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Germaine Avadonia
Germaine Avadonia.jpg
Japanese Name ジェルメイヌ゠アヴァドニア (Jerumeinu Avadonia)
Also Known as: Female Soldier in Red Armour
Debut The Daughter of Evil


Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 480
Age 20 (Clôture of Yellow/Wiegenlied of Green)

25 (Praeludium of Red/Praefatio of Blue)
28 (During Four Horsemen Incident)

Occupation/Job Soldier
Vessel of Sin Levianta's Twin Swords(During Four Horsemen Incident)
Personal Item(s) Rapier Sword
Affiliation(s): Resistance (during Lucifenia's Revolution)

Beelzenia (after Lucifenia's Revolution)
Neo Apocalypse (after Story of Evil)
Pere Noel (Before Toragay Serial Killings)


Sateriajis Venomania (ancestor)
Meilis Beelzenia (ancestor)
Banica Conchita (ancestor)
Leonhart Avadonia (foster father)
Allen Avadonia (foster brother)
Kyle Marlon (distant relative)
Clarith (distant relative)
Gast Venom (distant relative)

"Let's go, everyone."

Germaine Avadonia is the adopted daughter of Leonhart Avadonia and the foster sister of Allen Avadonia. She was famous for leading the Lucifenian Revolution after the death of her foster father.


Early Life[]

Germaine was born in EC 480. Sometime after, she was found abandoned and adopted by Leonhart as a result. In the year EC 491, she met Allen, her new foster brother. At first, Germaine never spoke with Allen because of his shy and hostile attitude. After a few days, Chartette Langley was kidnapped by a group of bandits and Germaine was determined to save her. However, no one else believed she was still alive and gave up the search, save for Allen, and the two entered the Forest of Bewilderment alone to rescue her.

While there, the two began talking and opened up to each other. Germaine was captured and had to be saved by Allen. The two of them fought off the bandits and rescued Chartette, who became attached to Germaine due to her bravery. When they returned, Leonhart found out about their adventure and scolded them both, striking Allen. Germaine would later be praised for her heroism and take all the credit for the rescue.[1] At some point, Germaine raised a puppy named "Chubby". The night that Leonhart sent Allen to the palace, she fought with her foster father till dawn the next day.

Clôture of Yellow[]

A year after Allen had left for the palace, Leonhart ordered Germaine to sacrifice drinking wine because of the food shortage affecting the commoners until the hunger problem was resolved. On the night of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's birthday party, Germaine was alone at home wishing she could have a glass of wine, imagining the bottles of red wine being drunk by the aristocrats at the celebration. While wondering why her father sent Allen to the palace as a servant, rather than one of the Royal Guards, Leonhart returned home. She smelled him to make sure he didn't drink while he was gone.[2]

Another night, Leonhart returned home depressed, worrying Germaine. When he announced the Queen ordered him to return to the palace, Germaine asked if she found out about how he was stealing food from the palace barn to feed the starving citizens. After telling her he wanted her to succeed him if he died, she told him not to say such things and asked if he could avoid the situation. Germaine, when asked, affirmed that the dress she wore was her father's birthday present. Reminding him of Allen's gift, Germaine was curious as Leonhart took out a handbag from the warehouse.

The next day, she said goodbye to him. The following morning, Germaine left home to visit the nearby riverbank and wash out her face, seeing Chartette and asking why she was there. Seeing a group of people by the shore, she asked what happened and Chartette tried to tell her it was nothing. Curious, Germaine approached and recognized her foster father's corpse, shocked and in denial that it was him. After picking up his body, she screamed for him not to die and fainted.

