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Shaw Freesis
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Debut Handbeat Clocktower
Gender Male
Classification Human
Affiliation(s): Marlon

Keel Freesis (father)
Mikina Freesis (mother)
Yukina Freesis (older sister)
Aile Freesis (little sister)

Shaw was the only male child of the Freesis family.


Early Life[]

After Shaw was born, Mikina's father attempted to take him away from his family, due to Mikina's prior disobedience. In fear, Mikina inadvertently unleashed the power of the Marlon Spoon, killing her father and burning Shaw's back.

Praefatio of Blue[]

When Yukina set out to find the truth about the Daughter of Evil, Shaw managed to cross the Hawk Sea alone to find her. When the two of them met, he persuades Yukina to return home, feeling that Keel would become worried with the loss of two children. Shaw then boards Kyle Marlon's ship and returns to his family with Yukina.

Shaw was later seen with Kyle when he visited the cemetery where Prim and Ney were buried


Shaw assumed his father's job after he retired, forming the Freesis Foundation. 

Featured in...[]

Handbeat Clocktower (EC 505)[]

Shaw makes a brief cameo in Handbeat Clocktower.


Concept Art[]

Alie and Shaw's Concept Art from Schedule Book