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♪ Regret Message ♫
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Technical Information
Original Name: リグレットメッセージ (Riguretto Messēji)
English Name: Fallen Angel
Singer(s): Kagamine Rin

Kagamine Len (back-up)

Release Date: May 25, 2008
Collaborators: Ichika (Album's illustration)
Series: Story of Evil
Year: EC 501
Placed at: Lucifenia

"I will tell you, a secret lore"


Regret Message is a song released by Akuno-P on May 25, 2008. It is the third song of Story of Evil, following after the events of The Servant of Evil.


The song starts in a harbor outside a town where Riliane stands alone. She recalls a legend that Allen once told her that states that if she writes a wish, puts it inside a bottle and throws it out to sea, her wish will come true. She writes down a wish in a bottle and sets it out herself. She regrets her actions as she remembers how selfish she was and how Allen would follow her every command, even when it caused him pain. She hopes the sea will express her gratitude. The wish that she wrote was:

If we could be reborn, it would be fine to be born as twins again...


Singing Roles[]

Non-Singing Roles[]

Related Songs[]

The Daughter of Evil (EC 500)[]

Being the direct prequel to Regret Message, The Daughter of Evil relates the events that Riliane regrets in the song, particularly her sins that lead to the Lucifenian Revolution.

The Servant of Evil (EC 500)[]

Being the direct prequel of Regret Message, The Servant of Evil relates the events that Riliane regrets in the song, mainly the death of her twin brother, Allen, who sacrificed himself for save her.

The Daughter of White (EC 499-500~)[]

The end of The Daughter of White covers the events of Regret Message and deepen them. The song reveals that Riliane was taking refugee in a church managed by Clarith during that time.

Re_birthday (EC ???)[]

It is assumed that the message written by Riliane during Regret Message, was the same message Irregular received at the end of Re birthday.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The song's English title, "Fallen Angel" is a reference to Lucifer, who's name is included in The Daughter of Evil's English title "The Princess of Lucifer",  referring to Riliane. 


  • The origin of the legend of the sea mentioned in the song is elaborated upon in Twiright Prank; its role and origin is further elaborated upon in the novels The Daughter of Evil, Clôture of Yellow and The Daughter of Evil, Wiegenlied of Green
  • In Re_birthday, Irregular receives a message, possibly alluding to the events of Regret Message.
  • The glass bottle present in the song is referenced in Ru Ri Ra, Ru Ri Ra, The Resounding Song; a similar glass bottle appears in Moonlit Bear and Abandoned on a Moonlit Night.