She awoke later in Chartette's home and was offered soup by her father but declined, telling him food was scarce. Distracted by the fact her was father passed away, Germaine ignored most of Chartette's recount about his death and suspected that "The Daughter of Evil" was the one who killed him. She decided she wanted revenge, and to kill Riliane. Later, she attended Leonhart's funeral. Silent, Mariam Futapie held her and Germaine could feel her shaking. Seeing Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice also there, she nodded her head to greet them. She then vowed for her father and all the commoners of Lucifenia that she would overthrow the Queen.[3]

Forming the Resistance, Germaine visited the Forest of Bewilderment often for secret meetings in the abandoned house where Allen and she had fought off thieves years before. With the other four core members of the Resistance, she discussed the new recruits and lack of supplies. Minage told her many were willing to join but none knew how to fight and Sekka suggested they ask Keel Freesis for aid.[4]

During The Green Hunting, Germaine and her followers tried to put out the fire burning the Forest of Bewilderment, but were stopped by a group of Lucifenian soldiers. The soldiers told them it was being burned by order of Queen Riliane as part of the invasion of the Kingdom of Elphegort. Suddenly, a rainstorm appeared and doused the fire, forcing the soldiers to retreat. Germaine ordered the Resistance to remain vigilant in case the soldiers attempted to set fire to the forest again.

She then saw a familiar silhouette and followed the shadow into the depths of the forest, discovering an exhausted Elluka and her apprentice. Approaching them, Germaine introduced herself to the former court mage, and offered to have them rest in her home nearby. Elluka declined, revealing it would be difficult for them since they were being hunted by the Royal Palace, and the sorceress and her apprentice left. With that startling revelation, Germaine questioned what was happening at the palace that was causing this.

The Resistance gradually grew in size. Germaine was visited by Chartette at her home and told her about the reasons behind The Green Hunting, angering Germaine. Once she left, Germaine knew she couldn't waste the chance given to her to start her revolution but was uncertain how to do it. After The Green Hunting ended and the war between Elphegort and Lucifenia continued, Germaine met with Chartette and the other four core resistance members at their base in the Forest of Bewilderment. When a mysterious knock came at the door, she asked Minage to peek outside at who it was. Confident that the six of them could take him if he was an enemy, they opened the door to be greeted by the masked man who joined their movement.[5]

Afterward, Chartette helped Germaine get in contact with Keel Freesis, travelling with York to the merchant Koopa's mansion, Keel's current location, to negotiate his aide to their resistance. Germaine sat down and discussed the matter with Keel, learning about his servants Michaela and Clarith and what occurred, when a knock came at the door. She watched as the merchant permitted Clarith to enter and overheard their conversation concerning Michaela's death. Germaine interrupted, asking if she should leave. As Clarith apologized and prepared to exit for disrupting the conversation, the resistance leader stopped her, confirming with Keel if she was the Clarith they were speaking about. Keel argued Germaine's intentions, both her and York replied it would be good to have another member and that it was her choice.

Noticing Clarith's confusion, Germaine introduced themselves, begging for the Freesis' assistance to make up for the resistance's shortage in both funding and members in exchange for securing Keel's confiscated properties from Lucifenia. Concluding her explanation, she asked if Clarith wanted to avenge Michaela's murder and, after Clarith responded she would think about it, told her she understood. Germaine proceeded to threaten the white-haired servant if she betrayed them but Keel interrupted, saying Clarith wouldn't sell them out. After Keel evaded her attempt to return to their discussion, she apologized for bothering them, thanked them for their hospitality, then left with York.[6]

The next day, at a Lucifenian bar, Germaine learned from Clarith that Keel Freesis agreed to aid them; she asked Clarith if she would join her cause but the girl refused, saying  that although she hated The Daughter of Evil, she was weak unlike Germaine. Apologizing, the disappointed Germaine asked what she would do, hearing the white-haired girl say she would live alone somewhere quiet, where Keel found work for her. Wishing her well, she watched as Clarith left and soon after witnessed a couple of mercenaries from the Asmodean Company get into a conflict with the bar owner and stopped York from getting involved. Afterward, the Resistance and her paid for their drinks and left the bar.

