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Elluka Clockworker
Japanese Name エルルカ゠クロックワーカー (Eruruka Kurokkuwākā)
Also Known as: VII. Magician (Pere Noel codename)

Capricious Sorceress (By Michaela)
Hanne Lorre

Debut Chrono Story

Megurine Luka

Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date January 30
Age Secret (immortal)
Occupation/Job Sorceress
Affiliation(s): Levianta
formerlyThree Heroes,
Lucifenia (During Story of Evil)

Pere Noel


Kiril Clockworker (Once Fiance)
Irina Clockworker (sister-in-law)

"I don't mind as long as it keeps me entertained. I have unlimited time anyway."

Elluka Clockworker, was the reincarnation of the twin Gods Levia and Behemo inside the corpse of Elluka Chirclatia, and is the central protagonist of many events in the Evillious Chronicles. She is sent on a quest by Eldoh to collect the Seven Deadly Sins.


Early Life[]


In EC 013, Elluka Chirclatia was murdered by her sister-in-law Irina Clockworker. Kiril Clockworker brought the corpse of his fiancé to the ark Sin in an effort to revive her. The attempt caused Levia and Behemo's dragon body to rampage and destroy the Magic Kingdom Levianta. Their souls then went into Elluka's body.

After Hansel and Gretel split the Original Sin committed by Eve Moonlit into the Seven Deadly Sins in EC 014, the Tree of Eldoh called upon Elluka to seek out the sins scattered across the world. She agreed to the task on a whim, hoping it would amuse her, and began the journey to collect the vessels of sin.[1]

Elluka Clockworker ol.jpg

Venomania Event[]

On her journey, Elluka began following the disappearances of women in Asmodean and came upon the mansion of Duke Sateriajis Venomania in EC 136. Failing to arrive in time, she was unable to collect the vessel of Lust and stop a calamity.

She met Lukana Octo shortly afterwards and, seeing her body was receptive to magic, forcibly swapped bodies with her.[2]

Epitome of Gluttony[]

In July of EC 325, the Beelzenian Empire, investigating the rumors surrounding Banica Conchita, requested Elluka's help as a powerful mage to uncover the truth behind the warlord's supposed cannibalism. The following month, after discovering Conchita's home was empty and that the warlord apparently fled, Elluka's investigation ended. Having failed to retrieve the vessel of Gluttony, she continued her hunt for the other vessels of sin.[3]

Story of Evil[]

Three Heroes and Twiright Prank[]

When the Kingdom of Lucifenia began its rise to power, Elluka met King Arth and Queen Anne around EC 479. She signed the Sanosun Bridge Oath in EC 480 and pledged to serve them as their court magician. Becoming one of the legendary "Three Heroes", she became involved in numerous wars as part of Lucifenia's military expansion while searching for the vessels of sin.[4] During this period, she hired Gast Venom to be her bodyguard and learned that he was searching for Venom Sword. She told him about the Seven Deadly Sins. After Anne gave birth to twins in EC 485, Elluka recognized their appearance as that of Hansel and Gretel.[5]

In EC 491, not long after the death of King Arth, Queen Anne went to Elluka for advice over the strange behavior of her daughter, Riliane. Elluka notes Riliane's strange behavior and determined that Minister Presi was plotting something. After a failed assassination attempt on Prince Alexiel, The court mage rushed to Genesia's quarters, certain Presi was involved and that he had been spying on their movements. When Elluka arrived, she discovered Minister Presi and Riliane in the room with a murdered Genesia before them. Elluka deduced Genesia was poisoned and asked Presia about his intentions.

The minister revealed that he planned to kill the Three Heroes and Prince Alexiel; the court mage determined he had gone mad, denying he would be able to do it. Before she could finish, she noticed a change in Presi's magical power even though she was certain he had none. Hearing the minister tell Riliane he was "borrowing" something from inside her, she asked what power he was siphoning inside his body. Presi laughed and told her it was what she had been trying to find for the last five hundred years: a demon of a Deadly Sin.

