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Keel Freezis
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Japanese Name キール゠フリージス (Kiiru Furiijisu)
Debut Handbeat Clocktower

Hiyama Kiyoteru

Gender Male
Classification Ghoul Child
Birth Date EC 473
Age 27 (Clôture of Yellow/Wiegenlied of Green)

32 (Praeludium of Red/Praefatio of Blue)

Occupation/Job Merchant
Vessel of Sin Venom Sword
Affiliation(s): Marlon

Mikina Freesis (wife)
Yukina Freesis (daughter)
Shaw Freesis (son)
Aile Freesis (daughter)

"This, is the common knowledge of a merchant."

Keel Freezis is an immigrant from Marlon who controls the trading guild in Elphegort. He lives in Aceid with his wife Mikina and his three children. The Freesis Foundation would later be founded to guard the Venom Sword.


Wiegenlied of Green[]

Keel met Michaela and Clarith at his doorstep, who wanted to make a living in Aceid. He then hired them to become employees at his mansion. Keel was impressed by Michaela's initial singing abilities and offered music classes for her so that she can do public performances. Michaela meets Allen Avadonia this way.

Cloture of Yellow[]

Due to unknown circumstances, the Venom Sword fell into his possession. Because of this, Elluka Clockworker and Gast Venom attempted to negotiate with Keel for the sword. When Kyle Marlon paid a visit to Keel, Keel showed Kyle the Venom Sword. Unfortunately, the deadly sin Lust latched on to Kyle, thus he had romantic feelings for Michaela. Keel suspected that Kyle's engagement to Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche is in jeopardy.

When the "Green Hunting" started, Keel sent a letter to Kyle that Michaela is hidden in a shelter under a well. Shortly after, Keel and his family were arrested by the Lucifenian army and they were interrogated on Michaela's whereabouts. When Allen arrived at their dungeon, Keel sees that Allen intends no harm to Michaela and reveals her hiding spot to him. Keel and his family were later released.

After the Lucifenian Revolution, Keel moved back to Marlon and started anew. He received four letters from four different people. The first letter is from Kyle Marlon, who had started a "Witch Hunt". The second letter is from Elluka, who helped rescue some of his possessions and offers them back to him in exchange for the Venom Sword. Elluka also informs Keel that Michaela is safe. The third letter is from Clarith, whom he helped her find a new job at the orphanage near a harbor. The fourth letter is from Germaine Avadonia, who changed very much after the Lucifenian Revolution.

Praeludium of Red[]

Keel's eldest daughter, Yukina, would later travel around the world in search of truth behind the Seven Deadly Sins and Riliane herself. Keel initially opposed to this, in which led Yukina to sneak away from her family and travel east to the Bolganio Continent. Keel made every effort to trace Yukina's steps until she arrived at Retasan Fortress. In the end, Yukina decides to return back to her family after her brother, Shaw, runs off after her.

Praefatio of Blue[]

Keel welcomed Yukina back, happy to see her safe and sound, and invited her friends over to dinner, although he is disappointed that Kyle is not there. Keel encourages Yukina that all is well and what she had done is not wrong. Yukina proceeds to tell Keel about her adventures and Keel also lets Yukina know that he has done some investigating as well, telling her that the queen dowager Prim Marlon and her court mage Abyss I.R. had been using Kyle to their own ends.

Keel had started to wonder where Kyle has gone off to. Meeting up with Kyle, Keel tells him that he suspects that Prim had been manipulating the whole events all along, intending to expand Marlon's territory by using the Vessels of Sin to provoke Lucifenia and Elphegort into a war. Kyle didn't believe this at first, thinking that Abyss I.R. had died a while ago. Keel also showed Kyle a painting of Ney Futapie, and told Kyle that Ney is in fact Prim's daughter, thus making her Kyle's half-sister.

After Ney is captured, Abyss I.R. arrives while possessing his wife Mikina, knocking Keel out and killing Ney before making her escape with the Vessels of Sin. It is then Yukina leaves Marlon again to search for Mikina.


Because of Abyss I.R.'s attack, Keel's later life ended up short when he succumbed to bad health, forcing him to retire. Keel's son, Shaw, took over his job and since the work tends to be overbearing, Keel often assisted Shaw. Eventually, the Freesis Foundation has been formed, which played a big part in business and politics. Keel died shortly after, leaving Mikina very distraught.

Character Traits[]


Keel values his family very much, a feeling that he extends to his employees. During the "Green Hunting", Keel considered handing over Michaela over to the Lucifenian troops in order to save the lives of others, but ultimately went against it because he considered Michaela to be family as well.

Keel also cares about Yukina, who left her family to investigate the truth about the Daughter of Evil by herself despite Keel's objections.

Keel has a good friendship with Kyle although their relationship is often strained due to Kyle getting Yukina into all sorts of trouble. He even proceeds to give Kyle a beatdown after catching Kyle and Yukina alone together, mistaking Kyle to be making advances toward his daughter.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Seth Twiright: Keel's creator

Mikina Freesis: Keel's wife, who was also an immigrant.

Yukina Freesis: Keel's eldest daughter and child prodigy.

Shaw Freesis: Keel's only son.

Aile Freesis: Keel's youngest daughter.

Kyle Marlon: A good friend of Keel. It was Keel who shown Kyle the Venom Sword. In turn, Kyle became in love with Michaela.

Michaela: One of Keel's maids before the "Green Hunting". When he was arrested, Keel only revealed her location to Allen and Kyle.

Clarith: One of Keel's maids before the "Green Hunting". Afterwards, Keel helped Clarith find a new job.

Elluka Clockworker: Elluka negotiated with Keel for the Venom Sword. She later aided him in establishing the Freesis Foundation.

Gast Venom: After Abyss I.R. stole the Venom Sword to Gast, he tried to retrieve the sword negotiating with Keel.