Sometime later, Germaine visited their base in the Forest of Bewilderment for the last time along with York, Sekka, Minage, York, and the blue-haired, masked man. Discussing their army's numbers and the loyalty of the masked man, Germaine was asked by York if she actually trusted him. Approaching the mysterious member, she touched his mask and hinted to him that she suspected who he was, surprising him, and told the other members to trust him since he was helping them. He told them to refer to him as "Kachess" and during their meeting, Chartette's father arrived with Leonhart's armor reforged for Germaine and a large sword for her to give Chartette. Thanking him, Germaine asked if he was really allowing his daughter to fight in the coming revolution.

After the old man's reply, Germaine asked York if there was any way to get her brother, Allen, out of the palace. He responded that they couldn't risk leaking intelligence to the palace and Germaine tried to reason that her brother's strong sense of justice would help them. York reported that Allen and Riliane had become very close, much to Germaine's confusion. Confident that her brother could escape on his own, she put the matter to rest.

The day of the Lucifenian Revolution, Germaine and members of the Resistance returned to the bar to prepare. Witnessing the molestation of a barmaid by the two mercenaries from before, York attacked one and Germaine threw a bottle at the other one before proceeding to punch him in the face. Subduing the mercenaries, the red-armored revolutionary stood up before the crowd outside the bar and announced the beginning of their revolution.[7]

Weeks later, Germaine and her forces pushed the Lucifenian forces back to the palace gates. Kachess declared to her their victory, and Germaine told him they needed to hurry before the soldiers fighting in Elphegort returned to reinforce the palace, saying how lucky they were that Marlon did not send reinforcements for the masked man to hear. While asking about her comrade's injury, Kachess warned her of Gast Venom, who retreated to the palace. York came and after Germaine apologized for the injury of Sekka, his daughter, in the fighting, she stood in front of the revolutionary army and led the charge into the palace.

Entering into the Heavenly Yard from the main gates, Germaine offered the Lucifenian forces mercy if they surrendered but it fell on deaf ears. The revolutionary army charged forward with their overwhelming numbers until a group of maids, led by Mariam Futapie, began halting the resistance's advance. Chartette arrived and motioned for Germaine to break into the palace while she distracted Mariam. 

Following Kachess inside, she ordered for the army to assault the palace, hoping Chartette would survive before continuing the charge inside the palace walls. Battling the Royal Guard and Gast Venom in the Hall of Mirrors, Germaine berated Gast for insulting her fallen men and battled him. During their fight, Germaine's eyelid was grazed and her bleeding blinded her. Before Gast dealt the fatal blow, the lady swordsman listened for Gast's movement and struck him with her blade, wounding him.

Turning around to face him, the dying Gast laughed at not recognizing the heraldry she wore as the daughter of his old friend, Leonhart. Germaine asked if he saw the servant to the princess, Allen, with The Daughter of Evil and he responded that he didn't know where they were. Asking why he didn't escape and kept fighting, Gast replied that it was because he fought for the money. After the mercenary's death, Chartette came, and was worried about Germaine's injury until the resistance leader told her it would heal.

Curious about Chartette's battle, Germaine listened as she told her how the injured Mariam escaped before York told her Kachess's and of the death of Prime Minister Minis. Unable to locate either the princess, or her brother, Germaine ordered to help her search for her. York and Chartette stopped her and told her to rest because of her injury and went on without her. Germaine underwent emergency treatment for her eye and rushed toward the Hall of Sounds after hearing a report that the princess was captured.

Despite York's pleas, Germaine pushed herself so she could personally confirm it despite her injury. Narrowing her vision, she vaguely saw the form of the princess although the face was obscure to her. For a moment, she was unconvinced until the captured Riliane struggled and screamed for the revolutionaries to let go of her. [8]

Five days later, Germaine attended the peace talks in the Hall of Sounds between the Resistance, Marlon, and Elphegort. Congratulated by Keel Freesis, the red-armored warrior thanked the merchant for his support that gave her their victory. With the arrival of the Elphegort king, Sohni Elphen, and after confirming attendance, Germaine told the King of Marlon to start. Kachess, removing his mask, revealed he was Kyle Marlon, surprising everyone but Germaine. Sarcastically, she asked "Kachess" why he wasn't wearing his mask, the Marlon King responding that there was no longer any need to conceal his identity.