Elluka fought the minister and was overwhelmed by his demonic power. Before he could deal the final blow, Mariam Futapie arrived and saved her. The two defeated and killed Presi and the court mage sealed the demon inside the hand mirror it came from, removing Riliane's memories of her twin brother as an unintentional side effect. Later, while her comrades, Leonhart Avadonia and Mariam, spoke about the children each of them had adopted, Mariam asked Elluka if she would ever train an apprentice since the sorceress was unlikely to marry. Elluka bluntly told her: "Never." Despite the decrease in wars during Queen Anne's rule, Elluka's work remained the same.[6]

Wiegenlied of Green[]

After Queen Anne died around EC 499, Elluka decided to leave Lucifenia, having a dream foretelling the kingdom's destruction. She asked Mariam to meet with her in the Hall of Mirrors and later snuck up and attempted to backstab her while she was looking at a portrait of Arth and the Three Heroes. Mariam quickly disarmed her with a kick that knocked the weapon from the mage's hand. Elluka complimented Mariam for her reaction and jestingly complained about her "kicking habit". She joked with Mariam that because she was preparing to leave Lucifenia, she needed to kill everyone who knew her.

The curious Mariam asked why and Elluka told her she no longer held an obligation to stay in the country now that both Arth and Anne had died, having fulfilled her contract to them. Mariam told her she didn't change and the two jested about Elluka's magical power and her seemingly eternal youth. Elluka insisted she leave Lucifenia despite Mariam's pleads; believing 20 years of service was enough for it. To settle Mariam's distress, Elluka told her she would train a new court mage to master magic for the Kingdom, saying it would only take two or three years if they had the talent.

Interrupted by Ney Futapie, Elluka listened as Mariam's daughter relayed Leonhart's message to Mariam that he wanted her to look at the new servant. Knowing that the servant, Allen Avadonia, was actually Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's twin brother, the sorceress was curious about seeing the boy's appearance, but realized it was best she leaved.

As she was about to exit the Hall of Mirrors, Prime Minister Minis saw her and asked if she was leaving. She told him that she was heading for Elphegort to receive an apprentice and denied Minis' offer of sending one of the palace guards to do it for her. After asking him if he still preferred young boys, referring to Allen, the insulted Minis reminded her to keep the prince's identity a secret with the mage responding that she was aware.

Disinterested in hearing Minis ramble, she left and headed for Eldoh's Forest. See her old friend Eldoh, she asked him if she could reincarnate one of his spirits as a human and train them as an apprentice to help her prevent the destruction of Lucifenia. When the Millennium Tree became sidetracked, she reprimanded him and pressured her old friend to give her an answer. The earth deity was in disbelief that such a massive country could be destroyed, and Elluka responded it was due to the Demons of Sin.

The sorceress explained how the demon she exorcised from Riliane had repossessed her and was deeply rooted in her, leaving general purification magic useless; she required Clockworker Magic and needed an apprentice to help her. Eldoh reminded her how the last time she used such a powerful spell, she burned down her entire country but Elluka assured the doubtful deity that she would not fail performing it this time.

Perplexed why Riliane was still under demonic possession while looking at the mirror she sealed, Eldoh suggested it was possible that the vessel of sin she sealed was only a piece, and that the original vessel was split apart. Brushing it aside, Elluka criticized herself for failing to prevent the disasters by Venomania and Conchita and was determined to prevent Lucifenia's destruction.

When asked by Eldoh the details of her dreams, Elluka described seeing four images: Princess Riliane executed in Millennial Square, the palace surrounded by many armed men, Lucifenia invading Elphegort, and Mariam dead in the palace's Heavenly Yard. When asked which one was purple, Elluka said it was of Lucifenia's invasion, saying that future could not be changed.

The earth deity asked what the mage would do if her plan failed and she responded that she would flee and avoid being caught up in the mess. Elluka was angered when Eldoh told her how she wanted to leave because she didn't want to see her loved ones die and repeat the Great Levianta Fire Disaster and punched the tree deity in the "face" to vent her anger, telling him to shut up.

After hurting her hand, the poised Eldoh told her it was not her place to serve justice, as it may or may not be better for Lucifenia to be destroyed. She told her old friend she knew, but that since this was caused by the vessels of sin, it was her duty to stop the problem before it even occurred. As Eldoh began to sleep before actually answering her question about her apprentice, she told him to wake up, then angrily kicked his roots until she was struck by a pomegranate fruit to the back of her head.

Elluka turned around to find Michaela and Gumillia, in their animal spirit forms, responsible for throwing the fruit at her, and the mage replied to Michaela that she was not bullying Eldoh. When berated by Gumillia for using violence, Elluka pointed out her hypocrisy for throwing the fruit at her. Seeing Eldoh was still asleep, she left saying she would return. When Michaela flew to Elluka's shoulder and the two briefly spoke about the spirit's knowledge of humans and how Eldoh refused to let her leave the forest. As she left, Elluka thought that her apprentice should be one of them.

