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Gast Venom
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Japanese Name ガスト=ヴェノム (Gasuto Venomu)
Also Known as: Zenon (birth name)

Demon of Asmodean


Kamui Gakupo

Gender Male
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 461
Age 39 (Clôture of Yellow)
Occupation/Job Mercenary
Vessel of Sin Venom Sword (before Story of Evil)
Personal Item(s) Katana
Affiliation(s): Asmodean(before exile)



Sateriajis Venomania (ancestor)
Sarah (sister)

"You are the same as me... evil."

Gast Venom, born Zenon and also known as the Demon of Asmodean, is a descendant of Sateriajis Venomania and acts as the mercenary leader of the Asmodean Company.


The Daughter of Fog[]

Known in Elphegort as Zenon, he lived a hard life with his sister Sarah after their mother's sucide and their father's disappearance and resorted to thievery, wielding the Venom Sword. After Sarah died due to an unknown illness, Zenon left Elphegort and met Irina Clockworker along the way. He attempted to mug her, but was knocked out and had the Venom Sword stolen from him. Zenon woke up in Asmodean, where the Emperor decided to hire him as a servant. Zenon quickly rose up the ranks in the army under a new name: Gast Venom. He met Mariam Futapie, a young general, around this time.

During the war between Asmodean and Lucifenia, Gast and the rest of his unit were camped in the Misty Mountains. Gast came across a strange altar where he saw  "Sarah's spirit" who gave him back the Venom Sword. She told him that, as long as the altar existed, she could visit him every foggy night. Later on, the soldiers stationed in the mountains started to fall ill. General Shalgham suspected that the altar had something to do with it, and ordered for it to be destroyed. Gast defied his orders, and just as he was about to defend the altar, Irina appeared and consumed Gast in flames.

When he awoke, Gast found the rest of the battalion killed, the Venom Sword gone, and his sister gone for good. The Emperor of Asmodean, reluctant to kill Gast, banished him for insubordination instead of executing him. Gast later met Elluka Clockworker, who hired him to be her bodyguard. Through Elluka, Gast became aware of the Seven Deadly Sins.[1] At some point, he met and became friends with Leonhart Avadonia and founded the Asmodean Company mercenary group.

Clôture of Yellow[]

Around EC 500, Gast discovered that the Venom Sword was now in possession of Keel Freesis. He traveled to meet the merchant in his mansion along with two of his comrades, Yarera and Zasuko, and told them to wait outside; the mercenary attempted to haggle the weapon from Keel but left the meeting, unsatisfied with Keel's high price. He saw a servant watching Clarith and recognized her as a member of the Netsuma tribe, commenting how he assumed no one from the clan was still alive. The servant noted Gast's weapon, and the mercenary explained to him it was a katana and that they were very rare.

Knowing he was from the Lucifenian palace, Gast asked Allen Avadonia his name and if he had heard of the "Lucifenian Resistance" before introducing himself and advertising the Asmodean Company's services should the Queen of ministers in Lucifenia have need of them. Before continuing their chat, Gast paused, sensing darkness in Allen's eyes, and asked him if he killed a man. Their conversation was interrupted by one of Keel's butlers, and the servant bid the mercenary farewell. He shrugged and left the room, greeted by his two comrades in the hall.[2] Annoyed for them disobeying his order, the mercenary told them how Keel refused to sell them the sword and that stealing it was not necessary. Gast left with the three, confident they could obtain his family heirloom another way.[3]

Sometime later, Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche recruited Gast and the Asmodean Company to help defend the palace. In the palace's Hall of Mirrors, the mercenary knelt before the monarch and grave his gratitude for hiring them. Riliane commented how she mistook Gast for a woman, to which he humorously told her he hoped she would not judge him by his appearance, and assured her he would live up to her trust. As the princess left, he watched her figure closely and Allen warned him he would be beheaded if he didn't watch his words. Gast mentioned how she looked like someone he knew and apologized.

Allen showed Gast around the palace, and later introduced him to his room and was pleased with the accommodations. Allen told him that the other mercenaries would have to live in the city to which Gast replied he didn't care. He stared at the boy's face and noted his resemblance to Riliane, asking if they were siblings. After the servant denied any relation to her, the mercenary asked if he could have something to eat and Allen was about to abide his request when Mariam Futapie appeared with food in hand.

Gast greeted his old friend and was surprised to see her as the Head of Maids for the palace, noting with disbelief how people change. Mariam, displeased to see Gast, stated how he was still a mercenary and Gast replied it was because fighting was the only thing he did. Hearing this, she commented how he still had never gotten over his sister and the mercenary nonchalantly facetiously dismissed it. Before she left, Mariam asked why he was fighting. Gast told her that it was because he wanted to find a place to die.

Later, at the Training Ground, Gast was surrounded by three soldiers, angered by the mercenaries' theft, rape, and murder in the streets, and held the Asmodean Company's leader responsible. Frustrated, he told the soldiers that his men's actions were not his responsibility, and hinted at "disturbing trends" that the army should be more alert about. When one of the seething soldiers drew his sword, Gast instantly slew him and laughed. With the other two soldiers terrified, he turned and left.[4]

With the outbreak of the Lucifenian Revolution, Gast fought alongside his fellow mercenaries against the rebels in Rolled during the first few weeks of the revolution. After three weeks of fighting since the rebellion's outbreak, Gast fought against the masked "Kachess" and injured his left wrist. However, another revolutionary, Mark, intervened before he could finish Kachess off, blocking Gast's sword. The mercenary quickly retaliated and killed the former clergyman; injured, he fled soon after with his men as they retreated to the palace.  

