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Chartette Langley
Cha4 img.jpg
Japanese Name シャルテット゠ラングレー (Sharutetto Ranguree)
Debut Handbeat Clocktower

Kasane Teto

Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 474
Age 26 (Clôture of Yellow)

31 (Praeludium of Red)

Occupation/Job Maid (before Lucifenian Revolution)

Soldier (after Lucifenia's Revolution)

Vessel of Sin Levianta's Twin Swords (after Story of Evil)
Personal Item(s) Giant Sword, Rocket Glove
Affiliation(s): Resistance (during Lucifenian Revolution)

Beelzenia (after Lucifenian Revolution)

"The water fountain hasn't been destroyed yet!"

Chartette Langley is a maid in the service of Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. A close friend of the Avadonia family, she speaks casually with Allen and assists Germaine in acquiring information crucial to the Lucifenian Revolution's success.  


Early Life[]

Chartette was born in EC 474 in the Kingdom of Lucifenia, the daughter of the local blacksmith. Around EC 491, she entered the Forest of Bewilderment and became lost, later getting captured by bandits and taken to their hideout in the wood, traumatizing her. Soon after, Allen and Germaine Avadonia came to her rescue, and Chartette became enamored with Germaine, calling the young girl “big sister”.[1]

Sometime later, she became a maid at the Lucifenian palace with Princess Riliane attracted to her bubbly personality. While there, her destructive strength interfered with her duties, earning Allen’s supervision after joining to assure she didn’t break anything else.

Clôture of Yellow[]

In EC 499, Chartette, Allen, and six other chamberlains were assigned cleaning the palace courtyard by Mariam Futapie at midday for Riliane’s birthday. By three o’clock, Chartette whined that she was exhausted and asked Allen if they could quit. Denied by the servant, Chartette begrudgingly returned to work, quietly complaining in her mind. Cleaning the fountain, she realized the time and reminded Allen it was time for Riliane’s snack. After explaining he switched roles with Ney, Leonhart arrived and Chartette listened to his and Allen’s conversation before finally interjecting. She asked why he was there, thinking he wanted to steal wine from the warehouse again.

As Leonhart explained that he shouldn’t indulge himself when the country was starving, Chartette mumbled that she hoped the other aristocrats and the Royal Family would heed that decision as well and tried to persuade Leonhart to convince Riliane to distribute the palace’s reserves to the public. Shortly after, they heard a scream, finding Ney hysterical as she explained that Riliane was missing. When the servants and Royal Guard went out to search the Forest of Bewilderment, Chartette refused to go.[2]

Sometime later, in the early morning of EC 500, the maid slipped out of the palace to buy books she had always wanted and discovered Leonhart’s corpse in the river. Hearing a greeting, Chartette was surprised to see Germaine arrive, having not seen her in a long time, and halfheartedly explained why she was there. The curious Germaine, seeing the crowd at the shore, asked what happened, and Chartette tried to pass if off as nothing but failed. Seeing Germaine’s realization, the weeping maid asked if she wanted her to cheer her up. Seeing Germaine faint after wailing in sorrow, Chartette took her to her house. After she awoke, Chartette explained what happened, describing the scenario in detail.[3]

During The Green Hunting, Chartette visited Germaine at her home, wearing a cloak and hood to conceal her identity from bystanders. While eating, she explained the situation at the palace and fed the revolutionary leader information regarding the war and the atrocities occurring there. After eating, she told Germaine she had somewhere to be and left. Later in the palace’s Heavenly Yard, Chartette, Ney, and Riliane enjoyed their afternoon together, with Chartette offering the princess her favorite novel to read. When pressed about how she left the palace to just buy books, Chartette accused Ney of leaving the palace as well.

She continued acting as an informant for Germaine and, after learning from her their base's location, went to the Forest of Bewilderment to meet them there, still hiding her identity. At the sound of door knocking, she, like everyone else, picked up a weapon as the masked man was allowed to enter.[4] Chartette later joined Ney and Allen as they overheard the meeting following Prime Minister Minis' attempted assassination. She argued with the fellow maid after Ney accidentally touched her breast before Allen quieted them both.[5]

She later got in contact with Keel Freesis after he was released from prison and put under house arrest, convincing him to meet with Germaine and assist the resistance movement. At some point, she provided information to Germaine regarding the masked man. As the Lucifenian Revolution approached, she told her father she would fight alongside the revolutionaries. Sometime afterward, she received a large sword her father crafted from Germaine.[6]

Fleeing the palace as the revolters swarmed the gates, she donned her cloak and joined the fighting, despite York's attempt to stop her; using her rocket glove to send groups of Lucifenian soldiers flying, she entered the battle and fought off the soldiers with her sword as a distraction for Germaine and the masked man, "Kachess", to invade the palace. As Mariam attempted to stop them, Chartette attacked the Head Maid, who asked who she was. After barely evading Mariam’s counterattack, Chartette removed her torn cloak and revealed her identity to her former superior.

During the battle, her sword became stuck in the ground and Mariam used the opportunity to shatter the weapon and push her offensive. Undaunted, the heavily injured Chartette used her rocket glove to severely injure her and the member of the Three Heroes escaped using a smokebomb.[7] She quickly rushed after Germaine, finding her injured and covered in blood, and noticed the corpse of Gast Venom at her feet, impressed by her “big sister’s” accomplishment. When Germaine asked about her battle, she explained that Mariam fled but was injured and wouldn’t pose a threat any more.

