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Yukina Freezis
Cha17 yukina.jpg
Japanese Name ユキナ=フリージス (Yukina Furiijisu)
Debut Handbeat Clocktower

Kaai Yuki

Gender Female
Classification Human
Birth Date EC 491
Age 9 (Wiegenlied of Green)

14 (Praeludium of Red/Praefatio of Blue)

Occupation/Job Novelist
Personal Item(s) Notebook
Affiliation(s): Marlon

Keel Freesis (father)
Mikina Freesis (mother)
Shaw Freesis (brother)
Aile Freesis (sister)

"I shall talk to you about 'The Daughter of Evil'!"

Yukina Freezis is the eldest daughter of a wealthy merchant family. She wrote the Story of Evil novels herself during her lifetime, since the prologue states: "From the Freezis' Fable, 'Daughter of Evil'".


Wiegenlied of Green[]

When Michaela and Clarith first started work at the Freezis Household, Yukina liked Clarith very much and she often played games with her. When the "Green Hunting" started, Yukina was visibly upset when she was separated from Clarith. She and the rest of her family were placed under arrest by the Lucifenian army but was released soon enough. After the genocide, the Freesis family visits Clarith. Yukina was happy that Clarith is okay and she also shares her sorrow over Michaela's death. Yukina gave a tearful goodbye to Clarith as she and the rest of her family left for Marlon.

Praeludium of Red[]

Yukina felt that the whole events of Daughter of Evil didn't add up. Five years after the Lucifenian Revolution, and thanks to an old book with the words "Vessels of Sin" marked, she leaves her family and travels throughout the countries of the Bolganio continent in order to know the truth about Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and the Seven Deadly Sins. She arrived at Retasan Fortress, which borders Lucifenia and Beelzenia. At first, she is prevented from entering Beelzenia but the fortress commander, Liliane Mouchet, helps Yukina pass through the entrance.

Finally in Beelzenia, Yukina meets Gumillia in hopes of finding Elluka Clockworker. Yukina also meets Chartette Langley, who is Yukina's big fan. Chartette gives Yukina a tour of Beelzenia until they stopped by a cemetery, where Ney Futapie unleashes her army of the dead. Yukina flees into the Imperial City while Chartette helps fend them off. With the Imperial City in unrest, Yukina is forced to stay inside.

However, Yukina sneaks out and sees Liliane again, who has resigned her position. Yukina later learns that Beelzenia has launched an attack on Retasan Fortress, successfully capturing it. Yukina finds Gumillia, who tells her that she intends to pay Kyle Marlon a visit and has enlisted Germaine as her bodyguard. Yukina offers to tag along, being the daughter of the family that has close ties with Kyle.

With Gumillia and Germaine disguised as her attendants, Yukina visits Kyle at the Lucifenian Royal Palace. Kyle sees that Yukina had slipped away from her family but assumes that she had only done so to see the world. Kyle then shows Yukina his hand mirror, which is one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, and proposes that Yukina should stay for the night. During the night, Kyle found out Germaine and realized that Yukina deceived him and orders her arrest. Yukina and Gumillia escaped through a secret passage in Riliane's room. Tracking them, Kyle succumbs to the Demon of Vanity and transforms into a six-winged beast. Fleeing into Eldoh's Forest, Yukina witnesses the entire battle against Kyle.

Yukina's younger brother, Shaw, suddenly appears, who apparently had gone off as well to search for Yukina. Feeling that Keel is worried sick, Yukina had to go back to her family. With Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine, Yukina boards a ship bound for Marlon and writes in her notebook about her adventure.

Praefatio of Blue[]

During the trip to Marlon, Kyle's ship suddenly became under attack by pirates until they were fended off and killed by a giant octopus. Despite the danger, Yukina was quite fascinated by it. Arriving in Marlon, Yukina is afraid about what her parents would do to her since she had snuck out without permission. However, Keel welcomes her back with tears of joy. Keel then invited Yukina's friends over to dinner.

The next morning, Yukina learns from Keel that Prim Marlon and the mage Abyss I.R. had been responsible for manipulating the events that transpired. Yukina apologises to Keel for sneaking away to find out the truth by herself. Keel tells her that it's alright, and then tells her that Ney and Elluka, who is thought to be dead, have been spotted in the Metropolis.

