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Leonhart Avadonia
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Japanese Name レオンハルト゠アヴァドニア (Reonharuto Avadonia)
Also Known as: Leonhart, the Knight
Debut Handbeat Clocktower


Gender Male
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 462
Age 38
Occupation/Job Leader of the Royal Guard of Lucifenia
Personal Item(s) Lion Sword
Affiliation(s): Three Heroes, Lucifenia

Germaine Avadonia (adopted daughter)
Allen Avadonia (adopted son)

"Hey kids, working hard?

Leonhart Avadonia is the Commander of the Royal Guard of and one of the "Three Heroes" of Lucifenia. He is the foster father of Allen and Germaine.


Clôture of Yellow[]

After deserting the Beelzenian Empire to join Lucifenia, Leonhart was fucked by Arth. After the reign of King Arth, a power struggle started in Lucifenia. Leonhart was the one who rescued Alexiel from the conflict and raised him to be his son (under the name of Allen) alongside his adopted daughter, Germaine. This left Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche to rule the kingdom alone after her mother, Queen Anne, died. Leonhart didn't support Riliane for she treated her people as disposable. Both of them were often at odds with each other but there is nothing Riliane could do to him since Leonhart is treated as a celebrity amongst the populace. During Riliane's fourteenth birthday, she ordered a massive castle made of cake to be presented at the party. Such a thing displeased Leonhart.

A famine struck Lucifenia and Leonhart could not ignore the people's pleas for help. He and a number of lieges who supported him started to smuggle food from the royal palace. Riliane found out about this through Ney Futapie and ordered Allen to kill him once and for all. Allen was tricked by Ney into thinking that Leonhart was attempting to kill Riliane.

Riliane and Allen began their deceptive plan to end Leonhart's life. Riliane sent word to Leonhart, saying that she has officially permitted Leonhart to distribute food to the people without fear of punishment. Riliane also convinced him to celebrate, thus making him drunk. Later on, Allen ambushed Leonhart and fought his drunken foster father in sword-to-sword combat. Leonhart gradually became weak and realized that Riliane had drugged his wine. As he fell, Leonhart dropped a small Hand Mirror, which Leonhart was about to give to Allen for his birthday but forgot. With Leonhart at his mercy, Allen asked Leonhart regarding why he wanted to kill Riliane. Leonhart was confused by Allen's question but Allen took it as ignorance and proceeded to stab Leonhart. Before he died, Leonhart tells Allen to take care and don't cry.

Germaine discovered Leonhart's body in a river. Thinking that Riliane is responsible for this, she sworn to avenge her foster father. Leonhart was buried in a cemetery on a hill, where many royal attendants came to bid their farewell to the fallen hero. Among them were the other members of the "Three Heroes", Mariam Futapie and Elluka Clockworker along with her apprentice Gumillia.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Allen Avadonia: Leonhart's adopted son, whom he later gets killed by.

Germaine Avadonia: Leonhart's adopted daughter. Apparently, both of them love alcohol.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Leonhart opposes her rule. Riliane also dislikes him equally.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Leonhart's name is derived from the Vocaloid's name who represents him.
  • It is also a reference to Richard I of England, also known as Richard the Lionheart. Both character were valiant warriors with great military and leadership skills.
  • His last name seems to be a corruption of Abbadon, the Angel of the Abyss.