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Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche
Riliane (Rin).png
Japanese Name リリアンヌ=ルシフェン=ドートゥリシュ (Ririannu Rushifen Dōturishu)
Also Known as: The Daughter of Evil

"Rin" (after Lucifenian Revolution)

Debut The Daughter of Evil

Kagamine Rin

Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date December 27th, EC 485
Age 14 (Clôture of Yellow)

15 (Wiegenlied of Green)
19 (Praeludium of Red/Praefatio of Blue)

Occupation/Job Lucifenian Monarch (until Lucifenian Revolution)

Levin Nun (after Lucifenian Revolution)

Vessel of Sin Four Mirrors of Lucifenia
Personal Item(s) Black Hairpin


Affiliation(s): Lucifenia
Marlon (During the occupation of Marlon)

Arth Lucifen d'Autriche (father)
Anne Lucifen d'Autriche (mother)
Allen Avadonia (twin brother)
Ney Futapie (paternal half-sister)

If we don't know who his partner is... yes! We should kill them all! Minis, prepare for the army's departure immediately! Have them kill all the women with green hair!


Early Life[]

Riliane and Alexiel.png

Riliane was born in EC 485 along with her twin brother, Alexiel as heirs to the Lucifenian monarchy.  When they were children, she fled from the palace with her brother through a secret passage in the fireplace in their room and passed through the Forest of Bewilderment before arriving at a beach shore in EC 491. While there, Riliane had tripped and cut herself, crying, and her brother treated her wound.

The six-year olds dug up a small black box on the beach. Inside the box was a small mirror that released a demon that chased the twins. Alexiel wanted to go home because it was getting dark, but Riliane told him to not be afraid and just hold her hand. Afterward, she heard from her brother about a how if she wrote down her wish, put in a bottle, and threw it in the sea, it would come true. Riliane told her brother she wished that in her next life, she could be a horse because the palace was boring and she wanted to freely play outside with him anywhere they wanted.

Riliane refused to share her snack with the lurking demon when it came out during snack time at three o'clock; thus she was possessed by it. As a result, she often went to the kitchen to eat until Elluka Clockworker managed to cast out the "demon" and banish it back into the mirror. This also exorcised most of Riliane's memories of her brother Alexiel.

Because her father, King Arth, had died due to the Gula disease plaguing Beelzenia, a power struggle ensued and Riliane was separated from Alexiel. The prince was later pronounced dead, making Riliane the sole successor to the throne.[1] Sometime after, Riliane became acquainted with Kyle Marlon and the two became very close. Their parents determined that on Riliane's fifteenth birthday, she would marry Kyle.[2] At the age of thirteen, after the death of Queen Anne, the young princess assumed the throne.

Clôture of Yellow[]

As the new ruler, she imposed heavy taxes on all the townsfolk and purged anyone who opposed her. On her fourteenth birthday, Riliane fled the palace via the secret passage in her room's fireplace due to a quarrel she had with Leonhart the day before. She escaped on her horse, Josephine, and fled through the Forest of Bewilderment to an Anonymous Coast north of the palace. Staring at the coast, she was found by her servant, Allen Avadonia, and cursed the fact she was found before the ball, hoping to blame Leonhart for her sudden disappearance and have him executed. Frustrated, she yelled at her servant for finding her and then slapped him for attempting to clean a scratch on her right hand.

Cha1 img.jpg

Realizing his intent, she allowed him to heal her small wound and considered using the scratch she received as an excuse to execute her Commander of the Royal Guard. After her servant finished, Riliane noticed that the sun was setting and decided to head back to the palace. Allen recommended they take the path toward the port since it was faster than the path through the woods, much to the surprise of the princess. Embarrassed, she began running towards the port and forgot Josephine. Allen reminded her and she returned to mount the horse and continue towards the port. While returning, Allen noted that she had been staring at the setting sun when he found her. Staring at the sunset again, she commented on how the sun was always alone, like her.

That night, Riliane attended her birthday celebration, smiling in her throne, while Prime Minister Minis publically addressed the guests. She was overjoyed when the servants delivered her gargantuan birthday cake that she ordered the chef to make for her earlier that same day. [3]

A few days later, Princess Riliane sentenced a politician to death for angrily speaking out against her during a trial involving her and the ministers in the Hall of Sounds. After the trial ended, Riliane left but later returned to the Hall, angrily calling for Minis. When he approached her, she yelled at him for her poor quality food and lack of a knife when she ordered to have five knives while eating. As she yelled at the trembling minister, the servant Asan attacked Riliane and attempted to assassinate her. Allen intervened and disarmed Asan before he could kill the terrified princess. Regaining her composure, she ordered the guards to seize him, and had him executed the next day. Since then, she alienated herself from everyone save for four: Allen, Chartette Langley, Mariam Futapie, and Ney Futapie. Of those, only Allen was allowed to be with her in her room.