As the meeting continued, Germaine urged the Elphegort king to show mercy to the captured Lucifenian soldiers and discussed the surviving members of The Three Heroes: Mariam and Elluka. She asked if Mariam's body was killed due to her battle with Chartette but Kyle responded that it was due to a stab wound through her back. As Kyle announced that Lucifenia would become a Marlon territory, Germaine calmed the seething York to let the Marlon King finish. When invited to be part of Kyle's Lucifenian government, she refused.

When asked if she met the arrested princess, Germaine told Kyle she only removed her bandages the day before. She, along with the rest present at the meeting, did not object as Kyle announced The Daughter of Evil's execution. Germaine later went to the underground prison to visit the princess before her death. Announcing her name from across the iron bars, Germaine was surprised when the spoiled princess began to laugh and told her it was irregular for her laugh before being killed.

After The Daughter of Evil approached her, she told the spoiled princess her execution date and that it was the time for her to confess her crimes to God. After disregarding the resistance leader and telling her to leave, Germaine recognized her face as that of her brother, Allen. Shocked and perplexed, Germaine discovered that the prisoner was her foster brother and listened as he told her the whole story about how the princess was his twin sister and that he swapped places with her so she could escape. After letting Allen's surprising revelation sink in, she told him he could be released.

Despite Allen's insistence that it was impossible, Germaine tried to convince him that since he was a servant, he should be freed and everyone should be told. Arguing, Germaine told him how she now understood his hostility when they first met and how he selflessly saved her and Chartette even when everyone else gave up, saying he wasn't the villain. Her foster brother retorted that Kyle visited earlier and already determined his execution date, warning her to be wary of him.

Finding it all odd, Germaine ran to the lounge room and returned with the prison keys to free him, telling him they needed to escape with Chartette and live happily together, discarding her responsibilities as the revolution's leader. Tears welling in her eyes at how they could escape even though their foster father was dead, Allen asked her about their father's refashioned armor she wore and if Chartette's father fixed the damaged shoulder. Surprised, Germaine told him it was The Daughter of Evil and her brother only laughed after discovering her motives for the revolution was her vengeance.

Calling his sister a Daughter of Evil like Riliane, Germaine weakly denied it and begged him not say it. Ignoring her, Allen told her he would assist her in her revenge because he was the one who murdered their foster father. Germaine screamed, her cries echoing throughout the prison.

Two days later, Germaine stood on the execution platform in Millennial Square. She wondered how Leonhart was doing in heaven and fantasized that him, Mariam Futapie, and the Royal Guards partying together while he drank. In contrast, she thought about how everyone with alive was leaving or getting lonelier. From among the crowds she saw Chartette causing a commotion as they all awaited the death of The Daughter of Evil. She asked her deceased parent if the "Evil" would end after the execution.[9]

After the public execution which resulted in her foster brother's death, Germaine returned to the palace. At some point, she sent a letter to Keel to thank him for his help and to report the situations of Chartette and her other friends.[10] She later fled with York south-east toward the lake, heading to Retesan Fort.

Praeludium of Red[]



Five years after the Lucifenian Revolution, Germaine joins up with Chartette Langley in serving Beelzenia in the military, although she spends most of her time getting drunk at a pub. When Ney Futapie attacked Beelzenia with her army of the dead, Germaine did nothing to help quell the invasion, saying that the whole battle has no significance in the long run. When asked by Liliane Mouchet regarding the Lucifenian Revolution, Germaine merely said that although she did respect her father, revenge will only bring emptyness.

