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Claimed to be Mothy's appearance

Aku no-P (悪ノP), also known as Mothy (acronym of Master OThe Heavenly Yard) is the famous author of the Aku no Series (of Evil Series). Akuno-P was one of many authors who had yet to make a name for themselves until he released Aku no Meshitsukai, better known as The Servant of Evil, which subsequently became a big hit. Aku no Musume (The Daughter of Evil) was uploaded before The Servant of Evil, but  only became appreciated after The Servant of Evil had gained popularity.

Akuno-P has released an album (under the name mothy) titled "Evils Theater", which includes several of the below songs, including the fan-regarded "Evil Series".

He also composed the song "Twiright Prank" for the Daughter of Evil Theater Play in January, which can be found in the album "Daughter of Evil -Evilly Beautiful Gemini-" (by Asami Shimoda) and "Regret Message ~velvet mix~" on the album "prelude to forest" (by Kagamine Rin).