On her way back, she saw a girl picking fruits and decided to spy on her. Watching from some bushes, Elluka noted she was from the Netsuma tribe and that she had bruises. As the girl left, she heard her say, "I am sorry. I really shouldn't be alive," and decided to ignore it, reminded of Eldoh's words about her escaping from problems. She left her hiding place and returned to the palace before it got dark, out of fear of being reprimanded by Mariam.[7]

After some time, Elluka returned to Eldoh's Forest and arrived to overhear Eldoh lecture Michaela about how spirits, and even gods, should not interact with humans. She interrupted them saying that she never would have expected him to say that and asked why he did send her on her mission if that were true. After the spirit justified it was because of it being "sin" that he sent a human to gather them instead of interfering himself, the sorceress asked if he had made his decision. Realizing the Millennium Tree no longer remembered their conversation, she angrily seethed at the earth deity.

Once she calmed down, she looked up toward the northeast sky and said that she felt the sins breath and believed Eldoh was correct about the mirror being split into fragments, feeling a vessel of sin in Elphegort. Eldoh agreed, after a long moment of silence, to give her two spirits: one to train as her apprentice and the other to search for the sin fragment in Elphegort. Surprised by his swift answer, Elluka listened as the deity explained how the sin that originated from his forest was his responsibility and that because he had pushed that responsibility onto Elluka, he desired to help as best he could before he departed from the world.

Settling for taking Gumillia and Michaela and agreeing to return them to their spirit forms after three years, Elluka took the two spirits west to find a more suitable spot for her astronomical ritual. Along the way, Elluka told Michaela to follow her own will and that Eldoh most likely wanted her to understand humans by sending her on this journey with the sorceress. They arrived at their destination and, after drawing a symbol on the ground, Elluka began the ceremony, asking for them to imagine the faces of beautiful Elphegort women. When Michaela asked why women, Elluka told her because she wanted them to and finished her preparations and reincarnated them in the forms they imagined.

After the ritual was complete, Elluka was confused to see Michaela choose the appearance of Eve Moonlit. Elluka found an abandoned house in the forest of bewilderment and sheltered the three of them there to practice their magic and learn the basics about being human. She trained the two and ocassionally returned to the palace before coming back. One day, the mage was awoken by Michaela as she banged two pans together. She commented how she woke up early as usual and told her she was getting up, annoyed by the sound the reincarnated spirit was making. Staring at her face, she told Michaela how a woman's charm was in her eyes and that she should remember to wash her face from time to time.

After three months training the spirits, Elluka watched as Michaela practiced singing the "Lu Li La" spell to sense the location of the vessels of sin and told her that she just needed practice, and to master the basics she taught her. During their last supper together that same day, Elluka commented that the vessel of sin was likely in the hands of either King Sohni Elphen, Duke Parukeiji Merudo, or Keel Freesis, in Aceid. Seeing Michaela look pale, she asked if the spirit was sick and warned her of the diseases she was vulnerable to as a human. She gave her some medical herbs and sent her to bed.

The next day, Elluka awoke Michaela after she and Gumillia packed their luggage and asked if she was feeling better. After Gumillia and Michaela said their heartfelt goodbyes, Elluka told them they had three years to accomplish their objective and looked forward to seeing the three of them together again. Afterward, she left with Gumillia for Lucifenia.[8]

Elluka hid Allen's identity by using her reputation and claiming that there were people in the world who looked alike and that they came in groups of three.[9] She attended the funeral of Leonhart Avadonia, calling him a dimwit before leaving with Gumillia.[10] About seven or nine months (translation varies) since training them, Elluka received the sign from Michaela that she located a vessel of sin. She told Gumillia to give Allen the Very Amazing Spring Onion to give to Michaela and, after doing so, Elluka called for the apprentice and the spirit obeyed.

