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Kyle Marlon
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Japanese Name カイル゠マーロン (Kairu Maaron)
Also Known as: "Karchess Crim" (pen name)

"Soul of Adam" (by Demon of Gluttony)

Debut The Daughter of Evil


Gender Male
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 474
Age 26 (Clôture of Yellow/Wiegenlied of Green)

31 (Praeludium of Red/Praefatio of Blue)

Occupation/Job King of Marlon


Vessel of Sin Venom Sword
Four Mirrors of Lucifenia
Personal Item(s) Broadsword
Affiliation(s): Marlon

Karchess Crim (ancestor)
Yufina Marlon (ancestor)
Joseph Crim (ancestor)
Prim Marlon (mother)
Prezi Rogzé (uncle)
Ney Futapie (half-sister)
Arkatoir Marlon (half-brother)
Gallerian Marlon (descendant)

Kyle Marlon is the figurehead king of Marlon, in which his mother Prim Marlon is the true power behind the throne during Story of Evil. He was betrothed to Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and his actions ultimately contributed to The Green Hunting.


Early Life[]

Although Kyle was the rightful heir to Marlon's crown, he was never interested in being King. Instead, he wished to be a painter, showing the talent required and progressing quickly under the guidance of Margaret, his art teacher. When he was 14, he painted a picture of his sister Ney Phutapie.[1] At around that time, he considered leaving the royal family and meeting up with his good friend Keel Freezis to begin his art career. However, his mother, Prim Marlon, hired multiple art critics and dealers to criticize Kyle's work and demoralize him from his ideal.

After Margaret was poisoned under suspicious circumstances, Kyle abandoned his dream and burned his collection of paintings that were in his possession; all his surviving works had been bought by Keel. He would later become acquainted with Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche of the Kingdom of Lucifenia and the two would become very close. Their parents agreed to have their children marry when Riliane turned fifteen.[2] At some point, Kyle received a hand mirror from his mother and kept it because it helped alleviate his confusion.

Wiegenlied of Green[]

During one of his visits to Keel's mansion in Elphegort,  he left unsatisfied by the entertainment at the merchant's dinner party. The following month, he returned to the periodic event at the mansion and Keel showed Kyle a unique piece of his collection and the King came in contact with the Venom Sword, feeling a twisting yet comforting feeling. The merchant asked if his friend was interested in purchasing the weapon but Kyle refused, feeling he would be unable to handle its power.

Later during the celebration, he watched Keel's new servant, Michaela, sing. Impressed and filled with an intense passion for the girl, the king congratulated Keel for his success after the performance and praised Michaela's voice. Keel introduced the servant girl to the king, mentioning he was a playboy. In reaction to the comment, he nearly cursed but recomposed himself and apologized for his rudeness.

Seeing Michaela's nervous demeanor at his position, he told her he intended to remain incognito and that he was fine with her treating him casually like Keel did. Michaela obeyed and Kyle told her they were speaking too casually, prompting her to respond how he truly was a playboy. The embarrassed Kyle choked up when trying to respond.

After one of Michaela's performances sometime later, he knocked on the door to Keel's living room and entered after know one responded; the king saw Michaela gawking at his portrait of Ney and trying to read the signature. Kyle approached her and told her it was his penname: Karchess Crim. Kyle explained to the surprised Michaela his failed art career caused by his mother. When she asked if he hated being king, he told her he was proud of the responsibility but that his mother remained unsatisfied, despite following the road she paved for him.

Staring at her, he spoke of how he still wished he could escape and live among the common folk with a family, provoking the servant to ask if he was in love with her. He told her he loved her since their first meeting but she turned him down, saying she didn't know what love really was. Angered, Kyle tried to explain love to Michaela, and asked if there was anyone she wanted to protect and cared for. When she responded, he was embarrassed to hear her mention her love was a woman, but said it was possible if it was true love.