Three days after the assassination attempt, Riliane stormed into the kitchen with more anger than usual and demanded for Mariam. When her daughter, Ney, responded that her mother was absent, the seething Riliane turned her attention to the maid and asked her if she knew about the rumors the princess heard circulating among the chefs about the ingredients arriving being "unnatural"; soon after, she queried if the servants were stealing food from the palace. Ney was lost for words and Riliane demanded to know if Ney knew anything about the food that was being stolen from the palace. A chef joined the conversation and claimed to have seen someone stealing food from the palace barns that was too tall to be a servant. Ney finally admitted she knew who it was. Her anger growing, the princess threatened to have Ney's head cut off if she didn't tell her, and Ney confessed the culprit was Leonhart.

After dinner, Riliane ordered Allen to her room to congratulate him for protecting her from Asan days earlier, and asked if he knew how to fence. When Allen confessed his father taught him, she bragged about her own fencing capabilities, but still commended Allen's skills. Desiring the use of his swordplay, she wrote her order on a piece of parchment and placed it in a bottle before giving it to Allen, ordering Leonhart's death. Riliane told Allen how she wanted him to do this, because the other palace guards wouldn't dare do it. Her servant asked why she used such an odd method to tell him and she claimed someone told her about it long ago, although she couldn't remember who. When Allen asked why she wanted Leonhart killed, she said it was because she hated him, but also mentioned it was because of several vile rumors Ney told her, including that he planned to overthrow the country.

Believing Ney wouldn't lie, she told Allen about her scheme to silently kill Leonhart without the public's knowledge. The next night, Riliane invited Leonhart to join her in her room. Joking, they talked about Queen Anne's crushes before Riliane commended Leonhart for stealing from the palace to feed the people and agreed with his cause, offering to allow him to freely transport food from the palace to the hungry masses if he received her permission.

Offering the overjoyed Leonhart a drink, Riliane explained that it was Blood Grave, the favorite wine of Banica Conchita. They continued celebrating until late at night, where Riliane's plan of drugging Leonhart before Allen assassinated him succeeded in killing the Commander of the Royal Guard. Afterward, Riliane had his body disposed of in the nearby river.[4]

Sometime later, a conference was held in the Halls of Sounds regarding the political discussions in Marlon and the Freesis Foundation. Allen reported first to the princess about his meeting with Keel Freesis. Disinterested, Riliane asked Allen what her snack for the day would be once he finished. Afterward, Minis gave his report. Riliane was stunned when she saw the Marlon family's gift octopus for her court mage, Elluka, and gladly let her have the gift. Riliane asked if King Kyle spoke about their wedding and Minis gave her Kyle's letter. Reading it, she became outraged that Kyle cancelled the marriage and had chosen a "green-haired girl" instead. The ruler screamed for Mariam, and the member of the Three Heroes arrived and was ordered to uncover the identity of the woman Kyle loved. Later on, she cried, broken-hearted.[5]

Mariam reported to the princess her scant findings while she was in her room along with Allen and Elluka. Infuriated, she smashed the jewelry box with Kyle's gifts to her on the floor and had a tantrum. Minis entered her room, hearing the noise, and Riliane calmed down. The princess ordered her minister to slaughter all the green-haired women in Elphegort.  When the minister tried to reason with her that the forests between the two countries made it impossible to invade, Riliane ordered them to be burned. When Elluka spoke out against Riliane's rash behavior, she ordered the mage to be executed. Elluka immediately resigned and left; the seething Riliane ordered Allen to kill her.

During The Green Hunting, Riliane and Ney spoke in the Servant's Room and learned that Allen had been keeping Michaela's location secret from her. When Ney left, Allen walked in and the princess venomously questioned him about his apparent betrayal. Claiming she couldn't hate Allen, she wrote down an order on a piece of parchment and placed it in a bottle: Kill Michaela.

After Michaela was confirmed dead, Riliane, Ney, and Chartette hung out together in the palace's Heavenly Yard. The three women talked until Riliane heard the Levin Church bells signal it was three o'clock, saying it was snack time while Allen brought her brioche to eat.[6] After the attempted assassination on Minister Minis, Riliane and the other ministers convened in the Hall of Sounds to discuss the war in Elphegort and the shortage of soldiers due to the prolonged conflict. Riliane mentioned using Gast Venom's mercenaries, which the conference eventually agreed upon.