Sometime after, Elluka attended the conference in the palace's Hall of Sounds regarding the diplomatic missions to Marlon and Elphegort. The court mage simplified the minister's discussions about Keel Freesis and congratulated Allen for his work. Minis later brought in a gift from Marlon from in the form of an octopus with a "weird shape". Elluka was dazzled by the creature and identified it as a "Very Amazing Octopus" to the curious Allen. At the behest of the disgusted Riliane, Elluka took the gift and held it in its glass container. After hearing Minis reveal that King Kyle withdrew his engagement to Riliane in favor of a green-haired girl he met, the sorceress asked in disbelief if Kyle's mother, Prim Marlon, agreed to the decision. Minis answered that the Queen Dowager decided to respect her son's decision without giving her personal opinion.[11]

Several weeks since Michaela signaled her, the sorceress contacted her through the Very Amazing Spring Onion. Hearing Michaela's report, Elluka learned that Michaela found Keel Freesis in possession of the Venom Sword while she was working for him and that Gast Venom was plotting to obtain it. Elluka determined that the vessel of Lust was not the source of the problem due to Riliane being arrogant and not lustful. She told Michaela to watch the vessel in case it would cause trouble in the future and explained how she knew Gast's purpose for searching for the sword. When Michaela asked about Gumillia, the court mage told her she was fine and that she would be able to use Clockworker Magic within the next six months.

The next day, Elluka was in Riliane's room when Mariam returned from Elphegort to report any discoveries on the identity of Kyle's secret lover. Hearing that Mariam remained clueless, Elluka added that they only knew that she was a "green-haired girl" and that everyone in Elphegort had green hair. She watched as Riliane threw a tantrum before ordering Minis to burn down the Forest of Bewilderment and Eldoh's Forest, invade Elphegort, and slaughter its population of women with green hair. Elluka interrupted upon hearing this and angrily attempted to reason with the princess, saying that burning the forest out of envy would provoke a disaster by the god living there.

Riliane ordered Elluka's death in response, prompting the furious court mage to resign, and daring her to send someone after her if she intended to kill her; she left, chased by Mariam. In response to Mariam's pleas to not leave, the sorceress responded that with Arth and Anne dead, her tasks in Lucifenia had ended and that she wanted to leave with Gumillia to protect her from Riliane's genocide. After Mariam asked what she would do next, Elluka told her friend that she would rest and then travel. As she said she may even leave for the Eastern countries, she noticed Allen was watching them and cursed.

Smiling, the court mage asked the servant if he was planning to kill her on his sister's order. She then told him her prediction and Lucifenia would soon perish and that neither she nor Mariam could have prevented Leonhart's death and that the "gears have already begun to rotate". Elluka wondered if her words convinced him to flee like her, and was surprised to hear him decide to remain by Riliane's side and protect his nation; she told him to take good care of his sister. She turned to the tear-eyed Mariam and told her the time she spent with her and Leonhart made her happy and that she would stay longer if Allen had not been present. Telling her friend to take advantage of those not killed before saying her goodbyes, Elluka left.

Collecting Gumillia and leaving the palace, Elluka headed to the Forest of Bewilderment. With the help of her apprentice, Elluka used the Very Amazing Octopus she received to conjure a rainstorm to douse the fires burning the Forest of Bewilderment. The two left after seeing the Lucifenian soldiers retreat back to the palace and headed deeper into the forest. Exhausted, they sat down and Elluka lamented over wasting such a rare octopus. She praised Gumilia, saying her magic improved; the sorceress told her apprentice she was glad they were able to control the fire before the Millennium Tree was burned when Germaine Avadonia suddenly approached her.

The daughter of Leonhart offered the two shelter at her home, but the mage mischievously told her it was a kind gesture, but would cause problems because they were being hunted by the Lucifenian army. With that, Elluka stood up with her apprentice and disappeared into the forest's depths.[12] The sorceress then contacted through the spirit's Very Amazing Spring Onion. Frantic, Elluka told her she needed to escape from Elphegort and explained how her "purple" dreams were becoming reality. After explaining the situation, the panicked mage told Michaela they were lessening the mortality rate and that Kyle's lover was giving her a headache.

Michaela apologized and explained how she had been Kyle's lover and told her the circumstances. Anxious, Elluka told her she needed to escape, being Riliane's target, and explained that Gumillia was safe with her. When Michaela showed concern for the innocent civilians that would be killed in The Green Hunting, Elluka said she had friends in Elphegort's palace and would attempt to curb the casualties until Lucifenia would fall by her predicted revolution. Wanting to guarantee Michaela's safety, the sorceress ordered her to head North of the city of Aceid to a place where she could use magic to cast a reincarnation spell to return to her forest spirt form.

Once Michaela interrupted and told her she wanted to remain a human and not leave those she cared about, Elluka cried and, after a long silence, ranted how she, Riliane, Kyle, Allen, and Leonhart were all fools and that everyone was an idiot. Elluka later screamed in shock as she overheard Gumillia tell Elluka she too didn't want to return to her spirit form before finally composing herself and telling Michaela that Eldoh would be disappointed in them.

