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Mariam Phutapie
Cha15 mariam.jpg
Japanese Name マリアム=フタピエ (Mariamu Phutapie)
Also Known as: Mariam, the Assassin
Debut Clôture of Yellow


Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 468
Age 32
Occupation/Job General (later defected over to Lucifenia)

Head of Lady's Maid, Assassin (during Story of Evil)

Personal Item(s) Double Dagger
Affiliation(s): Asmodean (later defected over to Lucifenia)
Three Heroes, Lucifenia

Ney Futapie (foster daughter)

"I am one of the Three Heroes, Mariam Phutapie!"

Mariam Phutapie is one of the "Three Heroes" of Lucifenia and the "Head of Lady's Maids" to Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. She is also skilled at "cloak-and-dagger" activity.


Early Life

"Well, as with countries and such there are all kinds of women. All kinds."
―Leonhart Avadonia when asked about Mariam[src]

Mariam was born on July 1, EC 468, under a different identity. Later, her entire family was killed by the mage Abyss I.R., who raised her to become an assassin, Neomaria. Possessing Malice, the child became a ruthless killer at a very young age. For her first job, she was sent to take down a caravan crossing the desert and succeeded, leaving no survivors. One day, she was assigned to kill a fugitive who had betrayed his country and killed his younger brother, told that her target would be wearing red clothes. Waiting at the top of the cliff, she spotted her target and prepared to attack before realizing he was a boy not much older than her. Hesitating, she slipped off the cliff and hit her head, losing consciousness.

Some time later she awoke along in a wasteland, having received medical attention. Having lost her memories from her head injury, the child was picked up by a caravan and decided to go by the name Mariam based on what few memories she had left. Afterwards, Mariam was adopted by the Head of Intelligence Phutapie and enlisted in the Asmodean military. Becoming the general of the Silver Sparrow Unit at the age of nine, Mariam participated in Asmodean's war with the Kingdom of Lucifenia. In EC 477, Mariam and her unit were assigned as the vanguard of the Golden Dragon Unit for the invasion of Lucifenia through the Babul Desert. Around the time, an old woman with a red cat was sighted in the Misty Mountains; Mariam then began having nightmares of her former life. While heading to their assigned location, she betrayed her unit and rebelled before fleeing to Lucifenia.

During the war, she encountered a mercenary, Gast Venom, and they became acquainted, her learning of his sister's death and his desire to fight as a mercenary because it was the only thing he knew. After she joined the Lucifenian ranks, Mariam served as a subordinate to King Arth and Queen Anne. Around that time, she met and befriended Leonhart Avadonia. Around EC 480, the two of them fought with the Beelzenian Empire's staff officer Elluka Clockworker and were quickly defeated, their weapons blown away in a windstorm the mage created. A week after facing Elluka, Mariam joined Leonhart and Arth at Sanosun Bridge and witnessed Elluka join them as well, the three of them swearing an oath to the Lucifenian king on the bridge.

As the years progressed, Mariam, Elluka, and Leonhart helped push King Arth's offensive and turn the war to Lucifenia's favor. During this period, she met blacksmith Langley and visited him whenever she needed her weapons repaired. At some point, Elluka gave Mariam high quality knives for her use. By EC 490, the three became known as the Three Heroes for their wartime actions, commemorated as such in a portrait by Nikolay Tolle.

Clôture of Yellow

Mariam is one of the few who knew that Riliane and Allen Avadonia are twins, although she did point out to Allen that Riliane will find out soon eventually. However, it is very unlikely due to Elluka Clockworker's intervention. After Leonhart Avadonia's death, Mariam is assigned back into protective duty. When Riliane ordered the attack on Elphegort and the burning of the Forest of Bewilderment, Elluka stormed out in disgust while Mariam and Allen chased after her. Elluka told Mariam that she intends to quit being Court Magician, saying that she is only meant to work for King Arth and Queen Anne anyway. Elluka also tells Mariam and Allen that Lucifenia will fall, but both of them refused to abandon Riliane no matter what. Elluka bids both of them good luck and left.

When Gast Venom arrived in Lucifenia, he and Mariam immediately recognised each other. Mariam asked Gast why did he come. Gast replied that he was looking for a place to die. At the height of the Lucifenian Revolution, Mariam wished Allen well, fighting against the rebels and killing a large force singlehandedly. Mariam was reported to be found stabbed in the back.

Retrouver of Silver

During the Revolution, Chartette Langley fought against her, proving herself to be a worthy opponent. Mariam successfully shatters Chartette's giant sword but was incapacitated by a sudden attack from Chartette's Rocket Glove. Mariam escaped using a smoke bomb, only to be stabbed by her adopted daughter, Ney.

Character Traits


"That is, she was someone who could not find the meaning of her own existence without swearing allegiance to something, without martyring herself for someone–it was a loyalty that seemed like madness."
―Allen's inner commentary[src]

As a disciplined spy and assassin, Mariam was a strong, independent and mature individual, who believed strength was a trait of women in general. Normally, she maintained an extremely serious demeanor, conducting herself with a vacant expression and icy gaze. Similarly, she was merciless in battle, cutting down enemy infantry one by one without hesitation, and even killing traitors despite their past bonds. As a youth, Mariam was even more coldhearted and cruel due to the Malice within her.

However, following her youth, Mariam was not heartless. In rare occurrences, she did smile, cry, and even teased others. She was similarly unwilling to abandon the seemingly amnesic Ney, as well as being a secretly caring employer to Chartette. She similarly disapproved of wanton killing and racial discrimination; her views on morality left her disturbed and upset by what little of her past with Abyss that she remembered. She also had quirks in her disciplined behavior, such as pointlessly fixing Riliane's girly bows on Allen because they were askew.

Mariam strongly valued loyalty above all. Whether under Abyss I.R., the Asmodean Emperor, Arth and Anne, or even Princess Riliane, Mariam faithfully served her masters due to the meaning that her loyalty afforded her life; despite this, she appeared hypocritical to others by defecting from Asmodean and offering to betray Riliane, her true loyalties having been to her parents and the kingdom they created rather than the princess herself. Mariam similarly appeared disturbed by perceived betrayals, though respecting their intentions should they be noble or just. This led to her despair at her eventual end, having been betrayed by nearly everyone.


"I will show you... the willpower of the Three Heroes."

Trained by Abyss IR, Mariam was a master of cloak and dagger and, after joining the Asmodean military, obtained the rank of general by the time she was nine. As an assassin and spy, she was observant in battle and skilled at gathering intelligence in times of peace; likewise, her perception gave her strong intuition. Gifted with charisma and leadership, Mariam gained many followers as one of the Three Heroes and used her legendary status to inspire morale. She did have a tendency, however, to overthink situations which made her less ideal for providing easy solutions to a problem.

As a fighter, Mariam employed a myriad of weapons for quick combat, such as daggers and smoke bombs; in battle she was fast, powerful and extremely precise, her skills even exceeding Gast Venom's. Mariam was also very flexible, even in her cumbersome maid uniform. She was also adept at martial arts, even able to shatter a large broadsword with a single strike from her palm. The assassin carried tremendous strength in her kicks and could kick combatively straight up in the air. Her speed and grace carried over to her duties in court as Head Maid.

Connections to Other Characters

Elluka Clockworker: Elluka did state that is was fun working with the rest of the Three Heroes, including Mariam.

Ney Futapie: Mariam's adopted daughter who ultimately kills her.

Gast Venom: Mariam and Gast were comrades during her days as general of Asmodean.

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