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This is the list of minor characters that have appeared in Story of Evil.

Arkatoir Marlon

Arkatoir is the half-brother of Kyle Marlon, whom he met at the Metropolis after arriving to Marlon. Having been conceived by one of his father's concubines, Prim did not meddle with Arkatoir since he is not considered worthy for the throne and is to work at the Royal Palace. He is the one who tells Kyle about Prim's whereabouts.

Kyle gave the throne of Marlon to Arkatoir around EC 510. He was described as "just like Kyle but with red hair" in the novels, therefore he is likely based off of Akaito.


Asan is one of Riliane's male servants who attempted to assassinate her for executing his brother, who was a politician, only to be thwarted by Allen welding a non-edged sword that he was cleaning. During the ensuing fight, Asan is captured and sentenced to the guillotine. Since that incident, the only people that Riliane allowed near her are Allen, Chartette, Ney, and Mariam.


Bruno is a butler of Keel Freesis, serving as his chamberlain and aide when ever needed. He often entered to announce a visitor or alert his master of any news.


Chelsea is villager from Yatski who has a crush on Ein. After learning that Ein loves Clarith, Chelsea confronted Clarith and started openly threatening her to the point that Michaela had to intervine. It was at this moment Michaela and Clarith became friends. During the "Green Hunting", Chelsea is found dead, victimized for having green hair.

Count Felix

Count Felix is a landowner who owns a lot of area including Yatski Village.

Daniel Ausdin

Daniel Ausdin is a member of the Lucifenian army who interrogates the Freesis family and Clarith regarding Michaela's whereabouts.


Ein is a villager from Yatski who is friendly towards Clarith and, over time, develops a crush on her. Shortly after Clarith's mother's death, a town official is murdered and Clarith is framed for the crime. Ein knows that the true culprit is his father, so he meets with Clarith and Michaela first and helps them flee the village before going back to clear her name.

After this, Ein joined the army of Elphegort, visiting Clarith and Michaela every now and then. Ein returned to Yatski during the "Green Hunting", helping the women evade capture. Ein reunited with Clarith and Michaela and helped them flee into the forest, bravely hacking away at the Lucifenian troops. He sees Clarith kiss Michaela, but his reactions aren't described fully since Michaela starts to feel the effects of the sleeping pills Clarith slipped her earlier.

When Michaela wakes up in the well, she finds Ein's corpse nearby and assumes that he was mortally injured trying to protect Clarith. Michaela wept for Ein and buried his body under some trees before going back to the well, wishing that her trusted male companion will be given a proper farewell. May be based off Eien Seiiki.

Gaston Mouchet

Gaston Mouchet is Riliane Mouchet's father. According to Riliane, he served the Royal Family of Lucifenia, until he was killed by a masked man.


Genesia is the Prime Minister of Lucifenia and caretaker of a young Riliane and Alexiel until her assassination by Presi Rogzé.


Koopa is a middle-aged business man who had business affiliations with the queen of Elphegort. He is the one who frees Clarith from her interrogation when she is captured by the Lucifenian army. His mansion is where Clarith, Keel, and Keel's family stayed.

Lucifen I

Lucifen I is the first king and founder of the Kingdom of Lucifenia, winning its separation from the Beelzenian Empire in EC 399 and solidifying its territories. At some point, he sired children, creating the Lucifen dynasty. He is the direct ancestor of King Arth, Prince Alexiel, and Princess Riliane, who adopt his cognomen as their surname. Like his descendants, he is assumed to be an Orthodox Lucifenian race.


Margaret is Kyle Marlon's beloved art tutor. She died due to poisoning by Kyle's mother, Prim Marlon, who wanted Kyle to become king rather than paint. Margaret strongly resembles Eve Moonlit. Her name may also have been a reference to Margarita Blankenheim, another character resembling Eve who died due to poisoning.


Mark is a member of the Lucifenian Resistance. He is killed by Gast Venom during the Lucifenian Revolution while protecting "Kachess" (Kyle).

Mikhail Asayev

Mikhail, with three other individuals, reformed the Apocalypse organization as Neo Apocaplypse. To get a foothold in Levianta he and the organization began committing terrorist acts with the Twin Swords of Levianta. He may be a descendant of Yegor Asayev, who was a member of the original Apocalypse.


