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Mariam Futapie
Cha15 mariam.jpg
Japanese Name マリアム=フタピエ (Mariamu Futapie)
Also Known as: Mariam, the Assassin
Debut Clôture of Yellow


Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 468
Age 32
Occupation/Job General (later defected over to Lucifenia)

Head of Lady's Maid, Assassin (during Story of Evil)

Personal Item(s) Double Dagger
Affiliation(s): Asmodean (later defected over to Lucifenia)
Three Heroes, Lucifenia

Ney Futapie (foster daughter)

"I am one of the Three Heroes, Mariam Futapie!"

Mariam Futapie is one of the "Three Heroes" of Lucifenia and the "Head of Lady's Maids" to Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. She is also skilled at "cloak-and-dagger" activity.


Daughter of Fog

Originally, Mariam worked for Asmodean as a general when she was only nine years old. Mariam did work with Gast Venom for a while until she defected to Lucifenia.

Clôture of Yellow

Mariam is one of the few who knew that Riliane and Allen Avadonia are twins, although she did point out to Allen that Riliane will find out soon eventually. However, it is very unlikely due to Elluka Clockworker's intervention. After Leonhart Avadonia's death, Mariam is assigned back into protective duty. When Riliane ordered the attack on Elphegort and the burning of the Forest of Bewilderment, Elluka stormed out in disgust while Mariam and Allen chased after her. Elluka told Mariam that she intends to quit being Court Magician, saying that she is only meant to work for King Arth and Queen Anne anyway. Elluka also tells Mariam and Allen that Lucifenia will fall, but both of them refused to abandon Riliane no matter what. Elluka bids both of them good luck and left.

When Gast Venom arrived in Lucifenia, he and Mariam immediately recognised each other. Mariam asked Gast why did he come. Gast replied that he was looking for a place to die. At the height of the Lucifenian Revolution, Mariam wished Allen well, fighting against the rebels and killing a large force singlehandedly. Mariam was reported to be found stabbed in the back.

Retrouver of Silver

During the Revolution, Chartette Langley fought against her, proving herself to be a worthy opponent. Mariam successfully shatters Chartette's giant sword but was incapacitated by a sudden attack from Chartette's Rocket Glove. Mariam escaped using a smoke bomb, only to be stabbed by her adopted daughter, Ney.

Character Traits



Mariam is skilled in cloak and dagger activity (assasination) and is a formdidable opponent in close range combat.

Connections to Other Characters

Elluka Clockworker: Elluka did state that is was fun working with the rest of the Three Heroes, including Mariam.

Ney Futapie: Mariam's adopted daughter who ultimately kills her.

Gast Venom: Mariam and Gast were comrades during her days as general of Asmodean.


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