He gave her a shell necklace to represent his pure love for her and jokingly threatened that she was refusing the Marlon King's gift. He blushed and Michaela berated him for abusing his power; Kyle apologized and said he would like them to start out as friends. With a mischievous smile, Kyle heard Michaela agree to the offer and told her being friends with Marlon's king was incredible, much to her ire. He told her he was kidding and retired to the dining room.[3]

Kyle attended the ball celebrating Riliane's fourteenth birthday.[4] He would later join in mourning at Leonhart Avadonia's funeral and leave after his burial.[5] Afterward, Kyle visited Keel's mansion and met with the merchant and King Sohni Elphen to discuss Elphegort's poor harvest and Lucifenia's problems. He asked Keel to send aid to Lucifenia to solve their food shortage and sent his own aid from Marlon to assist with the situation as a gesture of good faith to Riliane. During that time, Clarith, having been meant to deliver wine to the three, and instead having drunk nearly all of it, burst in. After "delivering" the remaining wine, she drunkenly berated him for not mentioning his fiancée and accusing him of trying to lead Michaela on, before Keel intervened.

During his visit, he would see Michaela almost daily and they would talk and have fun, with Kyle occasionally buying the servant girl a gift. The day after his meeting with Keel and Elphegort's king, the blue-haired monarch went to see Michaela and cheerfully asked if she would rather go outside rather than do the laundry. Hearing no response, he told her was leaving for Marlon soon and came by to say hello and farewell to Keel but that the merchant was busy. Knowing the captain was waiting, he asked if she would send his regards to Keel instead.

Michaela vehemently told him to ask the butler Bruno instead and the king realized her anger, interpreting it as loneliness at his departure and believing Michaela had finally fallen for him. She rejected the notion and seethingly told him she knew he was engaged. Kyle brushed it off and told her Riliane was like his sister, not his lover and said he felt happy she seemed jealous. Michaela angrily replied she was angry because he was deceiving her before she calmed down and lead him to the door.

On their way, he sighed before finally ordering her to turn around. Once she complied, the blue-haired king explained that he did not want to marry Riliane and that the betrothal was decided by their mothers. Michaela asked if he hated the princess and he said that wasn't the case, saying he knew she was not a bad girl and he explained he liked her a sister, rather than love her as his betrothed.

Michaela told him he couldn't defy his mother and Kyle agreed, but hesitated in thought. He was shocked when the servant rejected him and told him his affair would cause problems with the other countries if it went on. Saddened, he understood what she said and agreed to not cause any harm. The two headed for the door in silence and bid each other farewell as they approached the mansion's main gate.

Heading for his entourage, Kyle suddenly ran back to Michaela and embraced her,  asking if she would join him if he disobeyed his mother, gave up the throne, and ran away. He released her and told the shocked servant to forget about what he said before departing back to Marlon.[6]

Clôture of Yellow[]

A few weeks later, Kyle gave a letter to Prime Minister Minis Stoup of Lucifenia to give to Riliane, explaining to the minister that he was withdrawing his engagement to the princess. After telling his mother, the Queen Dowager told Minis she would respect Kyle's decision.[7] With the letter explaining his situation sent with Minis back to Riliane, Kyle prepared to leave for Elphegort but was imprisoned by Prim and kept under house arrest. He was later freed and received a letter from Keel explaining the situation.

Knowing Michaela's location, Kyle left Marlon with the intention of rescuing her from Riliane's genocide of the green-haired populace in Elphegort known as "The Green Hunting". About a week later, he arrived and found the one he loved dead inside the well. He hugged her corpse and cried when the former Lucifenian court mage, Elluka Clockworker, and her apprentice, Gumillia, arrived. In his frustration, he kicked and punched violently before departing with the shell necklace he gave her in hand.[8]

Donning a mask, Kyle went to the headquarters of the Lucifenian Resistance within the Forest of Bewilderment and told them he could help.[9] He joined the resistance led by Germaine Avadonia, daughter of Leonhart. Kyle assisted the resistance and supplied them with his soldiers to bolster their army. During their last meeting in the Resistance's base in the forest, the disguised king's loyalty was questioned by York, a resistance leader.