After learning about Michaela's hiding place, Elluka recognized the location, told her they would meet her there once everything calmed down, and ended the transmission after telling her not to die.[13] She and Gumillia went to Keel Freesis' mansion only to find it burned down. They infiltrated the nearby barracks to retrieve the Venom Sword but discovered the vessel of sin was missing and collected the rest of his property instead. After a short rest, they headed to Michael's hiding spot in Eldoh's Forest.

However, they arrived to find Kyle clutching Michaela's corpse, crying. After he left, they retrieved her body and then witnessed Michaela's body become tree saplings. Astonished, they visited Eldoh; Elluka learned that Michaela was chosen by the earth god to succeed him as the Millennium Tree. Angered, the sorceress argued with him before the deity spoke with Gumillia and returned to his slumber.

After the revolution, the two returned to Keel's mansion to explain what had occurred. The merchant, surprised by the revelation about Michaela, told them to give the sapling to Clarith. Elluka, after negotiating with Keel, returned the merchant's collectibles to him in exchange for hiding them for a time from the Marlon army's "Witch Hunt" and the Venom Sword. While there, Elluka sealed the Venom Sword, noting its magic felt weak, and was surprised to see Keel's wife, Mikina Freesis, there. The two returned to Lucifenia and travelled to the Eldoh Monastery in Elphegort in search for Michaela's cherished, human friend. Elluka approached the white-haired girl and introduced herself and Gumillia before offering her Michaela's sapling, telling her it was her "precious friend".

Seeing Clarith's confused expression, Elluka asked to be served tea while she explained the story. She was surprised by Clarith's lack of surprise when she revealed Michaela was a spirit but realized her reasons and continued. She described how they found Michaela's body and commented that she believed Kyle also contributed to her death and explained how she was chosen as the next guardian of the world by Eldoh, bitterly admitting she was fooled by the "old man". After her tea was refilled, she thanked Clarith and told her what Keel told them and that Gumillia was reluctant to hand her over to the white-haired girl.

After a short silence between the master and apprentice, Elluka said they would let Michaela decide, and beckoned Gumillia to conjure a manifestation of Michaela's human form from the sapling for Clarith and her to see. Elluka petulantly asked who "won" and, after it was decided, left Michaela in Clarith's possession before departing with Gumillia.[14] About a week later, Elluka returned with Gumillia to check on Clarith. They secretly spied on her and observed that Riliane was with her. The sorceress decided to leave the situation alone, concluding that Riliane should no longer be affected by the Demon of Vanity

Despite failing to stop the revolution, learn why Riliane was once again possessed by a demon, and learn why the same demon had vanished, she did not act bothered by it and told Gumillia she was used to it. Elluka, proud to have acquired the vessel of Lust, decided to head to the East with her apprentice in search for the vessels of sin and the two stopped in an inn in Asmodean. While there, she examined the sword and realized the Demon of Lust was absent from the weapon. Infuriated, she screamed and tore off the seal before flinging the blade, explaining to Gumillia her revelation.

In her frustration, she came to another revelation and took out the mirror of Lucifenia she sealed from her luggage, and tore off its seal. Seeing that the Demon of Vanity was absent from its vessel as well, she collapsed to the ground, distraught and telling her apprentice that the demon had vanished, even though she was certain it was inside the mirror when she sealed it. Gumillia asked if it was possible for the demons to disappear from their vessels and Elluka denied it, saying their original bodies remained in the vessel even if they possessed humans.

After the shocked sorceress sat motionless for a short while, she stood up, began packing her luggage, and told Gumillia their trip to the East was cancelled until they figured out what happened to the demons.[15]

Praeludium of Red[]

Since Kyle suspected that Elluka and Gumillia had something to do with Michaela's murder, the two of them went into hiding. Sometime later, Abyss I.R. stole Elluka's body, forcing Elluka's spirit to dwell inside her apprentice, Gumillia.

Praefatio of Blue[]

In EC 505, she was able to wrestle her body back in Marlon, and explain to Yukina Freesis why she had been gone for five years. Kyle Marlon, finally freed from Prim's control, asked Elluka and Gumillia to aid him in defeating Prim and Ney Futapie. Elluka agreed to help, since Prim and Ney were in possession of some of the vessels of sin. Elluka then magically enhanced all of the weapons of Kyle's army.