While Keel left to find Kyle, Yukina is visited by Elluka, who has a red cat on her shoulder. Gumillia, who had been staying over with Yukina, wishes to talk to Elluka and the two of them left the house. Feeling that something is not right, Yukina rushes over to Germaine and tells her that there are three strange things:

  1. Elluka has called Yukina, "Keel's daughter". Elluka should've known who she is by now.
  2. Elluka has called Gumillia, "Gumillia-chan". Elluka doesn't call her that.
  3. When Yukina offered Elluka black tea, she refused. However, Elluka actually likes black tea.

Germaine is skeptical but then a sharp noise is heard, Yukina and Germaine ran over to find Gumillia and Elluka locked in a battle. It turns out that "Elluka" was actually Abyss I.R.. After a brief struggle, the real Elluka (who is currently possessing Gumillia) regained her body back. Elluka then explains to Yukina why she has disappeared.

Yukina eavesdrops on a conversation between Kyle and Keel, and learns about that Kyle intends to confront Prim Marlon once and for all. Yukina begs Kyle to let her come too because she doesn't want him to go off alone. Kyle persuades her to stay back, saying that it is important for her to live in order to convey her story. After sharing a tender moment, Yukina promises to wait for Kyle.

While searching for Mikina, who has mysteriously disappeared, Yukina travels back to Lucifenia to pay her friend Clarith a visit. She meets Germaine again on the way and Germaine decides to tag along with her. Arriving at the monastery, Yukina and Clarith happily reunite and Yukina asks Clarith if she can stay over for a while. Yukina also meets Riliane, under her pseudonym "Rin". Yukina is curious that Germaine and "Rin" are shocked at the sight of each other so Clarith decides to let Yukina know the truth about Riliane.

Following Riliane's leads, Yukina goes off to search for Mikina. As night fell, Yukina sets off towards the beach and discovers Germaine and Mikina, only to find out that Abyss I.R. has possessed Mikina. Germaine then uncovers Abyss I.R.'s red cat, which is hiding in a cabin. As Germaine rushed after the cat, Mikina somehow manages to regain control of her body for a while and confesses to Yukina what she had done, just before Abyss I.R. silences her.

Abyss I.R. then used the Marlon Spoon to trap Yukina in a prison of blue fire. Anguished by her mother's confession and fearing the end, Yukina solemnly proclaims that "her story is over". Suddenly, Allen Avadonia's spirit calls upon her, comforting her and encouraging her to live in order to tell the whole world the truth. Yukina pleads with Allen to help her. Allen tells Yukina that he can't, but he'll let his sisters help.

Sure enough, Riliane appears and attempts to steal the Marlon Spoon from Abyss I.R., forcing her to release Yukina from her fiery prison. Yukina then witnesses Allen manifesting alongside Germaine. In the end, Germaine manages to stab the cat and Abyss I.R. is defeated. Yukina rushes over to her collapsed mother, hoping that she is okay.


Yukina later reunited with Kyle and the two of them started living together in Lucifenia. Yukina continued to write novels during her lifetime. With all the pieces together and with the help of her newfound friends, Yukina wrote the Daughter of Evil, but never released it to the public. However, one copy ended up in the hands of Gallerian Marlon, more than four centuries later.

Character Traits[]


Yukina is playful yet mischievous, being able to sneak out from her family and the Imperial City of Beelzenia. She is shown to be independent, having travelled the Bolganio continent by herself. Yukina cares about her friends very much, like Clarith, and even shows concern for Kyle, much to Keel's dismay.


Yukina has demonstrated a literary talent at an early age even though she was a first-time novelist and she has a number of fans. She has wrote a number of works, most notably The Frog's and My Love Romance, Daughter of Evil, and Red Shoe Parade.

Featured in...[]

Handbeat Clocktower (EC 505)[]

Yukina is featured singing along Kyle in some of the chorus in Handbeat Clocktower. She's seen encouraging Kyle, saying that his long quest is soon coming to an end. She can't do much but pray for him.

Connections with Other Characters[]

Keel Freesis: Yukina's father.

Mikina Freesis: Yukina's mother.

Shaw Freesis: Yukina's younger brother, who goes off searching for her when she snuck away.

Aile Freesis: Yukina's younger sister.

Clarith: Once a maid at the Freesis mansion and a cherished friend to Yukina.

Germaine Avadonia: While traveling together, Germaine helped Yukina multiple times.

Gumillia: Yukina met Gumillia in Beelzenia. Gumillia decides to travel with Yukina in hopes of finding Abyss I.R..

Chartette Langley: Yukina's fan due to the novels she writes.

Liliane Mouchet: Liliane helped Yukina enter Beelzenia and met her again on several occasions.

Kyle Marlon: Yukina and Kyle had grown close since Kyle is friends with Keel.