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Japanese Name グーミリア (Guumiria)
Also Known as: VIII. Sniper (Pere Noel's codename)
Debut The Last Revolver


Gender Genderless (chose to look female)
Classification Forest Spirit
Age 16 (in human appearance)
1028 (actual in Clôture of Yellow)
Occupation/Job Apprentice
Affiliation(s): Elluka Clockworker

Pere Noel (After Story of Evil)

"Do you even know what death is? That way, you'll completely disappear from this world. And I wouldn't want that."

Gumillia is a forest spirit who dwells in Eldoh's Forest. She and her friend Michaela entered the human world with the help of Elluka Clockworker and she became her apprentice.


Story of Evil

Cloture of Yellow

Allen Avadonia did meet Gumillia before he departed for Elphegort. After first greetings, she asked him to give Michaela a spring onion which has the power to communicate with people from long distances. Baffled by her request, Allen promised Gumillia, all while not knowing what this ordinary spring onion is capable of.

Wiegenlied of Green

It is revealed that Gumillia is a forest spirit. Sometime ago, Gumillia witnessed Gumina Glassred while using the body of a chipmunk. Some time later, Michaela was attacked by a blackbird while she was using the body of a robin but she was found by Clarith and was taken into her house to be better looked after. Gumillia arrives in her chipmunk form to help Michaela escape but was discovered by Clarith's mother, who surprised them both in that she could understand their thought pattern. Gumillia and Michaela were then let go and they returned to Eldoh's Forest.

When Elluka paid a visit to Eldoh's Forest, Gumillia was chosen to become Elluka's personal helper. Gumillia chose the appearance of Gumina for a human body. Gumillia felt very worried about Michaela and promised her that if harm ever came to her, she will come and rescue her. Michaela was touched by her words and promised her the same.

Before the "Green Hunting" started, Elluka and Gumillia contacted Michaela using the spring onion. Elluka tried to persuade Michaela to leave Elphegort and return to the forest but Michaela refused to leave her human friends behind, intending to stay as a human. Gumillia consented and revealed that she intends to stay as a human as well, much to Elluka's annoyance.

In the end, Michaela was killed during the invasion and she transfigured into a tree sapling. Elluka and Gumillia managed to locate Michaela and entrusted her to Clarith. After Michaela and Clarith are reunited, Gumillia tells Clarith that the Lucifenian Revolution has ended and that people will still believe that Michaela is deceased. Elluka and Gumillia then disappeared for a while.

Praeludium of Red

Gummy slave.jpg
Three years after, the mage Abyss I.R. stole Elluka's body, forcing Elluka's soul to take refuge in Gumillia's body. Later on, Gumillia became the advisor to the emperor of Beelzenia. When Yukina Freesis visited Beelzenia, she made contact with Gumillia and asked her where Elluka was. Gumillia said that she does not know, and then took Yukina over to Chartette Langley.

Suddenly, Beelzenia falls under attack by undead soldiers, which Gumillia identifies to be imperial troops who had died due to the Gula Disease. After Beelzenia launches a counterattack, that ended in capturing Retasan Fortress, Gumillia hires Germaine Avadonia to be her personal guard and sets off for Lucifenia to confront Kyle Marlon. Yukina manages to catch up to the two of them and offers to help them sneak into the castle unnoticed.

With Yukina's help, Gumillia and Germaine managed to go unnoticed by Kyle. However, Kyle recognizes Germaine during the night, blowing everyone's cover. Gumillia and Yukina escape through a secret passage in Riliane's room, but Kyle manages to catch up to them. Kyle transforms into a six-winged beast due to the Demon of Vanity and sends Gumillia flying into the wall before she could launch a magic spell at him. Driven by insanity, Kyle flies off into the night sky.

Gumillia, Yukina, and Germaine retreated into Eldoh's Forest, where Gumillia consulted with Eldoh on how to stop Kyle. Eldoh tells Gumillia that during a full moon, Gumillia's magic will be powerful enough to incapacitate him. However, Kyle will also be at his full strength then. Soon, Kyle appears and attacks Germaine. Gumillia unleashes a powerful spell at Kyle, but to no avail. However, Gumillia's spell had left behind a small distortion field. Michaela then began to sing, amplifying the field and incapacitating Kyle, freeing him from the Demon of Vanity.

