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Mikina Freezis
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Japanese Name ミキナ゠フリージス (Mikina Furiijisu)
Also Known as: Mikina Sfarz (birth name)

"Wealthy merchant lady" (by Clarith)

Debut The Daughter of White

SF-A2 miki

Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 473
Age 27 (Wiegenlied of Green)

32 (Praeludium of Red/Praefatio of Blue)

Occupation/Job Aristocrat (During Story of evil)

Widow (After Story of Evil)

Vessel of Sin Marlon Spoon
Affiliation(s): Marlon

Abyss I.R.


Keel Freesis (husband)
Yukina Freesis (daughter)
Shaw Freesis (son)
Aile Freesis (daughter)

Mikina Freezis is an aristocrat from Marlon. She is the wife of Keel Freesis and mother to Yukina, Shaw, and Aile.


Wiegenlied of Green[]

When Michaela first entered the Freezis mansion, she was fascinated with Mikina's red hair. Mikina and Michaela were courteous to each other at first until Clarith showed up later, in which Mikina was surprised to see a white-haired person. When asked by Michaela and Clarith to work for her and her family, Mikina was willing to hire Clarith but not Michaela. Being an immigrant from Marlon, Mikina was aware that all green-haired people from Elphegort are discriminatory to foreigners. Also, Michaela is beautiful in appearance, Mikina felt that Michaela might attract trouble. Clarith begged Mikina to let Michaela work for her, convincing her that Michaela is not like those who had treated Clarith badly.

Mikina was right on the money, as Kyle Marlon found himself in love with Michaela. When the "Green Hunting" started, Mikina gave Michaela her coat as a sign of goodwill. She and the rest of her family were arrested by Lucifenian troops but were released soon after. Mikina and her family visited Clarith in an attempt to comfort her due to Michaela's "death". Mikina, Keel, and their children then set off for Marlon.

Praeludium of Red[]

Five years later, Mikina traveled to Lucifenia to visit Clarith. Finding herself lost, Mikina bumped into Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, under the pseudonym "Rin", who agrees to take her to the monastery where Clarith and Riliane works at.

Praefatio of Blue[]

When Yukina returned to Marlon, Mikina was there to welcome her back and, like her husband, is greatly disturbed when a drunk Germaine Avadonia started rambling about all the danger that Yukina got herself into. After Abyss I.R. has been defeated in Marlon, Mikina found Abyss I.R.'s red cat and insists on keeping it, much to Yukina's dismay. Kyle does remember a time when he and Mikina were attending a dinner party in the Metropolis, a cat ran into Mikina, causing her to scream and faint.

Little does Mikina realize that the red cat that she is keeping is in fact Abyss I.R. in her cat form. Abyss I.R. then proceeds to possess Mikina's body. Abyss I.R. then knocked Keel unconsious, killed Ney Futapie and steals the Vessels of Sin. Germaine and Yukina managed to track her down in Lucifenia, where Abyss I.R. decides to let Mikina repent for what she had done, much to Yukina's surprise.

Mikina was born in a high-class family and despite her father's objections, Mikina goes out with Keel, abandoning everything she had. The two of them move to Elphegort and Mikina gives birth to Yukina. To raise money, Keel and Mikina open up a grocery but it didn't go so well, and coupled with discrimination from the people of Elphegort made life very hard. To make matters worse, Mikina is pregnant with Shaw. Seeing that she cannot afford to raise another child, she goes off to Yatski village to find a doctor so that she can have an abortion. However, she tripped and fell of a steep hill.

Mikina awakens in an inn and meets Prim Marlon in disguise. Mikina begs Prim for help, in which Prim gave Mikina the Marlon Spoon. Skeptical, Mikina returns to her family. Later on, she is visited by a man in rags. After she and Keel gave much hospitality, the man reveals himself to be Sohni Elphen, ruler of Elphegort. Sohni is so impressed with the Freesis' kindness that he made them distinguished among all of Elphegort. This in turn made Mikina's family very wealthy.

By the time Shaw is born, Mikina was able to hire a babysitter. However, Mikina's father arrived and threatened to take Shaw away if she didn't return to Marlon. Mikina, in desperation, unwittingly unleashed the power of the Marlon Spoon, causing blue flames to consume her father and scorching Shaw. Prim tells Mikina that she had made a contract with the Demon of Greed and Mikina has to work for her and Abyss I.R. or else her family will suffer the consequences. Prim then gave Mikina the Venom Sword so that Kyle will be enticed. It was through Mikina that Ney Futapie was able to find Michaela at the well.

Mikina then succumbs back to Abyss I.R.'s control. But thanks to Germaine and Riliane, Mikina is finally freed. Consumed with guilt, Mikina knows that life will be hard, but she promises that she will face it with a positive outlook from now on.


Unfortunately for Mikina, her life did not get better. After Keel died, she became so deeply upset that she started living a quiet life, severing contact with her children. However, Shaw sought her out and Mikina died just as all of her children rushed over to her deathbed.

Character Traits[]


Mikina appears to be kind and respectable, but in reality she is trying very hard to hide the fact that she had a very troubled past. She deeply cares about her family just like her husband Keel. However, she goes to extreme lengths to safeguard her children by associating with Prim and Abyss I.R., surrendering herself to their will.

Mikina's relationship with Michaela was a tenuous one. At first, she refused to hire Michaela due to the discrimination of immigrants in Elphegort. When Mikina finally did hire her, Michaela became a lowly servant, tasked to washing laundry. However, after Michaela sang beautifully at a banquet Keel arranged, Mikina's respect for Michaela grew, even speaking out that she is now a "big fan" of her. Mikina's growing friendship with Michaela only made betraying Michaela to Ney more difficult.

Mikina has a fondness for cats, much to the dismay of Elluka Clockworker and Yukina.

Featured in...[]

The Daughter of White (EC 499~)[]

Mikina is referred in the second verse of The Daughter of White as a wealthy merchant lady .

Connections to Other Characters[]

Keel Freesis: Mikina's husband.

Yukina Freesis: Mikina's eldest daughter and her favorite child.

Shaw Freesis: Mikina's only son.

Aile Freesis: Mikina's youngest daughter.

Michaela: Michaela worked for Mikina after she was persuaded by Clarith that Michaela is a nice person.

Clarith: Clarith worked for Mikina during her stay in Aceid.

Prim Marlon: Prim gave the Marlon Spoon to Mikina to help her financial problems, which led to her to Prim's servitude.

Abyss I.R.: Mikina is forced into her service and later possessed by her.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

Mikina's birth name seems to be a corruption of the Italian word Sfarzo, which means "pomp", "splendor" or "magnificence". It's romanization (Sufarutsu) could also be a pun to SF-A2.


  • In The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, Mikina Olpria is a widow, foreshadowing how Mikina becomes a widow at her husband’s death, Keel Freesis.


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