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Riliane Mouchet
Cha19 liliane.jpg
Japanese Name リリアンヌ(リリィ)゠ムーシェ (Ririanu (Ririi) Muushe)
Also Known as: "Lily"
Debut Handbeat Clocktower


Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 480
Age 25 (Praeludium of Red)
Occupation/Job Soldier
Personal Item(s) Lance
Affiliation(s): Lucifenia (before Marlon occupation)

Beelzenia (after resignation)

Riliane Mouchet is the commander of Retasan Fortress, a bastion that borders between former Lucifenia territory and Beelzenia. Despite her beautiful face, she was known to act like a man and be more brutal than a demon. She dislikes being called by her real name which is similar to Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's name and prefers to be called by her nickname, "Lily." After Riliane was born, her family died and she is mocked for this.


Praeludium of Red[]

Riliane is ordered by Kyle Marlon to guard Retasan Fortress and to make sure that no one enters or leaves Beelzenia since it is believed to be harboring criminals (namely Germaine Avadonia, Elluka Clockworker, and Gumillia). Riliane happened to meet Yukina Freesis and catch her hat that was blowing away in the wind. Riliane meets Yukina again at the hotel she is staying at and tells Yukina that Marlon and Beelzenia are not at good terms with each other. Yukina also learns that Riliane's father, Gaston Mouchet, long served the Royal Family of Lucifenia until he is killed by a "masked man". After hearing Yukina's reason regarding why she wants to visit Beelzenia, Riliane helps her bypass Retasan Fortress out of fear that Yukina's last name, Freesis, would be discovered, thus holding her to suspicion. Riliane then hands Yukina a map and wishes her well.

When Beelzenia is under attack by Ney Futapie and her army of the dead, Yukina sees Riliane riding on a white horse, cutting down any undead soldiers in her path. Apparently, Ney has taken control of Retasan Fortress. Fed up with Marlon's aggression, Riliane resigned her position. Yukina later finds Riliane and Germaine at a pub, disputing about their ideas on revenge.

Riliane later became part of the Beelzenia's imperial army. She and Chartette Langley were present when Yukina, Kyle Marlon, Gumillia, and Germaine were about to set sail for Marlon. Bidding farewell, Riliane left while dragging Chartette away after she tried to board Kyle's ship without permission.


After everything was over, Riliane eventually got married and had two children.

Connections to Other Characters[]

Yukina Freesis: Riliane met Yukina a number of times.

Germaine Avadonia: They have opposing views of revenge.