Chapter 1Edit

Enemy sighted on the Sea

Chapter 2.1Edit

Doubting Hometown

Chapter 2.2Edit

Sorceress and the Forest

Chapter 3.1Edit

Internal Conditions of the Girl

Chapter 3.2Edit

Heartbeat in Rain

Chapter 4.1Edit

The Monastery on the Beach

Chapter 4.2Edit

With Him

Final ChapterEdit

End of Praefatio

473 years later, while waiting for his wife and daughter to return home, Gallerian Marlon has just finished reading a book called Daughter of Evil, given by the mysterious playwright named Ma. Gallerian tells Ma that the whole story that he remembers is quite dramatically different than the one Ma given him, although Ma insisted that the book was telling the truth. Gallerian then reveals that after Lucifenia gained its independence, his ancestor, Kyle Marlon, has ceded his throne to one of his brothers. Elluka and Gumillia were involved in an incident with "Lemy the Ripper", affiliated with Julia Abelard and the criminal organization known as Pere Noel. Germaine and Chartette Langley traveled eastward and Gallerian suspects that Germaine may be connected to Julia somehow.

Gallerian asks Ma why Abyss I.R. is collecting the Vessels of Sin. Ma merely replies that if all of them were collected, a wish will come true. Seeing that he is wealthy already, Gallerian had no use for them. Ma then leaves and while Gallerian was taking a nap, one of his servants informs him that his wife and daughter were killed by a giant octopus while crossing the sea.

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