In response to being mistrusted for his mask and the elite weaponry of his soldiers, Kyle responded that there should be no issue since they shared the same goal of overthrowing Riliane's regime. York did not believe him and the masked king insulted him in turn before another resistance leader, Sekka, quieted both of them. Germaine approached Kyle and touched his mask, noting how poorly it fit upon his face. Astonished, Kyle asked if she had discovered his identity and she responded probably before explaining that his reasons were irrelevant so long as he helped them.

When asked what his name was, the disguised king told them to call him "Karchess" and they continued the meeting. When the blacksmith arrived with supplies for the revolutionaries, Karchess sighed and watched as Germaine received her father's reprocessed armor.[10]

Once the Lucifenian Revolution began, the disguised Kyle and his masked soldiers assisted the Resistance and Elphegort armies and helped score successive victories against the Lucifenian army. On the second week of the Revolution, Kyle's forces staged a night raid on the recalled forces from Retasan Fortress and the Babul Desert region during their return trip, decimating them. Afterward, Karchess led the forces at Rolled combat the Asmodean Company's mercenary forces. With his own soldiers led by Mark, another revolutionary leader, Karchess combated the mercenaries.

The battle continued into the following week and the masked swordsman engaged their commander, Gast Venom, in battle. Karchess was wounded during the fight in his left wrist and was about to be finished off by the "Demon of Asmodean" when Mark intervened and blocked Gast's killing blow. Shortly afterward, Mark was slain but the duel injured Gast and forced him and his mercenaries to flee. Karchess continued the push with the revolutionary army towards the kingdom's capital.

During the assault of the Lucifenian palace's main gate, Karchess, beside Germaine, proclaimed their victory. The red-armored swordsman agreed  but mentioned they needed to hurry before the palace's reinforcements returned from Elphegort and noted their serendipity with Marlon not sending any reinforcements to defend Lucifenia. Hearing her deliberate tone, Kyle told her that she was terrible before holding his injured wrist. Germaine asked if he was alright and he replied he was still able to fight but that Gast and his mercenaries were tough opponents.

He lowered his head and apologized for Mark's death during the battle and told Germaine how Mark was the reason the masked warrior was alive. Karchess warned her to beware of engaging Gast in combat, despite the injuries they inflicted him. Once the main gate was opened and the Heavenly Yard was invaded, Karchess and his forces assailed the courtyard but were held back by Mariam Phutapie and her cadre of warrior maids. He yelled at Germaine to ignore Mariam and leave her to Chartette Langley, who distracted the Head of Maids, allowing Kyle's forces to break the enemy lines and assault the palace with Kyle leading the assault.

Karchess and Germaine divided their forces with Kyle's half finding Prime Minister Minis as he attempted to escape. Kyle wanted to arrest the absconding minister but Minis resisted and was killed as a result. He sent a messenger to report his actions to Germaine and the palace was searched before Princess Riliane was found and captured, finishing the revolution.[11]

Sometime later, Kyle visited the imprisoned princess and realized she was not Riliane but her servant, Allen Avadonia, instead. The servant confessed to being Michaela's murderer and Kyle, furious, unleashed his wrath and punched the false princess in the face repeatedely. Once he was finished abusing the prisoner, Kyle told Allen he would execute the boy in place of Riliane, considering the political ramifications if the princess was not believed captured and killed.

A few days after the Lucifenian Revolution ended, Kyle attended the peace meeting in the Hall of Sounds along with Keel, King Sohni Elphen, Germaine, and the other revolutionary leaders. Once everyone arrived, he was told by Germaine to start the meeting, called by his title of the King of Marlon. Removing his mask, he revealed his identity and congratulated the revolutionary army for giving them their victory after greeting the members present.  Germaine sarcastically asked why he no longer wore his mask, Kyle replying that there was no longer any need; he was prepared to lose the throne as a result of his actions but his mother simply sent him a letter with conditions instead.