Four Horsemen Incident[]

After the ensuing battle, Elluka stayed in Marlon for a while. Once some of the vessels of sin were recovered from Mikina, she and Gumillia resumed their quest when it became apparent that Abyss I.R. had escaped from the island nation with the other vessels of sin in hand. In EC 508, they became involved in the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse and Abyss I.R. and then continued on her journey with her apprentice.

Pere Noel[]

Following the mysterious Toragay Serial Killings caused by Margarita Blankenheim in EC 609, Elluka arrived to survey the murder scene while searching for the vessels of Sloth. Seeing the carnage, she commented how appalling it was. When Gumillia arrived, she thanked her for her work and asked what she learned. Hearing her apprentice's assessment that the vessel of Sloth was gone, and that Julia Abelard was connected to the incident, Elluka decided they needed to further investigate Pere Noel, and left with Gumillia for Lucifenia.[16]

Once there, they infiltrated the criminal organization and the sorceress adopted the codename VII. Magician. While working for the organization in EC 610, Elluka discovered that Lemy Abelard, V. Pierrot, was a reincarnation of Hansel and approached him, trying to convince him to flee with her from Pere Noel. Instead, he tattled to I. Santa about Elluka's treachery, and the sorceress fled by the next day without him.[17] Elluka ordered Gumillia to shoot him while he was out on his next murder mission. After her apprentice did so, she scoffed at the dying Lemy for not escaping with her and wickedly laughed as he died.[18]

She remained in hiding from Julia until EC 611, receiving a letter from the criminal that revealed her identity to be that of her sister-in-law, Irina. Challenging Elluka with the message that she would be waiting at Marigold Plateau, the sorceress traveled to the Highlands and battled "Julia", defeating her.[19]

Epitome of Envy[]

Around EC 842, Elluka travelled east and return to Levianta, settling in Enbizaka. The sorceress, noting that Lukana's body was beginning to age, began to consider finding a new body. During her time there, she met the town's popular tailor, Kayo Sudou, and grew envious of her dark-haired beauty. Desiring her appearance, Elluka swapped bodies with Kayo, burdening her with the Deadly Sin and a fake pair of scissors while Elluka kept the real pair. At some point, she and Irina recombined to form the entity of Ma.[20]

Character Traits[]


Elluka is often relaxed and lackadaisical with half-opened eyes and a sensually bored expression. She usually brushes comments or situations aside and acts playful or teasing towards others to provoke them. Despite this apparent calm demeanor, she has a tendency to flip out. Eldoh often incites her and she usually vents her anger toward him by attacking the earth deity, earning Michaela's label as a "bully". When faced with stressful or painful situations, she tries to escape instead of face them such as after causing the Great Levianta Fire Disaster, or after discovering Clarith in Eldoh's Forest, bruised and depressed.

Elluka struggles with showing affection to others and acts superficially apathetic, blunt, and unsympathetic, insulting Leonhart at his funeral before leaving. Despite this, she cares for her friends and attempts to prevent their deaths or ease their misfortune as best she can, exchanging friendly chatter with Mariam Futapie and even taking the time to recover Michaela and deliver her to Clarith.

Elluka has a strange fascination with octopi, much to the disgust of others, notably Riliane. It is known that she likes black tea. She also hates cats, which contrasts her sister-in-law Irina's adoration of them.


Elluka is a powerful sorceress and is regarded with respect by her peers. Her power as a witch was great enough that she was selected as a candidate to rule Divine Levianta, and was able to attain the position as Lucifenia's court mage. The sorceress's most notable ability is her inherent immortality that extended her lifespan, which she gained "after losing her loved one and destroying what was precious". Elluka also wielded Body Swap technique which allows her soul to inhabit the body of the intended target and vice-versa. When exchanging bodies, all her magical talents and abilities, such as her immortality, transfer to the new body. As a drawback, the body eventually begins to decay, requring a new body swap after a period. When using Lukana's body, she was able to keep it and maintain it's appearance for 700 years before it began to age. 

After acquiring Lukana's body, she wields the ability to dream visions of the future due to the magic of the sin of Lust. Her visions show only images that she can recoginize. On top of that, her foresight's reliability is based on the "color" of the image. If the dream is "purple" then it is destined to occur and cannot be changed.  Her foretelling skills as Lucifenia's court mage earned her a reputation due to their flawless precision.