After Beelzenia launched an attack on Retasan Fortress and ultimately captured it, Gumillia hired Germaine to be her personal guard. Germaine escorted Gumillia and Yukina Freesis to Lucifenia, helping them recover two of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia. Kyle Marlon confronted Germaine, accusing her of killing Michaela. Germaine, knowing what really happened, attempts to persuade Kyle to abandon his blinded idea of revenge and pursue his own dream. Kyle, although shaken, refuses and Germaine escapes through the window she just broke.

Germaine meets up with Yukina and Gumillia at Eldoh's Forest. Kyle tracks them down in his demonic form, and attacks Germaine in a crazed frenzy. Germaine manages to hold him off for a while but as Kyle shifted his target to Yukina, Germaine tackles Yukina, saving her while leaving herself vulnerable after Kyle broke her sword. Fortunately, Kyle is stopped by Gumillia and Michaela, freeing him from the clutches of the Demon of Vanity.

Germaine continues to accompany Gumillia as the two of them, Yukina, and Kyle are about to sail west to uncove the truth. Chartette entrusted Germaine her Rocket Glove and a new sword as they set sail for Marlon.[11]

Praefatio of Blue[]



While at sea, Kyle's ship is attacked by pirates. Germaine, with her new sword in hand, battles alongside Kyle and successfully drives them off. After Yukina reunites with her family, Keel invites Germaine and Gumillia over to dinner. While being drunk, Germaine inadvertently rambles on about all the dangers that Yukina went through during the trip, much to everyone's dismay.

After Yukina discovers "Elluka," she comes over to Germaine to tell her that something is not right. Germaine has her doubts, but then a sound is heard and the two of them found Gumillia and "Elluka" fighting each other. It is revealed that "Elluka" is in fact the mage Abyss I.R., who is currently possessing Elluka's body. Abyss I.R. had summoned three black bears to attack Gumillia. Having her sword augmented by Gumillia, Germaine easily killed all three.

Afterwards, Germaine assisted Kyle in bringing Prim Marlon and Ney to justice. Just as Ney is about to kill Kyle, Germaine came to Kyle's rescue, holding back Ney while Kyle used Chartette's Rocket Glove to knock Ney unconscious.

With her role as Gumillia's escort fulfilled, Germaine decided to return home. She met Yukina again in Lucifenia, who was going to pay her friend Clarith a visit. With nothing much to do, Germaine accompanied Yukina to the monastery, only to find herself face to face with Riliane. After sharing an awkward moment, Germaine greeted Riliane politely and the two of them silently left the room.

A while later, Yukina finds Germaine confronting Abyss I.R. again, this time possessing the body of Mikina Freesis. Germaine identifies that the reason Abyss I.R. still exists is because of the red cat that Abyss I.R. always has around. Germaine charged at Abyss I.R.'s red cat after finding it in an abandoned cabin. Supported by the spirit of Allen, Germaine stabbed the red cat, driving Abyss I.R. away.[12]

Four Horsemen Incident[]

Afterwards, Germaine traveled with Chartette to the east. In EC 508, she encountered Abyss I.R. and was possessed by the sorceress, inhabiting her body and using it in collaboration with Neo Apocalypse to cause the Four Horsemen Incident.[13] Her body remained the vessel for the sorceress' spirit for over a century, continuing to use it under the name "Julia Abelard" during the Toragay Serial Killings in EC 609.


Historically, Germaine would be known as the hero of the Lucifenian Revolution who succeeded in overthrowing The Daughter of Evil. Her actions would be detailed by Yukina in her novel titled "Daughter of Evil", telling the true events that occurred and becoming very popular by Gallerian Marlon's time.[14] After the Toragay Serial Killings by Margarita Blankenheim, rumors spread about the mysterious leader of Pere Noel, Julia Abelard, including that she had been a reincarnation of Germaine and that Germaine had become immortal.