Chartette tried to help find Riliane but Germaine, seeing her injuries, told her not to act rashly and refused to let her go. As York prepared to leave, Chartette called to him, telling him to be gentle with the princess, even though she agreed she was a bad person.[8] After the revolution, Chartette was unable to attend the peace conference due to her injuries five days prior. Two days later, she joined the crowd in mocking Riliane at her execution, screaming and making a scene in Millennial Square's corner just prior to 3 o'clock at the execution time.[9]

Praeludium of Red[]

File:Cha29 chartette.jpg

Five years later, Chartette became a commander of Beelzenia's imperial army alongside Germaine. When Yukina Freesis arrived in Beelzenia, Chartette got really excited to meet Yukina, being a big fan of her novels. While giving Yukina a tour, Chartette passed by a cemetery where Ney Futapie awaits. Ney announces that Marlon has declared war on Beelzenia. Using the Glass of Conchita, she raises up an army of the dead, forcing Chartette and Yukina to flee towards the Imperial City. Chartette manages to fight off the undead soldiers singlehandedly.

Before Yukina, Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine were about to set sail for Marlon, Chartette is persistant to see Yukina off. Chartette gave Germaine her Rocket Glove and a new sword since Germaine's sword broke during her fight with Kyle. Chartette did attempt to join the others on the ship but is dragged away by Liliane Mouchet.[10]


After Prim Marlon's death and Abyss I.R.'s defeat, Chartette quit the army, travelling with Germaine to explore the uncharted eastern lands. In EC 508, after Germaine was possessed by Abyss I.R., she chased after her, arriving in Levianta and becoming involved with the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse. After the ensuing battle, she retrieved the Twins Sword of Levianta. Unaffected by the demon's influence, Chartette travelled to the Snake Lands and, to prevent Abyss I.R. from obtaining the vessel, reforged the swords into a pair of scissors to disguise them.[11]


Due to Chartette's actions, Abyss I.R. never obtained the vessel of Envy. After her death, the scissors eventually were passed down through the family of Kayo Sudou until Kayo herself received the vessel from her mother. Yukina Freesis wrote a novel about the true Story of Evil titled "Daughter of Evil", detailing Chartette's actions and the aftermath, that had gained popularity around the world centuries later during the time of Gallerian Marlon.[12]

Character Traits[]


Chartette is an energetic girl with an emphatic and bubbly personality. When confronted with an issue, she often acts childish, whining about her maid duties or trying to divert attention toward someone or something else. She is also whimsical, having a fondness for reading novels and frequently leaving the palace to buy them. Lighthearted and caring, Chartette acts friendly and cheerful to everyone; despite this, she is clumsy, often breaking or destroying something unintentionally. Despite this, her merry character earned the admiration of Princess Riliane, keeping Chartette alive and employed. 

Beneath her smiling exterior, Chartette was disillusioned with the nobility, skeptical they would help the starving people at the cost of their own amenities. Detesting Riliane's apathy toward the country's suffering and distasteful of her merciless actions toward Leonhart and Michaela, she willingly helped undermine The Daughter of Evil's reign and was among the crowd of raging citizens crying out at her execution. However, in spite of her hatred, she still sympathized with Riliane, asking York to treat her gently.  


Chartette possesses extraordinary physical strength that interferes with delicate tasks, often breaking dishes and ripping gowns, and thus she is constantly monitored by Allen to make sure she doesn't wreak havoc. She eventually learns to take advantage of her strength, wielding a large claymore fashioned by her father. A powerful fighter, Chartette was capable of standing against Mariam Futapie, a member of the Three Heroes who was a powerful warrior herself. When her brute force fails, When her brute force fails, she was able to use her father's invention, the rocket glove, to surprise opponents, hitting them hard and fast with the tool.


Chartette is pale with dark red eyes and red hair. As Riliane's servant, she wore a standard black and white maid outfit when working in the palace. When disguising herself as she fed information to Germaine, she wore a cloak with a hood to cover her face.

During the Lucifenian Revolution, she wore a red-lined, white tunic and faded brown pants, with a leather belt strap around her waist and shoulder for her weapon when sheathed on her back and two leader arm bracers on her arms to protect her when wielding it. For her defense, she armored herself in red-plated, white-lined boots and gauntlets. 

Connections to Other Characters[]

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Chartette and Riliane got along very well, even though Chartette can be a nuisance at times.

Allen Avadonia: Chartette's childhood friend and fellow servant of Riliane. Allen is always supervising her to make sure that she didn't destroy anything.

Ney Futapie: Chartette's fellow servant of Riliane.

Germaine Avadonia: Chartette's best friend. Chartette allied with her during the Lucifenian Revolution.

Yukina Freesis: Chartette is a big fan of Yukina's novels.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Her surname is derived from Old English meaning "long meadow"; in Norse, it means "long life". 
  • Her extremely young appearance despite being 31 years old in The Daughter of Evil, Praeludium of Red is a reference to her UTAU, who is a 31 year-old chimera that appears like a teenage girl in her human form.


  • In The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, Teto Cetera is a soldier, foreshadowing Chartette's outcome after the revolution.[13]
  • In Epic of Evil, The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Chartette is noted to remain unaffected by the Demon of Envy's influence due to her carefree personality.
  • Although older than Germaine by six years, Chartette refers to the swordsman as "big sister" after being rescued by her and Allen.
  • Despite the traumatic experience, Chartette enters the Forest of Bewilderment to meet with Germaine, seemingly overcoming her fear. 


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