Using the Very Amazing Octopus she acquired as a gift from Marlon, Elluka was able to cast a rainstorm to douse the fires burning the Forest of Bewilderment and its neighboring Eldoh's Forest.


Before Elluka set off on her quest to find the Seven Deadly Sins, she initially had pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. However, when she uses the Body Swap technique, Elluka adopts the appearance of the one she is currently possessing, acquiring the appearance of both Lukana Octo and Kayo Sudou.

Her attire originally consisted of a strong celtic influence, wearing a long black dress with a golden trim that exposed her shoulders, a flowing white skirt, and a black, patterned veil atop her head. This continued with her attire in Story of Evil, dressing in a similar, pink dress with a golden trim that exposed her shoulders and long, black high-heeled boots. This outfit was adorned with a blue gem at her collar and a layer of belts with hanging gems over he dress. She often wore a dark cloak with a hood when travelling. 

After possessing Kayo Sudou, she adopted a more oriental appearence to her garments, wearing a kimono instead of her traditional attire.

Featured in...[]

Recollective Musicbox (EC 013)[]

Recollective Musicbox sheds more light on Elluka's past. It speaks of Kiril Clockworker, a respected musicbox maker engaged to Elluka. He begins to make a beautiful musicbox for her and his sister, Irina. The two girls were close friends, until both were chosen as potential rulers of the kingdom for their magic skills. Pitted against each other, they began to hate each other. One day, Kiril comes to find his half-made music box covered in blood, with Irina crying and Elluka collapsed, apparently dead. The act apparently ruins the country and drives Kirill insane.

Chrono Story (EC 015)[]

In Chrono Story, the Tree of Eldoh answers the pleas of Hansel and Gretel, asking Elluka to retrieve the Seven Deadly Sins. Elluka agrees, stating that she has unlimited time, anyways, and doesn't mind collecting the sins if it keeps her entertained. The song goes on to hint at her past, stating that she lost her loved one and that she destroyed something precious. For this reason, her gift of immortality is an empty victory. It is clear that she was once in very high standing, and somehow lost it all. The song ends with her finding the Duke's castle, giving a few of his victims brief cameos.

Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep (EC 609)[]

Elluka makes a brief cameo at the end of Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep, sharing a conversation with Gumilia. Gumilia informs Elluka that the sin vessel (the clockworker's doll, although it is not stated outright) could not be retrieved. Elluka responds by saying that they will have to look deeper into the mysterious "Pere Noel," and the two head out to Lucifenia.

The Fifth: Pierrot (EC 610)[]

In The Fifth: Pierrot, Elluka tries to convince Hansel to escape with her. Hansel instead betrays her to Julia, and Elluka flees. Later, Gumilia shoots the boy, and Elluka tells him that he should have escaped with her.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Tree of Eldoh: An old friend of hers who asks her to track down the Seven Deadly Sins.

Kirill Clockworker: Elluka's fiancé until the unfortunate events of "Recollective Musicbox", which drove Kiril mad.

Irina Clockworker: Elluka's sister-in-law and nemesis after the events of "Recollective Musicbox".

Lukana Octo: Elluka uses "body swap" technique to get her purple dream ability.

Gumillia: Her apprentice, who joins Pere Noel with her. She was a spirit, until Elluka gave her a physical form, resembling Gumina Glassred.

Michaela: Elluka's apprentice. Was given a physical form by Elluka, resembling Eve Moonlit.

Mariam Futapie: Elluka had a long friendship with Mariam during her stay in Lucifenia. Before Elluka left, she did state that it was fun hanging out with Mariam.

Leonhart Avadonia: Another one of the Three Heroes. When his funeral was held, Elluka paid her respects and called him a "dimwit" before leaving. She stated it was fun hanging out with him before leaving Lucifenia.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • With a clear allusion to the Clockwork Lullaby Series, her surname comes from her lover. This also reflects her role as one of the central characters, acting as a central gear in the progress of Evillious' history.
  • Elluka's birthname may be a corruption to the word "Chikrassy", which is a tree specimen (also known as Chukrasia velutina).


  • Mothy describes Elluka's attitude to be the same as when he is drunk.
  • Elluka thinks of the spirits in Eldoh's Forest as female despite the fact they are genderless.
  • She shares the same birthday (January 30) with her Vocaloid.
  • The Very Amazing Octopus is a direct reference to Tako Luka and Elluka's Vocaloid counterpart.



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