Kyle then told the revolutionary leader he would explain the letter later and brought up the topic of the surviving Lucifenian army and discussed the issue with the members of the meeting. The next topic was related to the Three Heroes and, after Keel determined Elluka would not become a problem, Kyle explained that Mariam Phutapie was found dead by a Marlon soldier while patrolling the palace. When asked if they new the perpetrator that killed her, Kyle said they didn't know.

With the first two topics settled, Kyle elaborated on his mother's conditions and revealed that the Kingdom of Lucifenia would now be a principality under Marlon's jurisdiction. York, outraged by Kyle's proposal, spoke out against him as the king attempted to soothe his anger. Once York was pacified by Germaine, Kyle finished explaining that if the revolutionary army led the country, they would lack political experience, unlike the blue-haired king and that he was willing to incorporate the revolutionary leaders into the new government in Lucifenia.

The conference unanimously agreed to Kyle's proposal and York and Minage were given positions in his new regime while Germaine turned down the offer. Kyle humbly told those present he would work hard for Lucifenia to know the true meaning of freedom in the future. He looked at Germaine with regret for turning down the chance to join his government before the swordsman laughed. He asked what was wrong and she told him how he spoke differently compared to how he spoke as "Karchess" and the humbled king told her not to tease him before turning away from her.

He asked if she met the arrested princess and when Germaine told her she had not, he brought up the subject of her execution. It was decided by the meeting that "The Daughter of Evil" would be killed and Kyle declared she would be given a public execution in Millennial Square at three o'clock. After "The Daughter of Evil" was beheaded and the Kingdom of Lucifenia was annexed, Kyle settled in Lucifenia and handed over administration of Marlon to his mother.[12]

He later heard from Ney that Germaine and Elluka were involved in Michaela's murder. Determined to attain vengeance against Michaela's killers, he sent out a search warrant to Keel among others as part of his "Witch Hunt" to find Elluka and her apprentice, Gumillia. Sometime later, in the Hall of Sounds, the Marlon king considered his role in the events that led up to Michaela's death and recognized his fault for much of the bloodshed.

However, after removing the handle from his mother's gift hand mirror and being possessed by the demon of pride, Kyle reconsidered his views and determined that his actions were right and were the best for both Marlon and Lucifenia. A soldier arrived and frantically reported that Germaine and York escaped the palace and headed southeast from the lake. Kyle realized his hidden intentions were discovered and told the soldier to stop them when they reached Retasan Fortress.

The king asked about the Witch Hunting's progress and was told there were sightings in Lucifenia and Marlon but that the sources were dubious.  Kyle understood his blunder for letting the "murderer" run away, failing to hunt down Elluka and her apprentice and ordered the soldier to find and arrest Germaine.[13]

Praeludium of Red[]


Over the course of five years, Kyle was in control of a Marlon-occupied-Lucifenia while under control of Prim by means of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia. He claimed that he is searching for Germaine, Elluka, and Gumillia to avenge Michaela. He remembered how he loved to paint and that he used to be taught by a lovely tutor until she died from a suspicious poisioning..

Kyle is visited by Yukina, plus Gumillia and Germaine in disguise. Although Yukina denies it, he recognizes her but decides not to expose her, assuming that she had slipped away from her family to explore the world without having Keel know. Kyle tells Yukina that she is free to visit him at anytime. Kyle also shows Yukina one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, telling her that Prim gave this to him while he was young. He says that even though he didn't like it, he never threw it away. Four years ago, thieves had attempted to steal it day by day and Kyle had begun to believe that the mirror is of great importance, thus sleeping with it every night. Kyle then offers Yukina and her companions to stay for the night.