With the Asmodean Company hired, Gast respectfully thanked the princess in the Hall of Mirrors. She noted how his "beautiful" face made her mistake him for a woman and Gast insisted she didn't judge him by his appearance. After ordering Allen to show Gast the palace, she left. Sometime after that, Allen had served her cake at three as she watched the sunset in the Heavenly Yard. She noted the sky foretold an apocalypse.[7] When the Lucifenian Revolution broke out, she attended the war meeting, asking if it was over yet before yawning then asking Allen what the day's snack would be.

During the war meeting a week after, Riliane assured the panicking Minis that King Kyle would not abandon her if they asked for assistance. When Allen brought her snack, the princess refused since she lost her appetite. A week after that, when the Elphegort and resistance armies merged and Marlon refused to send troops to defend Lucifenia, Riliane was shaken and her hands trembled, distraught and afraid by Kyle's gesture of apathy. The following week, Riliane left the Hall of Sounds war meeting after hearing that the revolutionaries were approaching the palace, and many of the ministers were attempting to or had already fled.

As the revolutionaries began to overtake the palace, the unnerved Riliane ate snacks in her room with Allen. She finally weakly asked her servant if she would be killed and began breaking down. When she tried to continue eating, she dropped her fork and asked Allen to hold her hand. When the servant complied, she calmed down and confessed that she just wanted to be strong like her mother, barely holding back her tears.[8] Thanking Allen for always being with her despite her loneliness, Riliane was asked by Allen to swap clothes with her.

After doing so, Allen told her to escape the palace on Josephine and revealed he was her twin, Alexiel. Shocked, Riliane begged Allen not to act as the bait to let her escape but after hugging his sister, the former prince locked the sobbing princess in her room. Failing to open the door, Riliane begged Allen to fill the void in her memories and hear more about their past. When he left, she weakly begged for him not leave her alone, banging on the door before escaping on her horse and fleeing the palace. [9]

Long after her brother's sacrifice and death, the weak and hungry Riliane collapsed and was found by Clarith. As the girl attempted to get help from a bakery, the young girl clung to Clarith, begging her not to leave her alone. In her right hand was a small, glass bottle.[10]

Wiegenlied of Green[]

Cha10 rin.jpg

When Clarith and the bakery owner saw how thin she was, Riliane was carried by the white-haired girl to the Eldoh Monastery and the former princess began living there under the pseudonym "Rin". Haughty, Riliane acted spoiled and complained about the food she was given and treated everyone with disdain. One day, one of the nuns argued with her when she was found in the toolshed not working, and warned her that she wouldn't get any food. Clarith came to help her, but the former princess refused to work, saying Clarith could smuggle her food instead. When Clarith refused to do that for her, the lazy Riliane childishly whined that she wouldn't do her work.

However, after hearing Clarith and another orphan, Donnie, talk about how even trash could carry their shovels and that Clarith would reward the boy with a snack for his efforts, Riliane snatched the tools from him and began working. Later, she ate her vegetables, learning from her labor in the fields the scarcity of food. She asked Clarith about her plant, which Clarith said was her special friend; the former princess thought it was weird. When putting back the utensils, "Rin" asked her friend if she would treat her the same even if she was a terrible person.

That night, Riliane confessed her crimes in the confession box and later thought she heard someone spying on her. Ignoring it, she went to the shore with her glass bottle, a message inside it, and placed it in the ocean, wishing for her and Allen to be twins again in the next life. Watching the bottle drift out to sea, she turned around in surprise to see Clarith poised to kill her with a golden knife. Realizing Clarith had been the one who overheard her confession, Riliane closed her eyes and asked Clarith to do what she wished, accepting her fate with a sad smile.[11]

Instead, Clarith used the knife to cut her hair, unable to kill the lonely princess before her. Sometime later, Riliane and Clarith prayed before planting the tree sapling containing Michaela's spirit next to the Millenium Tree in Eldoh's Forest. Clarith apologized to Rin for cutting her hair short but the former princess didn't mind, finding it easier to manage her shorter hair. Riliane then asked the white-haired girl if she could teach her how to make brioche, to which Clarith agreed. After the tree sapling was planted, they both offered up prayers again. Riliane began to cry, saying she was sorry, followed shortly after by Clarith. The two of them continued to cry until nightfall.[12]

Praeludium of Red[]

Five years had passed, and Riliane continues to work hard to relieve some of her guilt. While visiting the beach, Riliane meets Mikina Freesis, Clarith's former employer, who wanted to pay Clarith a visit but got lost along the way. Riliane then decides to take Mikina to the monastery.

