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Prim Marlon
Japanese Name プリム゠マーロン (Purimu Maaron)
Also Known as: Prim Rogzé (birth name)
Debut Handbeat Clocktower


Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 457
Age 48 (Praefatio of Blue)
Occupation/Job Queen Dowager of Marlon
Vessel of Sin Four Mirrors of Lucifenia
Affiliation(s): Lucifenia (formerly)



Presi Rogzé (brother)
Kyle Marlon (son)
Ney Futapie (daughter)
Arkatoir Marlon (step-son)

Prim Marlon, born Prim Rogzé, is the Queen Dowager of Marlon and mother of Kyle Marlon and Ney Marlon. She uses one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia to manipulate the events of Story of Evil. She is the worst mother and has zero rights because Kyle and Ney took them all.


Early Life[]

Prim was born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia in the year EC 457 as a noble of the House of Rogzé. She had been good friends with Anne Sui. The two met Prince Arth Lucifen d'Autriche and fell in love with him. Although both women desired to wed him, the Prince ultimately married Anne and Prim reluctantly gave them her blessing. Later, Prim was among the suspects believed to have attempted poisoning Arth's wineglass; her friendship with Anne started to fall apart shortly after.

She traveled west and met the King of Marlon, marrying him and becoming Marlon's Queen. At the age of 17, she gave birth to her first son, Kyle Marlon. She eventually met Abyss I.R. and the two became close. The sorceress gave Prim the Venom Sword, claiming it was a love charm; she took it and traveled back to Lucifenia to visit King Arth and Queen Anne and learned that their marriage was not doing well. With the power of the vessel of Lust, Prim seduced Arth for several months, and discovered she was pregnant with his child after returning to Marlon.

Abyss I.R. promised to continue helping Prim on the condition that the Queen provide Abyss I.R. the baby as a test subject for Marlon's intelligence network. When Ney Marlon was born in EC 482, Prim quietly gave her to the sorceress and publicly declared the child stillborn. Three years later, Anne gave birth to twins: Riliane and Alexiel. From then on, Prim plotted her revenge against Anne, intending to ruin her life. When Kyle showed interest in becoming a painter instead of becoming king, Prim hired multiple art dealers and critics to demean her son and later poisoned his art tutor, Margaret, to break his confidence and convince him to abandon his dream.[1]

Abyss I.R. had procured the Glass of Conchita, the Marlon Spoon, the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia and the Clockworker's Doll, giving Prim a total five vessels of sin at her disposal. The vessel of Gluttony was sent to Beelzenia and spread the Gula Disease. King Arth became infected by the plague and died soon after. Prim then sent Abyss I.R. with one of the Mirrors of Lucifenia in EC 491 to assassinate Anne's children but the plot failed. At some point, The Lucifenian Queen asked Prim if Riliane could marry Kyle and Prim strongly disagreed. However, because the King of Marlon and a number of ministers had no objection to the proposal, Prim reluctantly gave her consent.

Eventually, the Gula Disease killed Anne, something that Prim had not intended. Disappointed, she amended her plans, intending to undermine Riliane's rule and acquire Lucifenia for herself. At some point, Prim gave the Marlon Spoon to Mikina Freesis, taking advantage of Mikina's financial situation. Her daughter Ney was inserted as a spy in Lucifenia's palace in preparation for Prim's scheme.[2]

Clôture of Yellow[]

Around EC 500, when Kyle discarded his engagement to Riliane in favor of Michaela, Prim told the visiting Prime Minister Minis that she would respect her son's decision. Pleased with the honoraria given to them by Lucifenia, she sent back a gift octopus for their court mage, Elluka Clockworker, believing the sorceress would be pleased with it.[3] After Kyle prepared to leave Marlon for Elphegort, the Queen Dowager imprisoned and kept him under house arrest to prevent him from leaving.

After the events of the Lucifenian Revolution, Prim accepted her son's actions for joining the Resistance and helping to overthrow Riliane, so long as he obeyed a list of conditions she sent him, including Marlon's occupation of Lucifenia. Kyle obeyed his mother and the vast kingdom's territories were incorporated as a Marlon principality. Prim received control over the island nation from her son.

Later, Prim greeted Ney after her daughter returned to Marlon from Lucifenia. Prim told her absent daughter that she grown up since she last saw her. The double agent reported that with Riliane's execution, the Three Heroes ceased to exist and that there was no one who could stop her. Prim mentioned that Elluka was still alive but Ney insisted the sorceress would not interfere. Dropping the subject, Prim praised her daughter for her efforts and commented how it was possible for their nation to be the largest in history with Ney's brother, Kyle, the king. The Queen Dowager then told her daughter to rest, saying she would take care of the rest.[4]

Kyle begins to blame himself for what he had done. Prim contacts him using her mirror, telling him that "he was always right". She controlled her son using one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia she had in her possession to keep him in Lucifenia.

Praefatio of Blue[]

Kyle arrived at the Castle of Hedgehog, where Prim waits. Prim reveals to Kyle the truth from the very beginning. After Prim finished telling her story, Kyle refused to believe any of it, regarding his mother as crazy. She then showed Kyle her Mirror, and began to mock Michaela and Kyle's art tutor, saying that they were all like the Clockworker's Doll and Eve Moonlit, the origin of all sin. Ney appears, having returned from killing Kyle's soldiers that were sent after her. After Prim ignored Ney's pleas for appraisal, Ney succumbs to her insanity and stabs Prim, killing her.

Character Traits[]


Prim is pale with long, wavy dark hair with a gold hairpin and matching eyes. She wears a wide skirted dress and corset of alternating violet shades, a lighter color around the waist, sleeves, and neckline. The skirt of the dress is studded with emeralds and crossed with light violet ribbons, and the neckline of the dress also holds an emerald. She wears a gold choker and necklace with emeralds in the center.

Featured in...[]

Handbeat Clocktower (EC 505)[]

Handbeat Clocktower marks Prim's first and only appearance. Here, Kyle meets Prim at the top of the clocktower and notices that Prim is not what she used to be, claiming that she may be a "demon".

Connections with Other Characters[]

Kyle Marlon: Prim's blood son.

Ney Futapie: Prim's daughter and "right-hand man".

Abyss I.R.: Prim made contact with Abyss I.R. and they later became friends. Abyss I.R. then became her court mage until Prim's downfall.

Mikina Freesis: Prim gives the Marlon Spoon to Mikina for helping her with her financial situation. Prim eventually forces Mikina to be part on her plan of revenge.

Anne Lucifen d'Autriche: Prim and Anne were best friends during their childhood. However their friendship began to fall apart when both fell in love with the prince Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. Prim hated Anne for her marriage to Arth and formed a secret plan to ruin her life.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Prim's name is derived from the adjective "prim", meaning to be excessively decorous to the point of being vain or prudish.
  • Her family's surname seems to be a corruption of Zero-G because of it's romanization (Roguze).
  • Her surname Marlon is a reference to the demon of greed, Mammon.



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