Character Traits[]


Germaine is a strong-willed and passionate woman. While often acting on her feelings and instincts, she shows reserve and acts practical when dealing with the Resistance and Kyle. She was very close with her foster father, Leonhart, and trusted his judgment even if she was unaware of his reasoning. After he was killed, Germaine becomes overcome with hate for Riliane, harboring an intense determination to overthrow and kill The Daughter of Evil, motivating her to sow the seeds for the Lucifenian Revolution.

Germaine loves her foster brother, Allen, often praising him and questioning why he is only a servant instead of one of her father's personal guards. Despite this, she admits she finds him sarcastic and unlikeable and enjoys teasing him. She is also very loyal, willing to abandon her duties to the Resistance to escape with Allen and hesitating to abandon Chartette when she battled Mariam Futapie. She also shares a long friendship with Yukina Freesis. It is assumed that Germaine and Riliane made peace with each other after their meeting.

She shares her father's love for alcohol, loving red wine. She loved it so much, she wondered if she was a reincarnation of the legendary vampire girl, Vaniqa Conchita. Germaine appears to handle water poorly, as she is shown to be seasick during her trip to Marlon.


Growing up with Leonhart, Germaine learned the art of swordsmanship and was proficient in the use of a rapier. When temporarily blinded during her duel with Gast Venom, she was able to accurately listen for his movements to strike him. During the same fight, she demonstrated the ability to learn the habits and patterns in her opponent's fighting style and predict his actions. She is also prone to starting fights, in which Leonhart did state that no man would dare marry her. She was also a heavy drinker, able to drink 20 shots and still be standing. After Leonhart's death, she became less resilient to drinking and couldn't even handle 10 shots.


Germaine is a pale-skinned woman with almond-brown hair and brown eyes. She is considered beautiful by many. In the public eye, Germaine is described as the "Swordswoman in Red Armor" after donning her father's refashioned armor during the Lucifenian Revolution. Later on during her trip to Marlon, she is shown without the armor, saying that she doesn't need to wear something that cumbersome.

Featured in...[]

The Daughter of Evil (EC 500)[]

Germaine is described in The Daughter of Evil as a "swordswoman in red armor", sparking the revolution against Riliane's cruelty.

The Servant of Evil (EC 500)[]

Germaine makes a cameo appearance in The Servant of Evil when Allen states that the end of Lucifenia is coming.

The Daughter of White (EC 499~)[]

Germaine makes a brief cameo in The Daughter of White during the musical intermission of the Scene 3.5: "Revolution"'.

Handbeat Clocktower (EC 505)[]

Germaine appears in Handbeat Clocktower, stopping a crazed Ney Futapie from striking down Kyle.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Leonhart Avadonia: Germaine's adopted father. After his death, Germaine swore to avenge him.

Allen Avadonia: Germaine's adopted brother. When Allen traded places with Riliane, Germaine begged him to escape but he was unwilling to do so.

Chartette Langley: Germaine's best friend. She acts as an informant for her cause.

Kyle Marlon: Germaine cooperated with him in overthrowing Riliane.

Gumillia: While in Beelzenia, Gumillia hired Germaine to be her personal escort.

Yukina Freesis: While accompanying Gumillia, Germaine and Yukina got close as time went on.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Germaine's name is a female French derivative of the male name "Germain"; it is derived from the Latin word germānus meaning "brother" and its female equivalent can be interpreted as "sibling" or "sister".
  • Her last name, Avadonia, received by her foster father, seems to be a corruption of Abbadon.


  • In the Epic of Evil, The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Germaine is noted to heal faster than normal humans, recovering from both minor and serious injuries at a quicker pace.
  • Ironically, she would question if she was the reincarnation of the legendary Vaniqa Conchita due to her zeal for drinking wine.
  • Her exceptional beauty as noted by her foster father is referenced in The Fifth: Pierrot when the possessed Germaine, I. Santa, is characterized as the "sexy beauty" in her description in Pere Noel.
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