As the revolutionaries assaulted the palace, Gast entered the Servants Room and looked out the window, reporting to Allen that they lost and that he came to say farewell, explaining that he had no obligation to Lucifenia and that Allen should not give him such a "sad face". The servant attempted to hire Gast with a bag of gold, pleading with him to protect Princess Riliane. Gast told him he didn't want the money and began to ask why he was so desperate to protect Riliane when Allen revealed she was his twin sister.

Gast stared into Allen's eyes, silent. The mercenary then laughed uncontrollably, glibly mocking the irony of Allen's situation for selling his soul to the "Asmodean Demon" for "The Daughter of Evil" who caused the revolution that put the servant in his position. Recomposing himself, Gast changed his mind and accepted Allen's job for him, paralleling himself as a knight protecting the princess and determining it was a suitable way to die. Checking his sword before sheathing it, Gast said goodbye to "The Servant of Evil" before turning around to leave. He told Allen before he left how they were alike: they were both evil.

Gast assisted the Royal Guard as they defended the Hall of Mirrors from the revolutionaries, engaging Germaine Avadonia in combat. Stepping upon their bodies, he commented how useless the rebels were, and that despite being a beautiful swordsman and the daughter of an old friend, her emotions ruled her swordsmanship and caused her to hesitate. Incited, Germaine threatened him for insulting the guards and Gast pointed out how the same soldiers were her enemy. He pointed his sword at her and they continued their battle, the mercenary complimenting her for dodging his swift attacks. Baiting her into a reckless move, Gast struck Germaine and grazed her eyelid, blinding her.

Confident in his victory, Gast attempted to stab her neck, but his final blow was parried and Germaine struck the mercenary's side. Gast moaned in pain before collapsing, remarking how it was beautiful and that he finally found his place to die. Curious, he asked Germaine how she anticipated his attack and realized that it was because she was Leonhart's daughter, and that not correcting his swordplay's flaws was why he lost. When asked by the red-armored swordsman if he had seen the princess or Allen, he told her he didn't know. Queried about why he didn't escape when he had the chance, he told her it was because of the money. Telling his sister that her brother would be with her soon, he died.[5]


After Gast's death, the Asmodean Company disbanded and started causing chaos in the streets of Lucifenian; they were suppressed shortly afterward by the Marlon army.[6] After Keel Freesis traded the Venom Sword for his collectables, he remembered how Gast had desired the sword as well and wondered if the weapon had some hidden value.[7]

Character Traits[]


Gast is a shadowy figure, partially attributed to the suicide of his mother and the death of his sister, Sarah. He often brushes aside questions thrown at him by flippantly avoiding a direct answer. He has an almost maniacal amusement at the misfortune of others, laughing sadistically after striking down a soldier that had previously annoyed him, and laughing hysterically after Allen revealed he was Riliane's twin.

He acts very pragmatic toward his job and is an opportunist, usually showing no loyalty to any employer and maximizing his profits while viable. Despite hearing about the Resistance ahead of time, he uses the opportunity to offer his services should Lucifenia need him instead of warning about the growing rebellion. When the circumstances for Riliane's regime looked inevitably dire, he chose to run rather than continue his contract until the end.

Despite this detachment, Gast loves his sister deeply, grieving that he was unable to support her until it was too late; he never got over his grief and treasured any chance he had to see his sister again, defying General Shalgham to protect the altar that let him speak with Sarah's "spirit" . After his exile, Gast searches constantly for a place to die, fighting endlessly before meeting an acceptable demise so he can see his sister again.

As a result, he empathizes with those who share his devotion and love with their sibling. When Allen reveals his identity as Riliane's brother, Gast recognizes how Allen's desire to protect his sister, even committing heinous deeds, is akin to him and uncharacteristically supports the servant, and placed his life in jeopardy to protect Allen's sibling.


Gast was an innate swordsman, wielding a Katana with great mastery. His skills allowed him to climb the ranks in the Asmodean army quickly; he claims that he was far more skilled when wielding the Venom Sword. Gast is described as a monster by others, with speed and agility befitting his title as the Demon of Asmodean, swiftly striking down opponents and slaying foes. He often finishes his opponents with a stab to the neck, and remarks that it his swordplay's weakness. His sharp instincts extend to people as well, seeing that Allen carried the burden of murder in his eyes.


Gast is a tall, thin man with pale skin, purple eyes, and long, purple hair. Because of his beautiful face and long hair he is often mistaken as a woman. He wore a grey gi line with purple and a dark grey with dark purple shoulder pads. he wore a dark grey belt with a purple-lined, lavender cape around his waist and wore lavender pants and dark purple boots underneath it. He normally wore a katana on his belt and wore two purple armor bracers along his arms for combat.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Sateriajis Venomania: Gast is confirmed to be a descendant of Duke Venomania.

Allen Avadonia: Gast and Allen have made a couple of exchanges, regarding the evil that lies inside both of them.

Mariam Futapie: Gast and Mariam were both soldiers in the Asmodean military. Mariam became a general at the age of nine, and later defected to Lucifinia. 

Sarah: Gast's sister, whom he loved very much. She died before Story of Evil.

Yvette: General Shalgham's step-daughter and the Daughter of Fog. She was used by her step-father to trick Gast into thinking she was Sarah, who she greatly resembled.

Elluka Clockworker : Elluka hired Gast as her bodyguard.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Gast's first name is a corruption of the word "ghost" that originated in the 14th century, befitting his supernatural fighting ability described by his opponents.
  • His last name, Venom, is a reference to his ancestor, Sateriajis Venomania.
  • His original name, Zenon, is derived from Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and thunder who ruled over Mount Olympus; in Greek mythology, Zeus is often portrayed as a particularly lustful god, having children with countless women, reinforcing the link between Gast and Venomania.



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