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Closure of Yellow

The story of a country's journey to freedom!

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Wiegenlied of Green

The story of love that was never meant to be.

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Praeludium of Red

The story of a girl's path towards the truth!

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Praefatio of Blue

Will Kyle and Yukina be able to unravel the story of the truth?

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Welcome to the Story of Evil Wiki, a series written by Akuno-P.

This wiki contains information about the novels, manga, songs, and a whole lot of other media.
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We also support fanon but there are specific places where you could add them.
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What Evil did you know?[]

  • Regret Message's English title is Fallen Angel.
  • Allen, Riliane and Elluka share the same birthdays with their Vocaloids.
  • Michaela's nickname in her robin form is Grune.
  • Mariam Futapie worked as a general when she was only nine years old.
  • Germaine heals faster than normal humans.
  • Allen is executed the day before his fifteenth birthday.
  • Michaela was chosen to be Eldoh's successor after the Green Hunting.
  • This wiki is kinda useless. Please visit

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About the Author


Aku no-P (悪ノP), also known as Mothy (acronym of Master Of The Heavenly Yard) is the famous author of the Aku no Series (of Evil Series). Akuno-P was one of many authors who had yet to make a name for themselves until he released Aku no Meshitsukai, better known as The Servant of Evil, which subsequently became a big hit. Aku no Musume (The Daughter of Evil) was uploaded before The Servant of Evil, but only became appreciated after The Servant of Evil had gained popularity.

He is known for creating songs that tell stories, generally tragic and/or macabre. Those songs are grouped in several series, someones following a common story like Story of Evil series, and others just related through a common theme or topic, like the Clockwork Lullaby and the Seven Deadly Sins Series.