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♪ Kept Waiting for A Response ♫
NND / YT (subbed)
Technical Information
Original Name: 待ち続けた手紙 (Machi tsudzuketa tegami)
English Name: -
Singer(s): Kagamine Len
Release Date: December 28, 2011[1] (album release)
Collaborators: -
Series: Story of Evil (hinted)
Year: EC 562
Placed at: Lucifenia

"I want the response to my letter"

Kept Waiting For A Response is a song released by Akuno-P on December 28, 2011 in the Triangle -vol. 1- album. It is the eighth song in Story of Evil, concluding the event begun in Regret Message


A boy relates how he was abandoned and ended up in an orphanage when he was young, and was helped by a kind nun who all the children loved. Now the old nun had contacted a disease, and will soon pass away. The boy and the other orphans gathered around her death bed and told her that they will grant her any wish, no matter how absurd it may be, in return for her kindness. She tells the orphans that she had sent out a letter as a young girl and is still waiting for the response. She wants to know if her sins had been forgiven and if her wish had came true, but tells the orphans they can just forget about it if it hadn't. The boy wonders who she sent the letter to and the orphans split apart, traveling far and wide to grant her request. The boy finds an old painter who tells them the truth, that the nun once killed many people and that the person she sent the letter to is already dead. The boy notes that, even so, she will probably wait for that response indefinitely.

As the time arrives for the nun to die, the boy hands her a fake response to her letter, which he wrote the day before. She looks upon it with a glance and says "Thank you" as she dies, with a smile still on her face. The boy remarks how they only learned of her sins after "everything already ended."


Singing Roles[]

Len Kagamine as The Orphan

Non-Singing Roles[]

Rin Kagamine? as the Old Nun (Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche)

KAITO? as the Old Painter (Kyle Marlon)

Related Songs[]

The Daughter of Evil (EC 500)[]

The song, The Daughter of Evil, recounts the events alluded to by the old painter, in which the nun has many people killed as Princess Riliane.

Regret Message (EC 501)[]

Regret Message concerns the events prior to this song in which Riliane sent out her letter to Allen, making a wish to be reborn as twins and trying to repent for her sins.



  • While not detailing the songs events, Epic of Evil, The Daughter of Evil Fanbook describes the aftermath of The Daughter of Evil, Praefatio of Blue, describing the characters' lives and occupations, connecting the two. 
  • The orphans words "Finally that time came" references both The Daughter of Evil  and The Servant of Evil during Riliane's original fated death; similarly, his comment "We only realized her sin, once everything had already ended" paraphrases Riliane's line in Regret Message. 
  • While the orphan utilizes Len's vocals, it is unknown if he shares his appearance.
  • It's unknown if the orphan is a reincarnation of Hansel, like Allen was.


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