Praefatio of Blue[]

One day, Yukina Freesis visited Clarith at the monastery with Germaine, intending to stay over for a while. Yukina then meets Riliane and introduces Germaine. Both Riliane and Germaine tensed up at the sight of each other. After an awkward silence, Germaine greeted Riliane politely. Both of them left the room afterwards.

Riliane tells Yukina that her mother, Mikina, has been last spotted near the beach. When Abyss I.R. attacked Yukina while possessing Mikina, Riliane came to Yukina's rescue, attempting to steal the Marlon Spoon. Abyss I.R. tried to use the Glass of Conchita on Riliane but to no avail due to Ney's interference. In the end, Abyss I.R. was driven away.


Twenty three years later, Riliane became head of the monastery at age 43. She continued raising the orphans there, treating them kindly and always smiling for them and working hard to make them happy. Around EC 562, she contracted a disease and, aged and bed-ridden, slowly began to die. The young orphans she raised surrounded her, telling the old nun how grateful they were for her dedication raising them and saying they wanted to repay her.[13]

Asked if there was anything they could do for her, regardless of how absurd the request was, the dying Riliane smiled and and answered that she wanted to know whether the letter she sent when she was young ever got a response, wondering if it ever arrived to fulfill her wish and forgive her of her sins; after telling them she would keep waiting for the letter's response, she told them to forget about it if her wish really didn't come true, laughing it off.[14]

Some time later, on the verge of death, the orphans returned to her and one handed her a piece or parchment that was the supposed response to her letter. Glancing at it, she thanked the children and the boy who wrote the fake response to her letter, smiling. Surrounded by the orphans she took care of, the 77 year-old Riliane died.[15]


Historically, Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, The Daughter of Evil, was believed to have been executed during the Lucifenian Revolution. However, Yukina Freesis wrote a novel about the true Story of Evil titled "Daughter of Evil" that had gained popularity around the world centuries later during the time of Gallerian Marlon. The judge was skeptical about the story due to the fact that it claimed Riliane survived, although Ma insisted it was true.[16]

The Waiter of Gallerian's Theater would share many traits and qualities with the spoiled princess, although she would lament about losing her "other half" much like "Rin" would after the revolution.[17]

Character Traits[]


When Riliane was young, she was a kind girl until she was influenced by Presi to be the one who should take the throne instead of Alexiel. After being possessed by the Demon of Pride, she acted very selfishly, something that continued to develop even after being freed of it. Because of her royal upbringing, Riliane lived a luxurious life that made her out of touch with reality (especially regarding the hungry masses). She was easily angered when things did not go her way, often having emotional outbursts resulting in very rash decisions. She was largely ignorant of the repercussions of her actions, and had an almost whimsical disregard for those she ordered killed.

Riliane looked up to Queen Anne as a role model, refusing to be addressed as "queen" out of respect for her mother, and had a great desire to emulate her mother's strong and powerful rule. Because of this, she felt alone as she became increasingly arrogant and tyrannical in order to keep herself from being manipulated by her ministers. Rarely showing her weak side, Riliane had only cried twice during her rule: when Kyle rejected her and when Allen sacrificed himself for her. 

Despite her selfishness and childish tantrums, she did act amicable towards a select few, namely Chartette Langley, Ney Futapie, and her brother, Allen Avadonia. Riliane felt at ease when holding Allen's hand and relied on him for many of her wishes. After the Lucifenian Revolution and her brother's death, she realized the consequences of her actions and the magnitude of what she had done. Full of regret, Rilane's haughty and childish personality slowly became disillusioned as she had to work for her food and shelter at the Eldoh Monastery. She would carry this regret until her death more than sixty years later.


Riliane Horse.png

Raised in a royal lifestyle, Riliane had no need to do heavy chores, having servants doing them for her. She is very skilled at horse-riding and presumes to be good at fencing although no soldier dared fight her seriously for fear of injuring her. She had little knowledge of managing an effective government, but did have political savvy. She recognized the need to "dominate or be dominated" when surrounded by the adult ministers, and knew she couldn't outright kill Leonhart without a good reason because of his fame as one of the Three Heroes.

After the Lucifenian Revolution, she had taken up cooking during her stay at the monastery. Clarith noted that her skill at making brioche was improving.