Minage is a member of the Lucifenian Resistance, and is an immigrant from Elphegort. Minage later travels to Beelzenia and becomes the Vice-Commander of the Langley Force. Minage is married to Sekka, another Resistance member.

Minis Stoup

Minis Stoup is Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's trusted prime minister who is one of the few people who knew that Riliane and Allen Avadonia are twins. According to Allen, he was an incompetent who only got his position due his parentage.

While Allen visited Elphegort, Minis traveled to Marlon to visit Prim and Kyle Marlon and he is given a baby octopus, much to his horror. He also gave word to Riliane that Kyle has canceled his engagement to her.

After the "Green Hunting", Minis is severely injured by an assassin during a palace ball, forcing Riliane to strengthen Lucifenia's defense. He is eventually killed during the Lucifenian Revolution when he resisted arrest.

Parukeiji Merudo

Parukeiji Merudo is the Duke of Elphegort who lives in Aceid. Because of this uniqueness and power Elluka suspected that he had one of the four mirrors of Lucifenia.

Presi Rogzé

Presi Rogzé was Prim's brother and the Minister of Interior Affairs in Lucifenia. He aids Prim by telling Abyss I.R. where she'd be able to plant a trap for Alexiel, manipulating Riliane when she ends up possessed by the Demon of Gluttony instead of her brother, and produced forged evidence that she is Arth's true heir.

Presi has his own ambitions in mind as well and coveted Genesia's position as Prime Minister. Confronted by Elluka after he poisoned Genesia, he threatens to kill the Three Heroes and Alexiel, and uses the power of the demon to attack her. He is eventually killed by Elluka and Mariam.


Sarah was the sister of Gast Venom, deceased before the Story of Evil. In Daughter of Fog, Gast believes he is communicating with her spirit in the Misty Mountains, able to visit him at a special altar every foggy night. In actuality this was a trick set up by General Shalgam and his stepdaughter Yvette.


Sekka was a member of the Lucifenian Resistance, who later joined the Langley Force of Beelzenia. She is married to Minage. She may be based off of Yufu Sekka, an UTAUloid.


Shalgham was a general of Asmodean and the step-father of Yvette. After discovering that Gast Venom was a descendant of the villainous Sateriajis Venomania, he concocted a complicated plot to legally kill Gast, using Yvette's resemblance to Sarah Venom in order to trick him. The plan backfired when Yvette betrayed Shalgham and killed him.

Sohni Elphen

Sohni Elphen was the king of Elphegort. After Mikina was given the Marlon Spoon, he appeared in the Freesis' store, disguised in ragged clothing. Their hospitality impressed him and, to repay them, he made sure their store received a boost in reputation and business.

He was also mentioned as one of the people attending Riliane's fourteenth birthday party. He was a possible owner of a vessel of sin in Elphegort, according to Elluka.


Yarera was the bearded older brother of Zasuko, both of them members of the Asmodean Company. He showed up in the Lucifenian Kingdom Bar with his brother, physically assaulting the owner over their wine bill. Later he is beaten up by Germaine after he and his brother harass a waitress, unintentionally sparking the Lucifenian Revolution. The Revolutionaries suggested tossing him in the river.


York was Sekka's father and one of the principal members of the Resistance, led by Germaine Avadonia. York was not pleased when Kyle announced Marlon's annexation of Lucifinia. He later joined the Langley Force in Beelzenia along with several other former Resistance members.


Yvette, the Daughter of Fog, was the step-daughter of General Shalgham and was often abused by him. Shalgham attempts to use Yvette's resemblance to Sarah Venom to trick Gast, however, Yvette eventually grew fond of him. She eventually betrayed her step-father and killed him with the Vessel of Wrath, a Golden Key that transformed into a knife. Upon realizing it was a Vessel of Sin, Yvette became a nun at Eldoh Monastery and had the Key sealed away. Riliane later succeeded her as head of the Monastery.


Zasuko was the thin younger brother of Yarera, both of them members of the Asmodean company. He showed up in the Lucifenian Kingdom Bar with his brother, hassling the owner over their wine bill. Later, after getting drunk, he harassed a waitress in front of Germaine, which sparks the Lucifenian Revolution. The Revolutionaries suggested tossing him into the river.

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