During the night, Kyle hears an explosion. Rushing over to the sound, he finds Germaine. He accuses Germaine of killing Michaela, but Germaine calls him out, saying that she knows the truth. Being influenced by the Mirror, Kyle rejects any words of reason and orders the palace guards to kill Germaine, but she jumped out the window and escaped. Undaunted, Kyle retrieves another Hand Mirror and traces Yukina's steps, finding her and Gumillia at the royal stables through a secret passage in Riliane's room, Kyle transforming into something sinister. Falling under the control of the Demon of Pride, Kyle became a six-winged, seraph like beast. Kyle sent Gumillia flying into the ground before she could launch magic at him and he flew into the night sky.

Two weeks had passed, and Kyle had grown long sharp claws and teeth. Finding Yukina, Gumillia, and Germaine in Eldoh's Forest, he attacked Germaine first, leaving himself vulnerable to Gumillia's magic spell. However, the spell had no effect and Kyle resumed his attack on Germaine. However, Michaela intervines, singing a song to augment Gumillia's magic and pacify Kyle.

With the Demon of Pride released, Kyle returned to normal, realizing his memories of this past five years were vague, even not having any memories from the past two weeks at all. Thanking everyone for their help, he offers Yukina, Gumillia, and Germaine passage to Marlon. With his newfound friends, Kyle traveled to Marlon in hopes of finding answers.[14]

Praefatio of Blue[]

While traveling to Marlon, Kyle's ship was attacked by pirates. Kyle and Germaine fought the pirates, in which Germaine identified them as mercenaries that were once part of Gast Venom's group, the "Asmodean Company", that were supposed to be executed. Kyle and Germaine managed to fend the pirates off and just as they were about to make their escape, a giant octopus appears, sinking the escaping pirate ship. Thanks to Gumillia's advice, Kyle and his crew evaded the octopus and resumed their course for Marlon.

Arriving at Marlon, Kyle parted ways and started off towards the Metropolis. There, he meets his half-brother Arkatoir, who had been conceived by one of his father's concubines. Prim did not meddle with Arkatoir since he was not considered worthy for the throne and is to work at the Royal Palace. Arkatoir tells Kyle that when Prim heard that Kyle was returning, she set off for Castle Hedgehog. Kyle asks where Abyss I.R. is, in which Arkatoir tells him that she died a few days ago.

Seeing that Prim is building up her army with the Glass of Conchita, Kyle learned from Keel what Prim's motives might have been and that Ney is in fact Kyle's half-sister. Shaken at these revelations, Kyle decided to end Prim's reign once and for all. He then rallied an army of his own, recruiting Elluka, Gumillia, and Germaine to his cause. Yukina begged Kyle to let her come with him, but Kyle politely refused, saying that she is needed where she is. Afterwards, Kyle and Keel discuss Prim and her actions, Keel explaining Prim's use of demons to mastermind a conflict to gain power for Marlon.

With the help of Elluka and Gumillia's magic, Kyle's army marched off towards Castle Hedgehog, fighting against Ney's army of the dead. Germaine fended them off while Kyle and two other soldiers rushed up the Clocktower. Kyle met face-to-face with Prim and Ney at the very top and ordered his troops to run after Ney. Kyle then proceeds to interrogate Prim, who tells him everything.

After hearing Prim's story, Kyle refused to believe a word of it, thinking that Prim has gone insane. As Prim started to mock Kyle's art tutor and Michaela, Ney returns from killing the soldiers sent after her, proceeding to stab her mother, who had ignored her. With Ney fully transformed by the Demon of Gluttony, she blindly attacks Kyle. Just as Ney is about to finish Kyle off, Germaine arrives and battles Ney, leaving Kyle open to fire Chartette Langley's Rocket Glove at Ney to knock her out.

With Ney bound and helpless, Kyle is left to figure out what to do with her. During the night, Kyle had a dream about Ney, in which Ney apologized to Kyle for what she had done and wishes that if she could be reborn, she would play with Kyle as well as with Riliane and Allen. However, the Demon of Gluttony laughed at her, saying that her wish will never be granted. The Demon also said to Kyle that they will meet again, "Soul of Adam". Kyle begged Ney not to leave him as Ney is swept away into the sea.