Riliane bears a striking resemblance to her twin brother Allen with pale skin, blue eyes, and long, blond hair. Before the Lucifenian Revolution, she often dollied herself up in extravagant dresses, jewelry, and a fancy hairstyle. She wore her signature black hairpin throughout her life. During the course of the Lucifenian Revolution, she is forced to wear Allen's servant clothing so that she could escape unnoticed. Afterward, she is dressed in a simple nun's outfit at the Eldoh Monastery and wears a white hairpin instead. Her hair is cut short due to her confrontation with Clarith.

Featured in...[]

The Daughter of Evil (EC 500)[]

Riliane's namesake song, The Daughter of Evil, tells the story from the viewpoint of the general public, from the atrocities she committed all the way to her "execution".

The Servant of Evil (EC 500)[]

Riliane makes an appearance in the last verses of The Servant of Evil, dueting with Allen. Here, she reflects on the execution of her brother and that before he was killed, he said her favorite phrase, "Oh, it's snack time!"

Regret Message (EC 501)[]

Regret Message continues where Daughter of Evil left off. Riliane was griefstricken for all that she done and that she caused the death of Allen as well. She later recounts a legend that Allen once told her: That if a person writes a message inside a bottle and throws it out to sea, that person's wish will come true. Riliane does what the legend says, hoping that if she could be reborn, she will be reunited with her brother someday, in another time.

The Daughter of White (EC 499~)[]

Riliane makes a cameo in The Daughter of White, picking off after Daughter of Evil and sometime during Regret Message. Riliane, under the pseudonym "Rin", was found by Clarith, who was working at monastery near the harbor. Clarith allowed Riliane to stay and work there, but then Clarith realized that Riliane was indeed the "Daughter of Evil" after overhearing her confession one night. She then plotted to kill Riliane during Regret Message, but was stopped by an illusion of a boy who resembled Allen. Clarith forgave Riliane and the two of them became good friends.

Twiright Prank (EC 491)[]

Twiright Prank happens nine years before Daughter of Evil, when Riliane and Allen were children. They were chased by a "demon" who wanted to devour them. They then decided to "split" day and night between them, Riliane being the day and Allen being the night. When the "demon" reached Riliane, she refused to share her snack with anybody, contrary to what Allen did.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Allen Avadonia: Riliane's long lost identical twin brother. When they were separated and reunited, Allen became Riliane's servant.

Kyle Marlon: Riliane was once betrothed to him, but he was not faithful in his engagement. Instead, he claims to have fallen for Michaela. This was ultimately the cause of the "Green Hunting".

Clarith: Riliane's very first friend after the Lucifenian Revolution.

Chartette Langley: One of Riliane's maids. Although Chartette has a habit of breaking things, she does get along with Riliane.

Ney Futapie: Another of Riliane's maids but is in fact a spy. Ney provided Riliane with information regarding Leonhart and Michaela to upset her rule.

Leonhart Avadonia: Commander of the Royal Guard. Riliane is frequently at odds with him, mostly regarding on what is best for the people. He is eventually killed by Allen under orders from Riliane.

Mariam Futapie: The "Head of Lady's Maids". She is one of the few people who knew that Riliane and Allen were siblings.

Gast Venom: Riliane hired him to help defend the castle but was killed during the Lucifenian Revolution.

Germaine Avadonia: Germaine vowed revenge against Riliane when Leonhart got killed, only to execute their brother, Allen. It is assumed that Riliane and Germaine made their peace five years later.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Riliane is inspired by Marie Antoinette of Austria. Like her real life counterpart, she was assumed to royal duties at an early age due circumstances related with an illness, which left her as the only candidate.
  • Both characters were profligate with a like for fancy dresses and constantly seeking amusement before being overthrown by a revolution and condemned to the guillotine.
  • Riliane's last name "d'Autriche" means "from Austria" in French, a name shared with Marie Antoinette.
  • Riliane also says the phrase "Let them eat cake", popularly attributed to Marie Antoinette; both women share brioche as their trademark food.
  • Riliane owns a horse, Josephine; the horse is often the representative animal of vanity.


  • The disguised Riliane's escape from the palace during the revolution would be historically credited to Allen and used as an example of his disloyalty to her highness.
  • In The Daughter of White, Riliane is depicted with short, shoulder-length hair before Clarith cut it.
  • In The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, Rindo Blume is a nun, foreshadowing Riliane's outcome after the revolution.
  • She shares the same birthday (December 27th) with her Vocaloid.
  • It is implied that one of the Rins in the collaborative song, South North Story, is Riliane.


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