Story of Evil Wiki
Japanese Name クラリス (Kurarisu)
Also Known as: "Daughter of White"
Debut The Daughter of White
Vocaloid Derivative

Yowane Haku

Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 479
Age 21 (Clôture of Yellow/Wiegenlied of Green)

26 (Praefatio of Blue)

Occupation/Job Maid (for the Freesis)

Nun (after the Green Hunting)

Vessel of Sin The Golden Key

Raisa Netsuma (ancestor)

"S-Sorry! I am really sorry!"

Clarith is one of the principal characters of the Story of Evil and Michaela's lover.


Clôture of Yellow[]

When Allen Avadonia arrived at the Fressis household with Michaela, he saw Clarith for a brief moment. After the "Green Hunting", Germaine Avadonia asks Clarith to join the revolution against Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. Clarith refused, preferring to help the survivors.

Wiegenlied of Green[]

Living in Elphegort with her ill stepmother, Clarith is the only girl in Yatski Village with white hair and she was discriminated by the other green-haired people for that. One day, Clarith unwittingly found a robin with it's wing badly hurt. Feeling sorry for it, she took the robin home and made a birdcage so she can look after the robin until it gets better. She didn't realize that the robin was in fact the forest spirit, Michaela. Clarith visited Eldoh's Forest and prayed near the Tree of Eldoh, wishing for one person to be her friend.

While taking her usual trips into the forest, Clarith found Michaela (in her new human body) collapsed due to a fever. After taking her in and caring for her unknowingly for a second time, Clarith let Michaela stay at her home for the time being. Later, Clarith's stepmother succumbed to her illness. After the funeral, Michaela asked Clarith to come with her to Aceid, all while thanking her for being a wonderful person. Clarith, with tears of joy, agreed.

Clarith and Michaela arrived at Aceid where they became employees, working for Keel Freesis and his family. She soon became good friends with Keel's daughter, Yukina. When the "Green Hunting" started, Clarith and Michaela fled into the forest. Realizing that the two of them could be caught easily, Clarith let herself be captured while Michaela was forced to hide in a well, for Michaela was unwittingly given sleeping pills early on. Before they were separated, Clarith admits her love for Michaela. Clarith was taken prisoner along with the rest of the Freesis family but was released when Allen had found Michaela dead. Clarith was deeply heartbroken with the loss of her best friend, wishing that she could have died in her place. Clarith left, eventually working as a nun at an orphanage run by the Eldoh Monastery near a harbor.

One day, Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia paid Clarith a visit. The two of them revealed that Michaela was actually a forest spirit. After Michaela died in her human form, she transformed into a tree sapling. Elluka and Gumillia asked Clarith to take care of Michaela until she grows up enough to be planted in Eldoh's Forest, for she has been chosen to be Eldoh's successor. Michaela then appears in her spirit form and confesses her love for Clarith.

File:Cha28 clarith.jpg

Clarith later found Riliane, under the false name "Rin", who collapsed near the monastery. She took her in and Riliane became a nun as well. One fateful night, Clarith overheard Riliane's confession in the confession box. Realizing that "Rin" was actually the Daughter of Evil, Clarith was overcome with a blind rage. At the "Anonymous Coast", Clarith was about to stab Riliane with a knife from behind but she was stopped by two illusions: One of them is a young boy with a face that resembles Riliane's and the other looks like Michaela but has an evil expression. Riliane found out that Clarith was behind her and was prepared to die but she couldn't bear to strike Riliane down, for she was like a sister to her. Clarith ended up cutting Riliane's hair.

Clarith and Riliane eventually planted Michaela in Eldoh's Forest. Riliane started crying, apologising to someone. Clarith ended up crying with her as well.

Praefatio of Blue[]

Five years later, Yukina and Germaine paid a visit to Clarith. Yukina asked Clarith if she could stay over at the monastery for a while for she is searching for her mother, Mikina. Clarith, very much happy to see Yukina again, agreed. After Yukina and Germaine meet "Rin", Clarith decided to let Yukina know the truth about Riliane.


Distressed over the continued discrimination against the Netsuma family, Clarith left the monastery and founded a new order, although she stayed in contact with Riliane. She worked with the goal of eliminating discrimination from society, and her message spread across the world.

Character Traits[]


Clarith was always depressed due to the fact that she is discriminated by her hair color, up to the point to almost being burned alive. Initially, she wanted to avoid Michaela but after the death of Clarith's mother, she grew more despondent. Thankfully, Michaela brighted up Clarith's spirits, causing her to look at life more positively as long as she was with Michaela. After Michaela's death in the physical world, Clarith sunken back into depression until her fateful reunion with Michaela. Clarith did act as a "big sister" to Riliane when she entered her life.


Being the last known descendant of the Netsuma Tribe, Clarith possesses white hair and red eyes, which is the main reason she is discriminated by any person in Elphegort. She uses a purple ribbon to tie her hair most of the time, also her hands are covered with scars and bruises.


Clarith is not very skilled in general (like farming and washing clothes in a much slower rate than others), but she is very persuasive since she conviced Mikina that Michaela was a nice person .She is also very good as a cook, especially at making brioche, which both Keel and Riliane praised separately.

Featured in...[]

The Daughter of White (EC 499~)[]

In her namesake song, The Daughter of White describes Clarith's life, from her hard time in Yatski Village to her encounter with Riliane. The song does not include her reuniting with Michaela for the last time.

Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~ (EC 499~)[]

Clarith makes an appearance in Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~. The same story as Daughter of White is told in Michaela's perspective, up to the "Green Hunting".

Connections to Other Characters[]

Michaela: Clarith's best friend and forest spirit of the Eldoh Tree. Clarith loves her.

Keel Freesis: Clarith's employer during her stay in Aceid.

Mikina Freesis: Keel's wife. Mikina was reluctant to hire Michaela due to the discrimination of nongreen-haired people but Clarith convinced her that Michaela is a nice person.

Yukina Freesis: When Clarith started work in the Freesis mansion, Yukina took a liking to Clarith and both of them quickly warmed up to each other.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Clarith stumbled upon her some time after the Lucifenian Revolution. The two of them became friends after a tense moment.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Clarith's name is possibly derived from the latin word Clarus, meaning "clear, famous, or pale".


  • In Chrono Story, the color representing Wrath is white, referencing Clarith almost commiting the epitome of Wrath; after the act was averted by Allen's intervention, the sin was represented by the color green.