With Gumillia in possession of two of the Mirrors, she then accompanies Yukina and Kyle along with Germaine to Marlon.

Praefatio of Blue

When Kyle's ship encountered a giant octopus, Gumillia magically enhanced the ship's cannon and ordered Kyle's men to aim at the octopus' brow. Thanks to Gumillia, the ship is able to evade the octopus and resume it's course for Marlon. Gumillia is rather disappointed, saying that it is a "very amazing octopus". Kyle asked Gumillia how can a giant octopus exist. Gumillia answers that only Elluka can do that.

Arriving at Marlon and staying over at Yukina's home, Gumillia found "Elluka" at the door and suggested that the two of them talk in private. Moments later, Yukina and Germaine find Gumillia and Abyss I.R. clashing against each other. After a few attacks, Gumillia is no match for Abyss I.R. alone. Abyss I.R. summons three black bears to finish off Gumillia but Germaine comes to her rescue, easily defeating the bears with the help of Gumillia's magical enhancement.

Abyss I.R. then grabs Gumillia and tells her that she is going to take her body for her own. Suddenly, Elluka's soul calls out and proceeds to wrestle her body from Abyss I.R., sending her and Gumillia flying in the air. Germaine rushes over to finish off Abyss I.R. but Gumillia stops her, saying that Elluka is in control now. Afterwards, Gumillia and Elluka were hired by Kyle to aid him in stopping Prim Marlon. She later releases Germaine from her service.

Pere Noel

Following the events of the mysterious deaths in Toragay, Elluka and Gumillia set out for Lucifenia to find out more about the criminal organization Pere Noel. She joined Pere Noel under the name "Sniper". When Lemy Abelard blows Elluka's cover, she was ordered by Elluka to "kill the snitch". Gumillia shot Lemy with a revolver and Elluka made her escape.

For reasons unknown, Gumillia stayed in the organization and was tasked by Julia Abelard to retrieve the Venom Sword from the Freesis Foundation. She ultimately fell in love the one who was guarding it and when she finally shot him down and retrieved the sword, she killed herself with the same gun.

Character Traits


Gumillia seems to be the more stoic, in contrast with Michaela. Being Elluka's apprentice, she does take her job more serious. She also appears to be caring, often worrying about Michaela's wellbeing. Despite all that, Gumillia does make a crack at others, notably Allen Avadonia, though it is hard to tell if she is doing so on purpose or unintentionally.


Being a forest spirit, Gumillia is immortal. She has the ability to transform into any animal she wants, her favorite being a chipmunk. However, her immortality is lost whenever she is in a physical form, leaving her vulnerable to death. Her ability is assumed to be nullified after she had gotten her human body. While under Elluka's mentorship, Gumillia becomes well versed in magic. When infiltrating Pere Noel, she appears to be skilled with a firearm.


Initially, Gumillia had the form of a chipmunk. Afterwords, she received a human body that resembles Gumina Glassred. During the events of Praeludium of Red, Gumillia is shown to be wearing glasses, noting that Elluka's soul is currently dwelling inside her. By The Last Revolver the glasses were shown to be gone.

Connections to Other Characters

Eldoh: Guardian of the forest. Eldoh tasked Gumillia to be Elluka's apprentice.

Elluka Clockworker: Gumillia's master for more than a century.

Michaela: A fellow forest spirit whom Gumillia has a very special attachment to.

Yukina Freesis: Gumillia made contact with Yukina and she travels with her to Marlon.

Germaine Avadonia: Gumillia's hired guardian.

Gumina Glassred: Gumillia's human body resembles her.



  • When Gumilia received her new body had poor eyesight, so Elluka suggested she wear glasses, until she was able to heal herself with magic. Then, during EC 610, she appears to be able to aim a gun without her glasses.
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