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Five years had passed since the Lucifenian Revolution. While Riliane, under the pseudonym "Rin", is at the beach reflecting on her past, she meets Mikina Freesis who apparently got lost trying to find Eldoh Monastery so that she can visit Clarith. Riliane offers to lead Mikina over there.

Chapter 1.1[]

Fortress of Stars

At the time, Lucifenia has been forcibly absorbed into the Marlon kingdom. Yukina Freesis, daughter of Keel Freesis, has recently snuck away from Marlon and set off traveling the world in search of the truth behind The Daughter of Evil. She eventually reached Retasan, a fortress city bordering Lucifenia and Beelzenia. However, Yukina is barred from entering Beelzenia. While there, a fierce wind blew off Yukina's hat, only for it to be picked up by a woman wearing an old Lucifenian military uniform.

While staying over at the local hotel, Yukina meets the woman who helped retrieve her hat earlier: Liliane Mouchet, commander of Retasan Fortress. While having lunch together, Liliane explains to Yukina that Lucifenia has been attacking Beelzenian holdings because Beelzenia has been harboring criminals that Marlon is after. Yukina lost her temper upon hearing this, believing that the whole endeavor is just an excuse to gain more territory. To Yukina's surprise, Liliane agreed. As the days pass, Yukina started hanging out with Liliane often, learning more about her past.

While window shopping for shoes, Liliane asks Yukina why she wanted to enter Beelzenia. Yukina merely said that she wanted to tour an ancient city there. Yukina then asks Liliane to send a messenger over to Beelzenia to request a permit to enter the Imperial City.

18 days later, Liliane hurried Yukina out of Retasan, saying that Lucifenian troops are going to arrive soon. Getting her requested permit from Liliane, Yukina bid farewell and started off towards Beelzenia.

Chapter 1.2[]

The Chance Meeting of Sworn Friends

While searching for the elusive Elluka Clockworker, Yukina decided to visit the old Conchita Mansion. There, she meets Gumillia, now the Beelzenian Emperor's advisor since Elluka had deep connections with the Beelzenian Royal Family. Gumillia tells Yukina that Elluka had been missing for three years. While visiting a cemetery, the pair came across Chartette Langley, who grew overly excited to meet Yukina, being her number one fan. Gumillia did get Chartette to finally shut up by conking her on the head with a levitated tombstone.

Chartette then leads Yukina over to the Langley Troop Garrison, where most of the former Lucifenian resistance members reside. Chartette explains that after Marlon decided to annex Lucifenia, the original resistance opposed this and took control of Retasan Fortress. However, Liliane recaptured the fortress and the resistance is forced to take refuge in Beelzenia. Because the Beelzenian Emperor refused to surrender the resistance army to Marlon, tensions grew between the two nations.

Yukina then asked the former resistance leaders about the whereabouts of Germaine Avadonia, hoping to gather information about the Daughter of Evil. The leaders did not know, believe that Germaine must be drinking somewhere. Sure enough, Yukina stumbled upon a very drunk Germaine and asked her if she killed Michaela. Germaine denies it, having not met Michaela before. Seeing that everyone is innocent, Yukina unexpectedly announces that she is going to live with everyone here, much to Germaine's surprise.

Chapter 2.1[]

The Footprints of Repulsive Food Eater Girl

Chapter 2.2[]

The Signal Fire of Counterattack

Chapter 3.1[]

The King and the Girl

Chapter 3.2[]

Visitor of the Full Moon

Chapter 4[]

Time, Forest, Song

Final Chapter[]

To the Blue Country