Kyle woke up from the dream and rushed over to where Ney was confined. There, he finds Keel knocked unconscious and Ney dead. Prim and Ney were buried in a cemetery and Kyle later received a letter from Yukina, saying that she intends to find her mother Mikina, who has gone missing.


With the chaos over, Kyle abdicated the throne to his brother, Arkatoir. He later reunited with Yukina and the two started cohabitating in Lucifenia. The former king took up painting again and Yukina stated that he lived a happy life from then on.[15] Around EC 562, the aged painter encountered a group of orphans who had been searching all over the country for the response to a letter sent by the old nun that took care of them.[16]

Learning that the nun was the reformed Riliane, Kyle told them the truth, explaining how she once killed droves of people and spread misery and terror among the populace. He then explained how the person she sent the letter to, Allen, was no longer alive, so she would never recieve a response to her letter.[17]


Kyle's actions would later be detailed by Yukina in her novel "Daughter of Evil". His descendant, Gallerian Marlon, would read Yukina's novel at the behest of his friend, Ma, and the judge was satisfied with learning more about his ancestor who had removed himself from the royal family.[18]

Character Traits[]


Kyle is an honest and caring individual trapped by the will of others. He lacked the desire to be king, wanting to become a painter. However, his mother's machinations diminished his confidence and forced him to accept the role as monarch after his father's death. Kyle despises Prim for her cruelty and held the lingering notion of escaping the royal family and living like a commoner with a family.

Despite this, he is proud of the responsibility he has as Marlon's king and takes it very seriously. He dislikes being teased and is easily embarassed by comments made about him. Kyle's pride, when influenced by the Mirror of Lucifenia his mother gifted him, turned into hubris and fueled his arrogance and conviction that he could do no wrong. The mirror acted as an escape to diffuse Kyle's confusion and dispel his mediocrity complex that plagued him.

While influenced by the Venom Sword, Kyle fell in love with Michaela and madly desired her. His romantic pursuit showed him acting friendly, jovial, and kind and the king became determined to win the servant's heart. He also showed compassion for his half-sister, Ney, and was saddened by her passing. Kyle holds a pessimistic view on politics, choosing to back the Lucifenian Revolution and reject Riliane's marriage proposal rather than believing in others to understand his actions.


Kyle is a skilled duelist, showing his capability with a sword during the Lucifenian Revolution and while battling Germaine five years later. He is also an adequate painter with his painting of Ney catching the attention of the business savvy Keel Freesis. He is also an experienced politician and takes it upon himself to help govern the rebuilding Lucifenia.


Kyle has pale skin, blue eyes, and short blue hair. He often wore a blue, white-lined coat with cuffs over a shirt, tie, and vest, and dressed in boots and a light blue cape. While assisting the Resistance, Kyle donned a dark mask as the alias of "Karchess" and wore a white shirt, a dark blue vest, grey pants, and brown boots. In all his appearances, he wore a belt with his sword.

While under the influence of the Mirror of Lucifenia, he styled his hair to the side and brushed it up; he also wore a more ostentatious attire including an imperial-like cape. Once he became fully possessed by the Demon of Vanity, Kyle grew six wings, long sharp claws and demonic teeth. He transformed back to his human self thanks to Gumillia and Michaela and returned to his previous attire from before the Lucifenian Revolution.

Featured in...[]

The Daughter of Evil (EC 500)[]

Kyle was described in The Daughter of Evil as "the man in blue" who claimed that he had fallen in love with Michaela rather than Riliane.

The Servant of Evil (EC 500)[]

Kyle did make a cameo appearance in several PVs of The Servant of Evil, teaming up with Germaine against Riliane's rule.

