen until Riliane called the guards. Soon after, he too was sent to the guillotine. After finding out that food is being smuggled from the palace, Riliane grills Ney into giving information, in which she revealed that it was Leonhart who was committing the smuggling. Riliane then calls Allen over to her room and orders him to assassinate Leonhart. While Allen was contemplating on this, Ney told Allen that Leonhart was planning on using Allen to assassinate Riliane.

Riliane then called Leonhart over and told him that he is free to distribute food to the people as long as he conferred with Riliane first. Leonhart is overjoyed by this and the two of them celebrated over wine. While Leonhart is returning home drunk, Allen confronted his foster father while brandishing a sword. The two of them dueled but Allen got the upper hand since Riliane had poisoned Leonhart's wine.

The next morning, a large crowd gathered by the riverside. Germaine was worried that Leonhart did not come home so she went over to where the crowd was, meeting Chartette along the way. Despite Chartette's best efforts to obstruct her view, Germaine found her dead father in the river and at that, she sworn revenge against Riliane.

Chapter 2.1[]

The Yearning of a Twin

Lucifenia's neighbor, Elphegort, started to help relieve the famine that is plaguing the people of Lucifenia. In response, Allen has been ordered to travel to Elphegort and offer personal thanks to the head merchant, Keel Freesis. Before leaving, Allen met Gumillia and after an awkward conversation, she hands him an "amazing spring onion" and asks him to deliver it to a friend who lives in Elphegort. Gumillia then tells Allen that her friend is Michaela.

After six long hours trudging through the Forest of Bewilderment, Allen arrives in Aceid and finds Michaela singing. Allen then gives Michaela the spring onion and Michaela offers to ride in Allen's carriage, knowing of a shortcut to the Freesis Mansion. The pair arrive there and Allen meets up with Gast Venom and Keel Freesis. After offering some gifts to Keel and talking more with Michaela, Allen leaves.

Upon Allen's return, Riliane finds out that Kyle Marlon, the one whom she is engaged to, has fallen in love with someone else. Riliane then orders Mariam to find out who. Meanwhile, Germaine started forming the Resistance and had based herself in an abandoned house located in the Forest of Bewilderment.

Chapter 2.2[]

The Gear's Direction

Mariam returned having found nothing, making Riliane more furious. Riliane then ordered her army to kill all of the green-haired women and to burn the Forest of Bewilderment if they had do. Elluka, disgusted by Riliane's rash actions, openly lashed out at Riliane and resigned her position. Riliane then orders Allen for Elluka to be killed but Mariam and Allen let Elluka get away with Gumillia. Elluka then tells the two of them that Lucifenia will perish. After this Allen cleaned up the room where Riliane previously threw a jewel box to the floor filled with Kyle's presents for her. One of the pendants catches his eye and he realized it was exactly like the one Michaela was wearing when they met.

With the "Green Hunting" underway, the Resistance tried it's best to put out the forest fire set by the royal army, but was relieved by Elluka and Gumillia calling a rainstorm. Allen rushed to Elphegort to save Michaela, only to find the Freesis family captured. Keel tells Allen that Michaela is hidden in a well. Allen then goes over to Eldoh's Forest and finds Michaela, who tells him that she got separated from Clarith while fleeing. Allen tells Michaela that he'll rescue her when it is all over.

Riliane learns from Ney that Michaela is still alive. Angered by Allen's betrayal, Riliane offered Allen leniency in exchange for killing Michaela. Allen arrived at the well, only to find Michaela stabbed earlier. Grieved by this, Allen held Michaela in his arms as she drew her last breath. Meanwhile, the Resistance gains a new member: a masked man named Kachess Crim.

Chapter 3.1[]

Assembly of Allies

After yet another assassination attempt on one of Riliane's ministers, Riliane then enforces Lucifenia's security by hiring Gast Venom's group, the Asmodean Company. Later on, Germaine has gained Keel's full support in the upcoming revolution. She offers Michaela's friend, Clarith, a chance for revenge. However, Clarith refuses, preferring to live a more quiet life. Germaine learns that the Asmodean Company has been abusing it's new privileges, looting the people of Lucifenia. Germaine decided to strike now.

Chapter 3.2[]

The Wish for an End

The Lucifenian Revolution has started. With the royal army cut off in Elphegort by the locals, the revolutionary army started closing in on the palace. Mariam and Gast decide to go down fighting, leaving Allen to attend Riliane. Chartette arrives and battles Mariam while Germaine attacks Gast. Meanwhile, Riliane felt absolutely horrible about what she had done. Riliane pours out to Allen about how she wished that she could've been more strong like her mother. She then thanks Allen for being there for her always. Allen, moved by this, asks Riliane to hear his wish.

Gast had killed many of the revolutionaries except for Germaine and after a fierce duel, Gast is finally defeated. Chartette tells Germaine that Mariam is gone. With all further threats eliminated, Germaine and the rest of her followers closed in and captured the princess.

Chapter 4[]

The True Evil?

Germaine, Keel, and the rest of the rebel leaders sat down on what to do with Lucifenia. Mariam is found dead and Elluka is still missing, although Keel did state that Elluka will not be causing any trouble at all. Kachess has revealed himself to be Kyle and announces that Marlon will be taking control of Lucifenia. Kyle also declares that the princess will be executed at 3:00.

Germaine then confronts the princess in the dungeon, only to find Allen having switched places with Riliane. Five days ago, Allen offered her to switch clothes so that Riliane can escape. Allen also revealed to Riliane that he is in fact her twin brother. Shaken by all this, Riliane begged Allen not to sacrifice himself but Allen locked her out. Allen tells Germaine that he is the one who killed Michaela. Germaine pleads with him to escape with her but Allen refuses, figuring out that Germaine started the whole revolution not because of the people's behalf, but to get revenge. Allen then ends the conversation, declaring Germaine to be a "Daughter of Evil" also.

As Allen is sent to the guillotine, he starts losing it, wishing that he didn't have to do this. Suddenly, he hears a distinctive "Lu Li La, Lu Li La" and sees an illusion of himself and Riliane in their younger years. Allen remembered how he once told Riliane of a legend in which if someone puts a message inside a bottle and casts it out to sea, that person's wish will come true. Allen wishes: "If we could be reborn, I would like to play with you again!"

Final Chapter[]

At the End of the Destination

In his new home in Marlon, Keel had received four letters. One is from Kyle, who has declared a "Witch Hunt", though Keel suspects that Kyle is merely out for revenge. The second letter is from Elluka, who has recovered a number of valuable items from Keel's burnt home in Elphegort and is offering them to him in exchange for the Venom Sword. Keel also learns that Gumillia has "saved Michaela" and believes that there is something about Michaela that seemed supernatural. The third letter is from Clarith, who has started a new life at a monastery. Keel did ask Clarith if he could hire her again but she refused, having other plans. The fourth letter is from Germaine, thanking Keel for all he had done, realizing the truth behind the execution. Keel throws all the letters into the fire place, believing that it's better to keep all that information in his head. Keel's daughter, Yukina, tells him that she is going to write a story about the Daughter of Evil. Keel thinks that it is too early to begin.

Somewhere, Ney greets her mother and tells her that two of the Three Heroes were succesfully assassinated, although Elluka escaped. Ney's mother assures her Elluka will not interfere. Ney's mother is pleased and tells Ney Marlon that her brother will soon be crowned king.

Meanwhile, Clarith walking towards the monastery with a potted tree sapling in her hands. Clarith sees Riliane collapsed on the ground and is just about to get help from a nearby bakery when Riliane grasps Clarith and begs her not to leave her. In Riliane's right hand is a small bottle.