Handbeat Clocktower (EC 505)[]

Kyle makes his debut appearance in Handbeat Clocktower. Five years after the events of The Daughter of Evil, Kyle travels to Marlon to consult with his mother Prim about what's happening. He arrives at the clocktower where Prim dwells, only to find out that his mother is not what she seems to be.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Prim Marlon: Kyle's mother and the queen dowager of Marlon. To Prim, Kyle was a just a public figure to the rest of Evillious. Kyle resented his mother for her crushing his dreams of painting to keep him king, unable to forgive her for her actions, but unable to resist her influence. Despite this, after learning of his mother's plot to use the demons to ruin Lucifenia and gain more land and power for Marlon, Kyle was in shock, and, denying his mother could do something like that began clinging to other possibilities. After she announced her plot herself to him, he realized his mother was out of her mind, and resolved to stop her.

Ney Phutapie: Kyle's half-sister and a spy for Marlon. The two shared a one time amiable encounter in childhood, in which he painted her. Years later she became the Marlon Head of Espionage after Lucifenia's fall, and he was often frustrated with her whimsical behavior. Kyle was greatly shocked when he heard of their relation, and, while fighting her in Castle Hedgehog, cared for his half sister, and was saddened by her passing, before which she appeared to him in a dream with Banica Conchita, sharing her wish to be reborn and play with him, Riliane, and Allen again, before The Demon of Gluttony lead her away, saying she would never be reborn.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Kyle's betrothed due to Prim's arrangement. He was unfaithful to the engagement indefinitely due to his encounter with the Venom Sword, which caused him to fall in love with Michaela. He originally saw her as his sister, though this soon turned to hate when he believed she was responsible for Michaela's death, causing him to join the revolution. After Allen's death, he didn't want anything more to do with her.

Keel Freesis: Head of the trading guild and a good friend of Kyle. Kyle considered Keel to be a good friend from childhood, and saw the Freezis home as a safe haven away from his mother and responsibilities. Kyle often came to Keel's banquet, and would sometimes ask for favors from the merchant. Likewise, Kyle treated the Freezis family with hospitality whenever they visited him.

Michaela: The girl Kyle pursued while under influence of The Demon of Lust. Although originally rejected, the girl explaining she did not understand love, he decided to start out as friends. He continued pursuing her affection, even desiring to run away with her. Likewise, he deeply mourned her death, and under The Demon of Pride's influence began to seek vengeance, which became his focus under possession. Even once he was free, he grieved Michaela for many years.

Allen Avadonia: Kyle met Allen after him being arrested in Riliane's place. Angry at the servant for supposedly killing Michaela, he took his anger out on him, though impressed by the servant's loyalty.

Germaine Avadonia: Kyle joined her plan to overthrow Riliane under the name "Karchess", Kyle was frustrated with Germaine's teasing of him, even when she knew he was the King of Marlon. Nevertheless he offered the swordswoman a place in the new government of Lucifenia, which she declined. Shortly after, he began to think of her as an enemy when told she had been responsible for Michaela's death, but after being freed of The Demon of Pride's influence, he returned to being her ally, fighting together in Castle Hedgehog.

Yukina Freesis: After the Lucifenian Revolution, the two traveled Evillious together.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The name Kyle is derived from the Scottish Gaelic term for channel, straight, or narrow; this possibly relates to Kyle's association with Marlon, an island nation surrounded by water, as well as referencing the constricted path left for him by his controlling mother, Prim.
  • His surname Marlon is a reference to the demon of greed, Mammon.
  • Kyle's name is partially inspired by KAITO, his vocaloid, with his romanization containing "kai"


  • Kyle is the old painter from The Letter She Kept Waiting for, who tells the orphans she won't get a response, as the person she wrote the letter to is long dead.
    • Kyle's pen name is the same as that of his ancestor who killed Duke Sateriasis Venomania.
    • He shares the same birthday (February 17) with his Vocaloid.
    • In The Daughter of Evil: Praefacio of Blue, Banica Conchita calls Kyle a "Soul of Adam"; mothy later revealed in a Q&A that this was a mistaken assumption on Banica's part.
    • Although he lived together with Yukina in his later life, they did not share a marital relationship.
    • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Kyle was voted as the fifth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.
    • According to mothy in a Q&A, Kyle would lose against Germaine in a one-on-one duel, but win if they were leading armies against each other.


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